Since game rules is locked:

1: As a Federal and Earth Court Judge, I am going to tell you:
putting your game rules in legalese is a big no-no.
A) all rules should be listed in the clear and concise language(s)
that even those with a 5th-grade educated person
( unless the game is designed for younger audiences) can read and understand it
B) game rules should be in-game and on a website
C) IT IS quite clear; since 2017; That cross out players don’t speak, read or understand legalese
So if you post a Game rule
it must be something like this(example)
(based on 2022 balance change and game rules)
vehicle building:
no forklift builds
no wedge builds
no builds that are otherwise not listed to prevent a player’s movement
no, builds that cheat game mechanics
pod racers in race brawls
Drill movement restriction cars)
(post an example of a picture of not allowed car designs)

power score for fair play: Parts:
(post pictures of several examples)
(example) power score 3k- 4k
GRowl - growl upgraded
chained wheel 6x
vector 3x, sledgehammer 3x, bore 3x, etc

Parts: not allowed: it cheats fair play
example for 3k - 4k powerscore
Emily 2x, zs- 34 Fat man 1x, the m-37 piercer, miller
4 APC wheels
hardcore, ampere, other teal and purple engines and generators used to increase
intended weapon count for 3k- 4k power score fair play
no teal, purple, or orange weapons or movement parts

2: now fair warning players will still break the rules unless you place
the same inhibitor you do for brawls.
also, it’s proven facts of 86%-98% of the hardcore PVP community
A) nerfing does nothing players will find a way to cheat whatever game mechanics
a PVP dev installs unless it’s an anti cheat-inhibitor to prevent game access.
B) They trash talk and sometimes it can even be un-sportsperson-like conduct.
even if the game is PvE with PVP, PVP fair matching, PvP&AI options, pve&p, etc
hard-core players will always find a way to stay on leader boards,
C) They will even ignore players who ask in general chat nice like mind you
" Hey, I’m trying to get the weeklies done,
can you play in a match with me and let me take 4th place for the next 9 races,
I have to be at work in 2 hours"

D) Or if the game is PvE but allows some PVP
hardcore PVP players will ignore a request like
" hey I’m here for the PvE aspects of the game, I don’t take part in PVP
unless the game is PVP forcing a quest on me
( which you can help me with if you like. ) Can you PvP’rs please leave me alone"
( we all know the games I’m talking about)

thus breaking an every-game rule of “Don’t prohibit players from enjoying our game
regardless of the features, we give you,” rule)
N.H.N experts actually found the only way to enforce this type of rule is to place
inhibitors and opt-out feature/ game mode for every aspect of the pvp game.

  1. the news may not be covering it but
    A) 80% of the gamer’s gaming platforms
    B) 100% of certain gamer community members were made N.H.N Citizens
    (entire world disabled population, LBGTQ Community, gamers over 50 years on earth)
    now fall under New Horizons Nations Game laws and service accessibility laws
    So that means Following the platform owner’s rules for fair play and PVP dynamics.
    which your games haven’t since 2017.

so in closing please fix your game rules so I don’t have extra work made for me.
and so others can enjoy your game, myself included in my spare time.

This post was to be used as intended for developers’ responses only>
forum trolls and rule breakers clearly showed up. Fact of life.
This post was to be used as intended. Game Improvements for fair gameplay.
IF, you read All the steam reviews alone:
Posts regarding the toxicity of the current active players. 300+
Posts about non-fair gameplay 600+
Game rules not being understood or players not playing by game rules 1000+
Certain facts are quite evident even to modern-day teenagers (16 and 17 years old


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ummm,there are no rules for this,what are talking about?..
just play the game like everyone else…

i run wedge all the time,unless im bored…

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You lost me at “As a federal and earth court judge…”

Speaking of “clear and concise language”: “The world’s over 50 years on earth people.” Am I supposed to take that ridiculous language seriously?

And that webpage? Wow. Pathetic.

“N.H.N Is currently under Presidential Marshell law,” it says.

Jesus Rodriguez. Maybe, take your grammar gestapo over there and show those idiots how to use spell check, before coming here with your gibberish about “50 years on earth people,” whatever that means, while simultaneously calling out the Crossout legal team over their language not being clear enough (dumbed down to your level).

“50 years on earth people?” As a “judge” preaching grammar for peons, maybe learn to capitalize proper names before flaunting your grandeur before the vulgar.

its a bot and you clicked the link, 1:0.

A bot that edits it’s posts? That’s odd, but OK. If you say so.

Sometimes the edit number isn’t correct, I’ve noticed it a few times when posting that it’s said I edited when I didn’t.

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well, i know you knew the old forum. and there we had plenty of bots posting gibberish that would later be edited to add links.

ofc i cant be sure if were just seeing yet another new and mad forum regular here or if its actually a bot.

but to correct op on spelling while also clicking random links in a very weird post isnt prudent. almost as if the nonsense post baited you into clicking on the link while feeling smarter than op.

lets see if op posts some more.

That is exactly correct. I thought it sounded too dumb to be a bot. It sounded too typical, but what set me off was the word “Judge.” I don’t like cops, or lawyers. Hall monitors are commie pricks, IMO. I realize the idea is practical but the application always looks like the OP.

I wasn’t on his shcit because I thought he was stupid, it was because he acted like a cop. I wouldn’t correct anybody’s spelling unless they were trying to make a point about concise language, which he was.

Ya, probably a bot. I hope I don’t get Covid-19 from clicking on a random link. I’m so scared. Should I get my mask or is it too late, Dr?

One thing’s for sure; you sure are the real thing, aren’t you? Genuine…

… you are neither of those things, please stop spamming everywhere. You already got muted in game for harassing people and pretending to be a GM.

You angling to do it here too?

not a bot… some nutter from PC gen chan who spent hours going off either last night or the night before. Ended up muted.

We are fairly certain he’s either fail trolling with english as a second language or he’s just a few bricks shy of a load.

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Drama and Widow… it’s like smoke and fire, or putrid smell and rotting carcasses. One always follows the other :face_with_monocle:

Out of curiosity, what kind of mental gymnastics do you perform to claim everybody is toxic but you, while also having a 100% drama and personal attacks posting history? :thinking:

And before you get mad, see ya in 3 months lol, got better games and forums to chill on these days. Hope you don’t spend that time raving about me in gen chat like you always do, because I won’t remember you exist in 5 minutes.


So you’re bringing your lunacy to the forums now…

I know this will be futile as you’ve made it clear you can’t be reasoned with, but I’ll break this thread down anyway:

no forklift builds

Define “forklift” builds or provide an example

no wedge builds

So are you suggesting that the devs should ban themselves then? They approved of wedges for some bot designs.

no builds that are otherwise not listed to prevent a player’s movement

Oh? Well damn, you heard it here folks. Best salvage your kapcans and skinners…we can’t be having anything that prevents a player’s movement!

power score for fair play: Parts:

I’ll just stop you right there. Powerscore itself is mostly sufficient at providing “fair play”. If a person tries bringing higher rarities into lower powerscores, their build will have compromises.

thus breaking an every-game rule of “Don’t prohibit players from enjoying our game
regardless of the features, we give you,” rule)

Are you trying to imply that it’s against the rules to turn down or “ignore” PvE or PvP group requests? Do you have any idea how absolutely ridiculous that claim is? If you’re trying to say something else, you should present your arguments in a more comprehensible manner.

so in closing please fix your game rules so I don’t have extra work made for me.

Who do you think you are? Curb your ego.

This post was to be used as intended for developers’ responses only>

• The devs abandoned these forums and use Reddit and other social media now
• Forums do not work like this. By posting, you give everyone permission to call you out on your nonsense.

forum trolls and rule breakers clearly showed up

Aw…the old “they don’t agree with me so they must be trolls” argument. Nope. Doesn’t work like that.

IF, you read All the steam reviews alone:

• Steam represents a very small portion of this game’s playerbase
• Many of the negative complaints are from people who has a poor understanding of the game
• One cannot claim something to be fact simply due to it being a popular viewpoint. An actual judge would know better than to use an argumentum ad populum.

I’m sorry… who are you?

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Fascinating take… but again, who are you?

Dunno who you are or why you’re freaking out, but maybe stop? Rather like the OP you’re being ridiculous.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I’ll ask again one more time, who are you even?

As far as I can tell you’re a burner account for someone muted. Why are -you- here is a far more pertinent question. No idea who you are, never seen you in game, and all you seem to be capable of is screaming bigotry and swears.

Fascinating projection of what people have no doubt called your reality and behavior.

May I suggest that you discuss that with a therapist instead of spewing it at others?

This is the most fun I’ve had reading a thread in a while.