Sorry, but these numbers suck

You can tell me how it’s not a big deal, but I can feel it in the long-ass queues and crappy matchmaking over here in PC land. Those numbers suck. Just sayin.


My game is unplayable. EU is dead so at night from 11pm until 8-9am I am thrown into NA… this used to be okay but the recent update playing on NA server causes such bad de-sync that matches won’t even start.

I made this report, doubt they’ll give a fk though

Probably a lot of players like me, play the tasks maybe mess around in the garage, not on every day, maybe even go for days/weeks not playing. I used to play everyday almost for hours on end, then they slowly moved to a primary profit model of managing this game and just laziness to the point they release weapons that look the same and handle the same but with a different rarity, don’t need a white, blue, teal, purple, yellow and gold/orange (relic) of a weapon, example a cannon.
Maps tend to look the same or are copy waste, and when they do “update” an old map they flatten it and remove stuff from it to make it more melee-friendly.
Real-life terrain isn’t a flat prairie road everywheree neither should be all the crossout maps


Better than hovers just flying over any terrain that screws over every other movement part, it’s at least fair.


Up until last night, and since the update, I was getting that so bad I couldn’t play at all.

I bullied my way through it once in the ROM brawl, glitched the entire time, never actually saw my guns fire (could hear it), spent most of the game uncontrollably crawling up a tree, while the other vehicles blinked about, but somehow managed to score 3.5K in points before it just disconnected. WTF was I hitting, I wonder? IDK

Ya, this game often feels more like I’m being ranched than playing a game…then I realized my home base in this game is a farm, and I felt stupid. I think they are mocking us sometimes, like with the Whaler themed Northern Lights BP, and other sly puns they slip into the game, like the baby monitors, or how the Emily sounds like a Nerf-gun.

I think this game is a bit dick-rich and dominated by some of the biggest a-holes I’ve ever encountered anywhere, so I sort of laugh along with it a little, but they ought to have more respect for their clients, and stop treating them like farm animals, probably.

On the bright side, I’ve gotten my Skyrim mod out of the red and it’s running great now. All I need to do now is the fun part; gratuitous art clutter, decor, audio ambiance, lore, and loot…and a bit more navimesh, but the basics look and run peachy. It’s just a little vanilla at the moment, but that was my goal for the short term; just get it functional, basic, and glitch-free.

A little more middle finger from this game, and I’ll get that navimesh done too, then I can add more monsters to my tropical island retreat.


Not better in my opinion, and an asinine way to go about it, the devs are wasting time flattening maps when it’ll be easier and quicker to just make it so terrain does affect hovers like wheels, as they are hovers not flying apparatuses, real-life hovers are affected by the terrain, so the devs should implement hovers being affected by the terrain, but I assumed most people realized the map flattening and in map invisible walls are to make it so melee builds aren’t disadvantaged when hovers, legs, and tracks get high ground :rofl:

The seasonal pve mode was so bad I played 4 times and said no thank you, I usually got to wave 12 to 15 even with the horrid lag, wonder how much better it’ll be without the drunken lag effect

They probably are, devs are just sick of being yelled up by the higher-ups for not making enough money so they take it out on us

I’ve returned to RuneScape where the devs listen to players

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Explain how that’s easier?

Actually there was a curious 2k user drop right around 01:00 - 02:00 it didn’t get back up to 4k till 13:00 yesterday before bottoming out again at the same time today. Could just be starts of holiday breaks and travel for some. Just a theory as it fits the time of the year when looking at random academic calendars both highschool and univ.


The only time I’ve noticed lag recently on PS4 is in that rise of the machines event when we’re getting mobbed by large amounts of enemies in the later waves. Even then, it hasn’t been that bad.
Do the PS4 servers work differently than XBOX? Or is it maybe more of a region thing?

Ya, good point. The chart does seem to hate December, and often shows similar numbers (crappy numbers) this time of the year…but not last year. It does suck though, and the matchmaker runs like crap when it gets like this.

Yeah it does.

Xbox horde event is pretty clean framerate wise. I’m in the US on the Xbox servers. I have Crossout friends from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Brasil but I haven’t checked with them or done a poll to see if they are having lag in the new mode.

Here’s an example
it’s easier to put off-road tires on your car than it is to pave a mile-long road
That’s basically what they’re doing, instead of taking the easiest and most efficient way aka tweaking the hovers the devs are paving the mile-long road by flattening maps

Plus they’re not flattening maps for hovers, they’re doing it for their favorite love child melee/dog/W builds, if it was to deal with hovers they wouldn’t need to poop invisible walls all over the place within maps, A lot of the dev’s like melee builds, the only reason they ever nerfed them was too much backlash but they always try and do find sneaky ways of buffing melee

So dealing with the source is easier and smarter than dealing with everything around it

I was getting that impression myself, especially after looking over this last update and seeing it not addressed at all. It’s been well over a year of melee dominating 5K-6K (?). I’m thinking more like two years, personally, and I just figured they aren’t ever, so I bought a bunch of it.

I like the Maulers and the Tempura. I still need to buy a tormentor, I suppose. Glad you brought it up. Is it worth fusing that kind of thing?

I’ll try to use my superpowers for good instead of evil, but things get sketchy once the bell rings.

You explained nothing.

Tweaking them how? How is this the easiest and most efficient way? If it’s so easy why don’t you explain it, what needs doing?

Maybe “practical” is a better word? I’m betting that in the lab it’s “easier” to nerf terrain to accommodate wheels than it is to rewrite hovers.

Perhaps it would be more practical to just make hovers less fiction and more science, because it may allow the rest of the game development to go smoother in the long run. They wouldn’t always have to model every gun, module, or map with as much concern over how it will be abused by Hovers, due to hover-magic exceptionalism. I think that has created several roadblocks to game developments in the past.

Hovers were probably a rookie mistake in the first place, with respect to the game economy (fair progression policies) and mechanics. In departing from realism to such an awkward degree they have created a problem with only awkward solutions.

Reality is that on flat ground everyone is on an even playing-field, this guy just wants an advantage over melee by giving them awkward terrain which would barely affect hovers and they know this.

I always said that if they didn’t sell hovers in a pack then they would of likely removed then from the game following their continuous problem child reputation.

I guess I read it as a call to nerf hovers, rather than sacrificing the realism in the maps to make the game fair on their account.

Now everything’s got magic powers, and there are a half dozen omnidirectional movement parts that can exploit most every game mechanic the hover ever did. I’m guessing they saw that as the best awkward solution available?

It’s hard for me to not like my Gerridae. They did a spectacular job with those, IMO, but I came here for the rusty old cars (wheels), and this all makes my game more somebody else’s game. I’m not a good sharer.

I’m looking for ways to coexist, and I’m hoping this update helped. It’s been a bad year for minimalism.

They knew hovers were OP back then, so they just made a load of movement parts that act like hovers… Omnis, Gerridas… all these new fast camera steering movement parts. They cater to the no skills so much, I’m glad they cry then they get melee’d by a wheeled build.

I find it funny… when these players die to a melee and call it no skill when they control their entire build by pointing the camera.

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