So, How did you come up with your user name?!

I thought I would just ask out of curiosity. How did you come up with you’re in game user name?
Me, Wyle Coyote. Watched him as a kid on Saturday mornings. I could relate with his antics and enjoyed his wild contraptions that failed. He was the ultimate underdog. Pretty much my Crossout game play experience and having a good time doing so. But not chasing a Roadrunner. So, what’s you’re story


Like all things internet, my name is based on whatever I was watching at the time. Most likely a show on how Patents work or Patent law or Thomas Edison…


When I started playing Crossout, it was on my roommate’s PS4, and he has a fairly juvenile sense of humour for a middle aged man.
He has since given the PS4 to me, and we no longer live together, but at this point I am kind of attached to the dumb name.


Mine is the last name of a fictional character I created (who is also my profile pic).


good old Unreal Tournament 2004 :slight_smile:


Mine just straight up means “womb drill”. It’s a meme in my country, like super corny cringe gamer names like xxx_THE_DARKNESS_xxx and 420_69_DEMIGODSLAYER_420_69 and PUSSY_SLAYER_696969696 and 420_BLAZEITERRYDAY_420 and so on, you get the picture.

Basically the most “10 year old gets to choose his own gamertag” imaginable from where I am from. Why I chose that? I just went with the first thing that came to mind and was available


My dog

a mixed between a butterfly and a doll, now with a few years on it grew older

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I got mine from my first hamster. He was mostly brown, black line from tip of his nose to hit stubby little tail, and a white belly. I got him when I was 4, and he ended up dying over one summer when I was on vacation, even though my parents were at home still so they could look after him. I still don’t know exactly how he died, but he was a good hamster, never bit, and I handled him a lot, even gave him cardboard to munch on, so his teeth didn’t grow too long (which COULD kill them, I doubt this was the issue though). I have had a handful of hamsters since, and have loved all of them: Fuzz (the OG), Fuzzy (same fur as OG, but with gray instead of brown), Fuzzer (looked like my current Profile pic), Fuzzball (he was the one that bit A LOT, but he eventually stopped after many bites), and Hamfuzz (my current one, all black fur, and is still scared of me). R.I.P. hamsters!! :sob:


I’m from not english-speaking country, so first time I encountered word “Locust” it was M22 tank. Fun cute little thing, so that’s first thing I think of the word. I don’t mind insects either, they are fascinating in their own way too.
Playing Crossout and trying out all weapons I found rapid-fire MGs is my thing. And they tear through parts like swarm of locusts. Of course this days every time you pick a word that nickname is already taken, using numbers is dull, so one has to be creative and use combo of words.
Sorting through words I was like PowerLocust - nah… MegaLocust. nah… UltraLocust - it’s ok, that’ll do.
My playstyle fits it, I also like playing tiny agile functional art builds.
Only have this nick in XO though, in other places I got dozen other nicknames with different stories behind it. Sorry for being boring perhaps, but thumbs up to the topic. I often wonder about people like “how the heck did you came up with that name”.
I also noticed last years it sort of became a good trend to try make fun nickname, like fitting anecdote or comedy in their nicknames. Thumbs up for people doing it.

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Every dog with a Pedigree has the name starting with a letter according to the year they were born.
Let’s say for the sake of argument a dog borne in 2006 it’s name (Pedigree name) starts with an S.

Just like your hamsters, my dogs are named with a name starting with a B regardless of the year they were borne.

Botas (Boots), Boneca (Doll), Bessie



It’s funny. In russian language your nickname almost sounds like “Babushka”(Granny) I thought that has something to do with it.

Like i said, my Sweet Butterdoll ( mix between a Butterfly and a doll) is getting old, So, my nickname reflects on it.
Remember, It must start with a B, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian, French, German doesn’t starts with a B, Russian starts with a B.

Just letting you know.
I once used nick “Unterseeboote” I was fascinated by german WW2 submarine warfare, Silent Hunter 3 game and Das-boot movie. Still do find submarines fun, even have one of dreams building little mini-sub.
Then dude said me my nick actually almost reads like “under the booty(ass)” and I was like naah that’s not nick I wanna have xD.
Not that there is something wrong with Granny but one could consider how people would actually read it and what think of it, or not, just letting you know since xo community full of rus/postsoviet people.

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Probably that’s why a good portion of people use to speak to me in Russian and i even don’t know the Alphabet…but i don’t care.
And i couldn’t be more further of Moscow.
Here 7ºC it’s a rigorous winter :slight_smile:

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Mines been a bit of an evolution over the years. I started using the handle Animal and or Beastly since late pre-web BBS days. Which slowly ended up being TCA or The Crazy Animal later from joking insults from moderating on those platforms. i.e. your going to make animal crazy with those changes… That later turned that later turned into The Dirty Hamster from my habit of hording and stashing items in early multiplayer text RPG games.

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My nickname starts with M, years ago Xbox did a clearance on a lot of old gamertags so some short names came available. As a joke I wanted a single letter with 420 because short names are cool.

M, Q and Y were the only 3 available to I took M 420. Ironically I slowed down with the herbs right after, but I like my name still.

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Any particular reason why the number 420?

I’m asking this because 420 is a small recreation sailing boat, as the 470, Laser, Vaurien…

OIP (25)

Or i’m connecting dots where there isn’t any?

It’s because he liked to fly around with Lucy in the sky of diamonds… Your naivety is really adorable.

420 is synonymous with weed culture

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Guess i was trying to connecting dots far away from the paper where it was written.

total wipe out, crash and burn

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