Show us your clips

Decided I’d take inspiration from Poony and make a topic for showing clips, I have a massive amount of clips spanning literally 5 years, so I’m gonna use this topic to show many of them, from really old footage to funny clips and sweaty matches, feel free to share anything as I’ll spam this topic with loads of stuff, screenshots are welcome too, I’m not fussy, enjoy!

Old clips will have no sound, I can get sound in new clips… but downside is running at 1440p, recordings stutter sometimes at random moments… so sometimes it missed good stuff, sorry


We’ll get some launches in here to start, I have tonnes, so I’ll integrate slowly

RIP Tow, sorry not sorry, it was July 2017

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Professional Gameplay

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I very much miss the old wheel drifting…

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Not mine, but let’s be real… he wasn’t gonna do much anyway…

People remember the first Gronch event?

Look me in the eye and tell me the devs care about the game when they took this from us…


Right? now 12 tonne wheel builds turn on a dime :confused:

Haven’t bothered capturing a lot lately, but here’s a coupl of ye olde MastoDON’T clips

I guess one good thing I can attribute to this new forum is the ability to embed .mp4 files…

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Ha nice squash

Yeah I made an imgur account and can trim files to 1 min max and then use their link to embed, so I’m going to do that, I have a super old 2017 match with my old pyres coming, then probably some more crossbow launches (I have a dumb amount)…

Those white rarity rewards back then damn

Missile black smoke was dope af lets be real



Just fly away, forehead

I have a friend who tried XO for like 3 days before he concluded that the grind is unbearable, this was almost 4 years ago. For some reason, he appears in my garage disproportionately often. I’m thinking of finding more creative ways to kill his car and make a friendbot abuse compilation video eventually.

Get some toadfish lol, I’m thinking about maybe making a toadfish launch supercut to put here

Pure stealth…

You hate to see it

Lost my old PC and all the clips from years of gameplay and CW, including most of my clips using grinders before the devs fucked them completely. Still have the ones I uploaded though.


Nice, my friend on xbox did the same thing with tsunamis and augers, it was awesome

Manages two 6 kill games in a row yesterday, feels good to play crickets again







When you want to ambush the droner but his team rock up too quickly and you gotta nope out, lol