Show us your gaming rig. Where do you play?

I have felt compelled a few times to defend me playing Adventure mode and patrol. Aside from the fact that I find Adventure kind of relaxing, when your data connection is spotty at best, you probably should not be taking on the leviathans. LOL

The PC I play on at home is nothing special. It’s a slightly upgraded mid-tier HP. However, the rig I play on when I have those spotty connections is a little different LOL. She’s a giant Kenworth T680 pulling doubles. And yes, I frequently have “War Rig” fantasies… especially in rush hour! It’s covered in cameras, so if my fantasies ever become reality, be sure to check out my YouTube channel! LOL

If you look close, you will see my laptop mounted on the steering wheel. No, I don’t drive like that. LOL

If you have something vaguely interesting, let’s see it!


Oh hey IN. I have a friend in Gary!

This aside, nice truck. It misses only a few Mammoths on the top :wink:


I spent 12 years traveling across the U.S. in a 1967 Ford Econoline in town delivery van (5.5 gallon tank lol).
I wish I had pics of it. A true hippie van in the 90’s…

I had a N64 and 32" tube tv on top of the fridge.


UPS Man? they charged me duties on usa made goods the only shipping company to do it. I never did pay it and always try and make sure no one uses ups when I buy’s online but sometimes there is no other choice but to use them. From packages dropped off to wrong locations left in the open for people to steal, broken packages, duties charged to packages that should not have duties, rude customer service telling me to F off and hanging up on me I can’t think of a worst shipping company. Now I see why my stuff gets shipped to the wrong locations.

And complaining about a players company on a game forum is going to accomplish what? It’s not like a big rig driver has any control over anything in the corporate HQ.

You obviously had a very bad experience with UPS. I am very sorry for that. I can tell you after being in online retail since 1998 that ALL shipping companies have problems. ALL.

I could go on and on about DHL, the US postal service, FedEx, UPS and several others.

That being said, I choose to try to escape that reality by coming here to Crossout land…

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complaining ain’t my priority, if I wanted to do that I would of started my own thread complaining about ups, it was part joke anyways grow up even tho it is true what happened.

Sooo… no gaming rigs, then? LOL

One of the jokes we have amongst ourselves is how if we’re in uniform and in public, some well meaning Joe will come up to us to tell us their UPS story… or their FedEx story… or their USPS story… or heaven forbid, the Fed-Up joke. Yeah, bro, sorry to hear they did you wrong. That sounds terrible. You have my sympathies. I’m here for the money, and they absolutely shove it down my throat. Plus, I get to play CrossOut at $#%^& per hour, so I ain’t mad. :rofl: At this pay rate, they can crush my boxes all they want!

Was that a typo? 67 Econoline? How could you make it to the next station in that thing?!?

I’m actually not in Indiana… that’s just where they register many of our vehicles. I’m sure there’s some fiscal reason for it. As for the mammoths… I have dreamed about such things!

It’s all good… If you work for a globally recognized company, you’re gonna catch flack. I don’t even feel it, anymore. And after working there nearly 20 years, I have no doubt every word spoken is true. Still, the only “good” delivery companies are UPS and FedEx EXPRESS (FedEx ground is a sh!t show). That’s based on industry analytics tracking time-in-transit, damages etc. UPS is usually slightly ahead on most stuff, so I’m not ashamed of the company at all. But, when the 2nd biggest sorting facility in my city processes a quarter million packages a day, something’s gonna get broken. Even if it’s under 1% (and it is), that’s still hundreds of thousands of service failures a year.

I’m cool with that.

So… anyone else have an interesting place they play or cool gaming rig?

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I’m 50. Great compliment.

Oh so you made it up? Crying innocent when there hasn’t been any accusations is quite telling.

So you not only decide to post a UPS experience you made up, you choose to insult someone who agreed with you that the UPS experience does indeed suck.

I did not make it up and your the one keeping it going. It’s a true joke and your the one taking it seriously. Your a big 50 year old baby. Now don’t respond and let it die otherwise you only proving my point your a big cry baby making a big something outta something that was not supposed to mean much of anything. People takes this forum way too seriously.

I used to work for exxon mobile. If people ragged on exxon I would not care, even roopiull up there ain’t offended so give it up

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My rtx 3070 right before the cryptocrash. Gtx 1650 is on bottom and is what i used to game on while mining. Sold a 5700 xt has well before the crash and made top dollar. All I got now is my 1650 but that is more than enough to play crossout.

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I think your gaming rig is worth more than my last car. :rofl:


My pc is dying a slow painful death. 5820k getting old, the problems started sometime after i sold my gpu’s I think. The specs in the picture when my pc seen better day’s. 5820k overclocked to 4.5ghz, 10 tbs hdd space, 1tb nvme ssd, 32gb 3200mhz quad channel ram with timings dropped to cl 14, 750w corsair psu, rtx 3070, gtx 1650 xx99 deluxe mother board(first mobo to integrate usb 3.1) noctua heatsink. She was a good pc until it became sick after the cryptocrash.

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Nope. Not a typo. it was an In-Town delivery model meant for use in big cities where you only deliver a few blocks. I had a plywood platform built in the back that held 2 5 gallon cans.

Now back to the original topic, because pictures of an xbox series X would be… boring, here is my capture PC and my Gaming PC

Capture: EVGA Z490 Dark, I-9 10900k, Trident Z Royale 32gb 4000/cl18 mem, EVGA 3070 (just worked out that way with new egg lottery.

I had one from the time they came out until I won a 3070 on the shuffle. Great performance for the price imo.

My current gaming system: R9 5900x, 3080, x570 Taichi, Corsair Vengeance 32GB, 3600/cl18.

Not upgrading anything again until I get a high refresh 4k monitor.

Edit: The GPU’s have really sagged over time in both.


Well then. I’m sure you might have visited that state :cowboy_hat_face: So it’s not a biggie

I kinda dislike all the cannons in the game. But after I purchased Mammoths for ~2.5k each I kinda got used to them. They go well with Beholder on tracks. I mean, the car durability barely above the durability of a cannon but it was worth it.

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Big ol brick… I could really use a new video card for it though…

There’s some others around my feet and to my left.


what GPU you using now?
I love that case. its very versatile.

Have a Radeon RX 580 series in right now. Kind of torn on what to get next but I have to move to a Nvidia card for some hardware requirements for software. Rough price patch to really be switching in though atm.

The block cases are great lots of venting and easy to work in.

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that was entirely lost in translation.
5.5 gallons? Is that a large amount or a small amount?

My car has a 55 L tank, Is it bigger? Smaller? About the same?

For point of reference, it can do 870 km with a full tank (according to in board computer)

I could be wrong, but…

The Econonline he’s talking about was basically the American Transit van. It’s a completely different vehicle, but filled the same niche… It had a 2.8 liter engine base with an optional 4.0.

5.5 gallons is 20 liters… so… I imagine my man spent a lot of time fueling that thing! LOL

For comparison, a VW Beetle from the era had just shy of a 10 gallon tank with a 1.5 liter engine.