Snow maps..where are they?

only thing this game is missing is snow maps,plz make 5 of them and add it to the rotation.ty…

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well maybe… Hover speed need to be nerf lol

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Ahem… snow melts and causes steam when under an immense ammount of heat so maybe hovers can get a slow down due to steam getting inside the turbines entrance and outward thrust vent in the bottom? All things created equal for our playing pleasure. But yes snow maps and snow themed old maps should be put in during the season of winter. Would add a seasonal type feeling inside the wasteland. Granted its alot of work re painting a whole map and adding snow drifts and iceberg sized icicles on things. Maybe that could be a weather pattern too where spring the battles have more rain and thawing feels of little puddles all about the map on low shady spots. Then summer is sunny and lightning storms and stuff. Then fall will have trees to start going into hybernation stages and a windy leafy blown day could add a very nice feel to the wasteland. And honeslty if they added a hail storm then a tornado that spins you out of control or messes up trajectories of flying weapons would be hilarious.

we need them all year round,Alaska,Siberia players are always winter…and i would rather play winter maps in summer…who wouldn’t ?

We could have a snow map set in Siberia, or Alaska, Canada, or even… Northern Minnesota

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I’m too cold already!

Surely DC has a research base at one of the poles, right? would make sense, you can make up any excuse really

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I want to see glowing heavily irradiated snow and ice. An ice hazard where your car goes all super wacky slippy would be cool. Or like… Deep snow that slows you down. Or some kind of snow trap. The potential hazards of a snow map could be very very cool. Give me a caged yetti that swipes through the bars and scratches the car(we won’t get that one, but I would be so happy if we did).

Santa with a machine gun! Mutated raindeer! Elves that have turned all big and hulk like with torn up elf costumes on. I want it all!

I would love to get a snow map or two, be it a snowy forest with a frozen lake or a tundra town, or even have the maps we currently have in circulation become snowy in winter as they do with the Santa event maps, as they already got changing weather mechanic in-game.

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I want a snow map too, especially when the new maps are all just so green, lush and tropical, or le mad max sandscape number 22