Unplayable, server problems?

Its completely unplayable today, EUR server very unstable. I live about 10 km from EUR server location, never have problems. Looks they like lost alot bandwidth on that server.


error 6 ?


Yep, old Prometheus is visiting again.

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ok today solved xd ?

Same problems here in England . sunderland

italia (sicilia) (;

These are also the problems in Hungary EU

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Now im getting error 52 Fenrir ??? realy

Now im getting error 14 pallen

me too

we need our fix now !

Brasil :erro 52

Cannot connect. Error 6 Prometheus

it works !

Not anymore :frowning:

i would it worked for an hour and got disconnected during battle can’t log back in!Shame maybe i have to go back playing WoT.Their game became shit but the servers are up at least.

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same market screwed if u manage to get in and awful lag

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No Login this time :frowning:

Russia, same error 6, 52 and 14

Paraguay, Southamerica. Error 6: Prometheus