Small spider legs

Well its smaller faster and more deadly. Its the ML 100. The faster little evil brother of the ML 200. Its perfect for cannon lock down in very pushy situations you lock into the ground with a hit of a button and it unlocks out of the ground if you hit it again. Simple enough but it has one more trick up its leg. Hold the button and you will see it aim the borer outwards to really stop someone’s pushy behavior. Luckally it spins slow tho because if it had a tormentor you really would see some hot feet dig into the sands to cool off. Have fun walking with a new step in ur strides.

have a leg day workout with this one wasteland.


I want seperate conversations if possible thats why i am now putting them in its own thing because last time i listed them all and it was a bible so im doing it this way.

Legs that actually do dmg?
Sign me up for that one.


I’ve always wanted smaller fast legs, as well as massive huge legs I can use as a bipedal walker. Now that we have omni wheels I want small fast legs less.