Solving server access and stability issues

When will someone finally be willing to fix server errors and server accessibility obstacles?

Ping 2


Is that considered a bad ping? Mine’s 70-90 normally and when spikes happen it goes from 120-300 and then with extreme lag I am going all the way to 2k-3k ping

If I am getting 60-70 ping I consider that a god-like connection


The server may have a “good” connection, but how do you know?
It all depends on the resource you’re trying to access, and the path taken by the connection.
Even if the server has a fiber-optic connection, if there’s ADSL on the way between you and the server, you’ll be limited by that.
And the Internet connection depends on the country’s infrastructure, so Crossout has nothing to do with that.

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This is how the internet service provider claims that it has no influence on the internet connection outside of Hungary. A year ago I played 22-34 ping. if the stable access route is not to be entrusted to the crossout, then to whom?

Of course, it’s better than 300 ms, but 62 ms 10%-30% loss is not good at all.

I don’t usually have issues, but last night was terrible. I don’t have any numbers to share, but it was unplayable.

i have same problem i cant connect now to game

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Now tried again and said, “Error 6 Prometheus”, any ideas?

Edit: looks like this has happened before…searched forum for Error 6 Prometheus and found this (other posts also at different times).

Unplayable, server problems? - Discussion - Crossout

So hope they are aware of issue and are working on it?!?!?

Edit: Guess I’ll go play something else for now!

it’s the server not you,you just have to wait,look at all the other post about it,it’s the same…'just wait it out. :saluting_face:
‘we have all been through this.’

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This shows nothing other than your route to the servers is dogshit. Get a new ISP.

You’re not alone.

Of course, the Internet and the access path are bad for everyone. It’s 2023, where do you live, in which past universe