So lets all agree WE need a Hard mode/Friendly fire and see the skills we all have… 🤪

  • Hard mode/Friendly fire…Yes,i’d like to try it
  • Hard mode/Friendly fire…No,i’m too scared

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'lets just see how it goes…other games have it.

‘lets make a list on how it can work’

’ kapcans.would not work on friendlies; that’s not fair.


I honestly wouldn’t mind trying it but they probably could just show a counter to show people how many allied shots they block or otherwise get struck by.

Edit: I’d add in for an actual “hard mode” I’d like to see limited ammo across the board of weapons.


This might make me change my vote to “Yes.” In fact I would probably like this game better if limited ammo was a regular thing, as I like passive melee…but then this game’s inclusion of active melee wrecks that idea, doesn’t it? It would just be melee-bricks (already is at a certain level), and there are probably other issues, like rabbit chasing, or dick-mode, that would surface if we seriously pondered this scenario of limited ammo and/or friendly fire.

That’s the hard one they’d have to get around maybe if they gave it activation fuel. Kind of like how the tormentor module runs for a little while and shuts off. Or it could be on via hold of a trigger with usage kind of like the boosters function.

friendly fire leads to toxicity.
it doesn’t work in a game like Crossout.

It will promote team killers, games lost even before they really started, in one minute one of this mo… will wreck the team, translating in crossout tiny mini games of 3 minutes that’s a couple of seconds.

It’s a can of worms better stay away from it, it’s rotten.
Then they will be new players that will wreck other builds, then other players, panicked or with tunnel vision that will wreck the team.
I for once, spray and pray regardless of who is in my line of sight.
Friendly fire will be not fun at all.

Hey @MudnBeer ask this guy what he thinks of friendly fire ( he’s about to get sunk by his own destroyer torps)


20 minutes match per match, he went to port in (just look to the clock) in crossout there’s 3 to 5 minutes matches, it’s just a couple of seconds.

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Self damage is the issue I face IRL when using this sort of “active melee.” The blades or disks wear out pretty fast when it comes to cutting tools, and I can’t even imagine actually attacking a car with a chain saw.

  • Ramming with jagged chunks of steel? Yes.

  • Assaulting a chrome bumper with a Circular Saw or chain saw? Hard no. It’s as far fetched as hovers and cannons.

So IMO, it’s all BS and they could make up any reason for them to be less malicious, I guess.

This game might have been better had it stuck closer to realism when and where it could have, I think…but it’s too late for that now.

They should fashion a brawl with this ammo mechanic and let us see how it goes.

Or if Clan Wars was to be a place where real skills, and not exploits was the challenge, they could enforce some hard realism on that mode. I might take it more seriously than as a pay to win/exploit broken sci-fi physics mode where stupid schit reigns supreme…or is that basically the entirety of the game now, and I finally was able to distill what I don’t like about it’s current state in a single sentence? Finally. Whew.

No, thank you, not because I’m “scared” but because I’ve played this game long enough to know it has more than its fair share of derpy trolls for friendly fire!


No thanks the game is full of fraggers/orcs who would just beat you at the start so they can have the best score if you give them the option of teamkill. But I am ok with opinion 14k+ needs their own matches where don´t have acces lower PS builds and conversely 14K- PS where cannot have acces bigger PS builds.


That’s always a possibility but also why I mentioned that it could just be done with a counter… As well as using limited ammo for a hard mode too.

Am aware and am almost always re-sharpening and sometimes retooling the profile of cutting edges.

I think it would have been a little detrimental to the game if they had done permanently destroyable parts as they had mentioned early on.

That I would agree with as it could help with some of the balance issues. Especially when it comes to alpha damage with limited vs dps with unlimited ammo… Same with fire dmg and active melee if they went that far.

lol could be one of the funniest ways of putting it.

I think this could be a very fun brawl/whatever it is called, like the increased impulse mode and double shot mode were

Would definitely give it a go and find it much more refreshing than whatever the devs are trying to throw at us

It’s kinda of funny
I used to play a game where the friendly fire was a thing, topics just like this but begging to the devs to end that bloody awful thing…for years but with no success.

Now i play a game with no friendly fire, where some people are asking for friendly fire.

trust me, you don’t want that, there’s no skill evolved, just greave, misery and frustration.

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I think it’s because in this game there’s so many shot blocks going on that it’s often gets annoying. With the exception of cannons and a few single shooter types we have existing tracer fire on many if not most of the weapons. So we have players literally just waltzing in to the visible line of fire and cutting people out that are already actively engaging a target. Not as a quick run past to take up another position on the same target but sitting in the line of fire forcing the previous player to move around them if it’s still possible to do so.

I would rather they spent some time on balancing instead of new game modes that will continue to be imbalanced.


I would love friendly fire, and have brought up the idea before.

But despite the poll results, I do not think many others would actually play it. As much as people say they like a challenge, a quick look at the forum shows that the majority of the players do not actually like it when things are harder for them.

thats true, they are playing a game where you can buy an advantage with money after all. the playerbase is filtered specifically for targems needs.

friendly fire would make the game a lot harder, or interesting for sure. at least in cw it should have been implemented long ago.

with ff you need to think about positioning a lot more and the braindead gameplay of lets all rush to the middle and die 1m into the game would not be possible.


the easy way to fix trolls in regards to ff is to mirror friendly fire damage dealt by 5 and apply it to the teamkiller. and then temp ban people for repeated teamkills. edit. give a team damagers rewards to the injured party.

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There might be a way to do it using a similar method as the 360 directional damage indicator slightly more passively. FF Dmg could be indicated in blue. Then passive point manipulation could just be used eliminating some of the toxic issues of teamkills.

One of the easiest examples would be: If player A is firing at a target and player B wonders into line of fire and engages the same target causing a loss of points for player A. The indicator should match up near 180 degrees. They could do the point exchange like your suggesting without applying actual dmg to the allied players themselves.

It gets a little more complex when looking at say if player B just enters line of fire but attacks a different target. The angle indicator would be way off from 180 and the passthrough pathing would have to be traced. A different penalty might have to be applied. The Devs would probably have to look at grace periods too for wondering through the fire of a DPS weapon is a lot different then blocking a cannon shot that just lobbed one a few seconds earlier in the same trajectory.

The game support team wouldn’t have to deal with temp banning people or teamkillers this way though. We all can see how many times the angry messages over other bans come through on the forum just from people not knowing how to appeal or just wanting to complain about them.

Some of the other funky stuff that suddenly wouldn’t cause as much of an issue would be mandrake, heather, and a few other weapons that often get fired at or flung at engaged teammates too.

Mirrored friendly fire would be an easy solution for a lot of the complaints, but I’m still not convinced such a mode would be popular.

I’m not sure I agree that the character of Crossout playerbase is self selected by the business model though.

Setting aside the debate over whether being able to pay to progress quicker is the same as paying for an advantage, I think it’s natural for any player of any game to want to perform as strongly as they can. I would argue that in itself is the reason most people balk at anything that makes the game more challenging, and why so many react negatively to any significant change to what they’ve been trying to get good at.

It’s an understandable impulse, but sometimes unfortunate when it comes to a game like Crossout, which gained a cult following when it was still a very unfinished product. People got used to a rough sketch of a game, and any attempts to flesh it out or fix longstanding problems is met with so much hostility.

Myself, I’m into the journey, so I’m generally excited about any change, especially ones that force me to rebuild and rethink how I approach the game. It’s the process of getting good that I am addicted to, not the actual state of “got good”.

That part gets boring quickly for me. I want more excuses to build and play, and it just seems weird to me to treat those things as a chore. But different strokes.

And it hurts a lot, i’m playing Caucasus and they don’t lock onto target if the line of sight is blocked.
My first impressions of this game i was shocked by the positive precisely of what you are complaining.

I came from a game where brawling just doesn’t exist anymore ( cvs, subs, and captain skills like dead eye), where anyone who had a radar was king in a land of blind.
People remain in the spawn snipping 20 km away across the map, very passive gameplay, if you are in trouble, tough luck, no one is coming to help you, you are left to die by very toxic team mates that are border humping against the invisible map walls

I arrived here “fresh from the boat” i saw builds covered in radars (when “art” was used as armour) , every build has, at least, a radar.
At the beginning, when i was in trouble i didn’t need to call for help my teammates went berserk piling up on the adversary i couldn’t even shoot the guy anymore.

to me this game was the land of plenty , the greener grass.
When i made the mistake of returning there (cause i didn’t wanted to waste a year of premium account) .
How i bragged this game there.
Guys, guys, i was in a game where campers don’t exist, there’s no friendly fire, you can brawl all that you want, there’s actual a working team play with total strangers everyone has a radar i even saw builds covered in radars and they don’t have CVs.


This game isn’t perfect , it has some dubious choices made by the devs lately but at the same time it has so many things that are good and better than other games, don’t throw that away, i’m actual standing in the greener side of the field.

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Harder yes, but they want some smarter direction in difficulty. such as missions against the evil leviathan and his noschled base. And not, for example, that when people say they want rewards, the developers give them stickers and chips, which are mostly unsellable and unusable and take up space in the storage. The same idea Helicopters is ok but again it’s not fair, because PVP players have mission with helicopters builds and without but in PVE these option isn´t.

And if the developers want to make money they should go to the department where they make the skins and tell them what the hell you made, people don’t want rainbow unicorns on their hoods. Where the hell did the bloody spikes, skulls, bones and wild animals and raptor paintings, and military camouflage go?

I don´t think the army/evil wil scare rainbow tank with pink unicorn flag.

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I call a brawl with friendly fire: Free For All.

I’m not sure this would not be possible. Rushers still gonna rush and die.

I like this suggestion if they do FF.

I played a game with FF before, TKing more than one player in a match or in consecutive matches = 3 day ban. Imagine how empty XO would be then.