Dude the skinner time is quite bs I do understand some ppl abuse them but some builds its a must have because weapons that are nerf does tickle damage…Not less there coming out with a better skinner but if not give it back its longer timer. I remember it didnt have a timer then it was 7 seconds or 5?

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Even 3-4 seconds of sustained dps is enough to strip many weapons. Incapacitating people by dragging them around kinda sucks and there’s no actual counter to it… but with a short time limit you have to really choose your moment or try to flip your target etc

The skinner was once a great addition to a melee build. I haven’t used mine since the “adjustment” Even on an art build. Sad deal for a once fun component.

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I remember when I was new and didn’t know the game had harpoons. It was a “wtf” moment the first time some guy harpooned me and ripped me apart.

I made sure I got a harpoon as soon as I could!

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I am sad that it doesn’t hold people as long, but to be fair, people were abusing it.
I’m still finding it useful on some builds, but it’s not nearly as effective on minelayer builds anymore. Which is probably a good thing.

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what irks me about harpoon is the fact that a light car can harpoon a HEAVY truck and toss it around like it’s made of paper…
harpooning and tossing someone isn’t a problem, per se, but a lighter car harpooning a heavy should just
“bungee jump back and recieve collision damage”
i mean, that car wouldn’t even be able to MOVE with that much tonnage but instead it CAN toss a heavy around like pebble…
it could immobilise a heavy, like “adding it’s weight” so that the heavy can’t move similar as if it was overweight, but it should’t be able to just ignore the heavy’s weight…
who knows, maybe the harpoon has a mini turbo booster installed so it can sand a heavy into space

I used to try using Skinner on fast light builds, and most of the time I would just flip myself like you describe.
I’ve only been able to toss people around by running it on Yokozuna.

m8, a few days ago an idiot teammate harponed my truck and tossed me, literally tossed my into enemies…like wtf?!?
a clan m8 then told me about the disattach option in settings, so i switched it on, but still, like how in the actuall fok do you manage to TOSS a truck like it a pebble…rofl
not to mention that the guy had 1 of those lighter builds with like all the light car parts sticking from everywhere that u see a lot…while i had almost maxed my tonnage.


Ally builds do not cause a power loss penalty. You can do whatever you like to allies.

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which per se is also dumb…i mean, i would be ok with, for example, “a dewheeled” friendly using the harpoon so a teammate could drag them around so that the harpooner can shoot at enemies (if the car still has some weapons), similar to the coupler module, or drag that teammate untill the enemy base and leave him/her there to cap (though it should slow said teammate down if his/her car goes into “overweight”).

I would not be against the skinner being buffed if there were more counters to it. Maybe have the attached harpoon be destructible. That way both kami and argus would remove it and an ally with good aim (and great awareness) could do it too.
The problem right now is that because there is no way to mitigate it’s effect you can’t make it too strong.

as far as i know it Can be shot off…am i wrong?

The weapon can be shot off, and the cable will retract if the piece it is on is removed but the cable itself is not a valid target. And it is not removed by Kami even if the cabin specifically says it removes attached projectiles.

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here’s an idea on how harpoons could be used, and by that i mean differently than as they are now…

if anyone’s familiar with the game Just Cause, than how about the harpoon being able to attach two enemy cars together, thus severly lowering their manuvrability?
or harpoon a car and a viable piece of terrain makin it similar to a kapkan…

or, if anyone remembers Carmageddon, harpoon a piece of terrain like those derelict cars we all love to smash through and use it similar to “mutant tail” thingy?
either that of fling said derelict car into enemies like a boulder…

as far as i’m concerned it would be better/more fun than it is now…(though i guess harpooners will strongly disagree with me on this :rofl: )

good point,but harpoons,kapcans and mines should not be in this game…
same as hovers…
it just ruins the flow of the game .

How can you have a mad max vibe without harpoons?

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i couldn’t agree LESS with you…if you constantly get rekt by those…learn to counter/evade them…

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dude if you played clan wars at all there were times our team LOST to a skinner. the guy would run a very heavy build then would skinner our last team mate and hold him there while his other team mate either capped the base or ran out the time. it was infuriating because there was nothing you could do and it was a forced loss. imagine people doing this in pvp as well. grabbing someone with a skinner, keeping them hooked and then not being able to defend yourself. its straight up unfair and unsportsman like. take your loss with honor and not rely on a cheap win from a technicality.

boosters, skinner and alot of nerve. have you seen videos where they hook vehicled, boost and slam them into the ground so hard it destroys them? if you havent then look some of that up.

tarzan screech

tarzan screeching gets eerily louder

kapkans are… or were… good for countering dog builds and helping to defend against melee users or up close attackers. they are fine. skinners i dunno. and land mines are fine. i have no issues with the king or other mine launchers.

then we’ll agree to disagree…and btw, i was NOT talking about booster skiner…that build was fun to watch…
don’t assume…READ w understanding…
and you can shoot the skiner cable…if you have a weapon that can do that…
mines on the other hand are waaaay more annoying imo…which is why most “no skill metaslaves” have them…too fast reload time (same as porcs) just drop and leave weapon…even drones and turrets take skill to play compared to mines…

you cant shoot a skinner cable. the only thing you can shoot on a skinner is the gun itself. idk if they changed it in a future update but as long as the guns been around the only way of disabling it is shooting the gun itself.

it depends really. kings take a bit of getting used to and require you to plan, if you dont plan them accordingly then youll just end up destroying your own build. dont forget they can hurt you as well and they have quite the radius on them. porcs are just spam the button and fortunes DO require some skill in aiming them. they travel very fast and are quite tricky to use. kapkans… well… they are pretty useless in pve since bots target them instantly and even mines are becoming useless in pve to since bots tend to tip-toe around them now. i like kings as they can be used for pve for strategies for bots, even in events. but in pvp yeah they kinda suck unless your opponent doesnt see them coming.

to address this though i believe this would turn the weapon into something called a bolo. basically its like a weighted rope, two balls at both ends of the rope, when thrown the heavy ends coil around the thing it hits tying it up. they have this in a game called dungeon warfare 2 and its quite effective. but i dont think that kind of weapon would work here… i mean it MIGHT but that would take some tweaking and testing on the developers part and it would most likely have a very long reload time.