Sorry, but these numbers suck

Ya, the Brotherhood may have won the bling war, but clearly the Khaganate is running the ground war, at least at PS 6K.

I feel like my passive melee is working better, and I like that, but I’m not sure I really like the all the active melee.

I think there are ways to build that filter some of that out through the matchmaker, though. One simple way is too just level-up in power-score, I guess, but that doesn’t blend well with my minimalism.

For now, I’m just going to dive into the Melee myself. Phukkit. It’s what the game is.

Imagine how much better this game would be rn if devs either didn’t release that shit, or nerfed it instead of milking insecure post-teens to death with it for 6+ years.
Build diversity? Check. Interesting maps? Check. Ranged weapons not being balanced solely around their performance on hovers? Check.P2w n00bs having to learn to drive? Check.


Yeah hovers should have been slower hover-craft like movement… literally augers but floaty air-filled hovercraft.

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The game was good like 6 months competitively, just before 2.0. Then devs buffed hovers +15 kmh because…

Anyone knows why?


Yeah before 2.0 the game actually felt like it was in the best spot that it had been for years…


I explained it perfectly fine, if you didn’t like the explanation that’s your problem

I already answered all those questions and explained myself to you, not my problem you don’t think so or like it

Yeah like actually make them work like real-life hover systems, like I explained earlier in this tread but some people couldn’t comprehend it for some reason :crazy_face: :rofl:

The devs pander so hard toward melee it’s disgusting, melee builds are on the same coin as hovers but on opposite sides, the game shouldn’t cater to hovers or melee users

And what I said was a call to “nerf” make hovers realistic but phobias of certain people make them don’t understand this
This game is about life after a disaster outside driving around, maps shouldn’t be flat if there are outside locations, want flat maps go play a 2d scroller game

I don’t know why hovers are called hovers when they look and act like jet thrusters. now if they behaved and looked like an actual hover system I bet a lot more people would be fine with them

Lmao good one, cry more hover trash

Before you speak out and make assumptions, find out if the person plays/owns hovers as I haven’t owned hovers for years and the only time I use them is in my garage from stuff I find on the exhibition and even then not a lot
You’re hoverphobia is showing and so is your drama queen side Lindsey Lohan

I see many words but hear very little

What suggestions do you have that you think would make hovers more acceptable and less polarizing?
I’m curious as you seem to have an intelligent viewpoint about things and you seem not to go straight to attacks and immaturity like other so-called “adults” on here which I will be ignoring due to schoolyard antics

I ask one person a question and get attacked by others, no wonder I stopped interacting with this forum, it’s literally just a place to throw :poop: at others over people’s keyboards for no reason, no wonder the world is how it is if this is how people behave

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Cry more because you can’t think of a real argument and just want to you hovers to beat melee easier.

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What bugs me is that Hovers can wield most weapons more effectively than their ground-based counterparts. They should not be able to use the main armament found on MBTs.

I would love to be able to build and wield formidable Armored Track (or the likes) at high PS ranges. But that won’t happen because faster and more mobile movement parts perform the task much better.

And for many people, that was the final straw.

That was what killed my sympathy for hovers. The hover players are condescending and abrasive.


I find that to be true about many players of this game when it comes to viewpoints, if you don’t share theirs then they insult you and gang up on you, that’s why its hard to have a civil back and forth on here, it’s sad actually, we all aren’t gonna like the same thing or agree no need to act like a fiend about it

You can’t even explain your viewpoint, you cry like Monkey with passive aggressive messaging and such… weirdos

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That’s the internet though. People will insult you because they can. The only thing you can control is your reaction to them. If someone keeps insulting you, just ignore them.

You are current on that, also contact any moderating staff or persons in charge if you’re in a situation in where you can, as no point having a head butt contest

A little more science, and a little less fiction, I suppose. At least enough science to close the massive plot-holes they create.

Like the way they respond to recoil: only when it’s convenient? They experience plenty of recoil when using a quick-fire weapon, which conveniently makes them go even faster, yet there’s the ridiculous way they aren’t effected by recoil when using a cannon that would make a tank hop is just hard to watch it’s so stupid. I’d start there for sure.

The massive speed buff they got was absurd. Nobody has any idea why they did that. I don’t either. It probably never should have happened…but that was then.

I’m not sure hovers need much of a nerf at this point, but I’d love to see some realism in that recoil dynamic anyway (because it’s absurd).

Active melee sure doesn’t need any kind of buff though, including indirect buffs like nerfing the landscape to accommodate them, if that’s what’s going on.

Now there are a lot of nifty ways to counter hover’s omnidirectional super-powers, but none of those are wheels or tracks. IDK much about tracks beyond how badly they are outclassed, but if my wheels had more acceleration, I’d be able to deal with it all a lot better, including the active melee META that is also on wheels usually, but on that note, melee might need a mass increase to nerf them back a little just to keep them from also exploiting a buff to wheels, and becoming an even bigger problem.

I just invested a bunch of coin into active melee myself (because I think it’s here to stay), and a nerf in their direction would hurt my inventory a good bit, but I think it would be better for the game overall, and certainly better for new players struggling to grind their way through PS 5-6K, and also better for players like me who simply prefer a dressed down, or simplified version of Crossout (Mad Max).


Yeah disspite some people I actually don’t like the current form of hovers, not realistic, they look like thrusters off of a fighter jet not actual hovers

I think hovers should actually hover like a foot off of the ground maybe two and be effected by terrain like how real hover crafts are, they wouldn’t even need to scrap the current part design completely, just change the lower part of it to make it look less like a thrust and maybe give it a electromagnetic sort of look, mind you hover systems are usually very stable and not too slow but they aren’t zipping around like the in-game counterparts

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I didn’t like hovers because I like the tactile feeling of wheels. I like crashing about and flying off cliffs, and I like the sound of dirt flying, the squeaking rock of the chassis under stress, etc.

They are action rich, while hovers smooth all that out, nerf it, and replace it with boredom and clownish wobbling and bobbling, not to mention the near silent sound FX. Hovers feel like crap, IMO, and the wobbling is just not something I can tolerate, and don’t understand why they use it to nerf them from being OP, but I think that’s why it’s there.

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I don’t even own hovers and haven’t for years for that reason, I didn’t like how they felt and bahave, I play 90% wheel vehicles and 10% tracks and legs, if hovers where based on actual hovercraft systems I could see them fitting into this game better

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