*EVENT*..Reduced upgrade cost for weapons and hardware! 😉

just a reference on last Stabilizer Event…


I shall partake aggressively.

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More to come. LOL…


Bummer…there is no Removing the upgrades this time :sob:

It gave me that option with a Chill, but only the Chill… I did several more other than what I screenshotted (sp?).

It is about time I finally got my module efficiency ammo pack. Used a stabilizer and kept the 10% durability but ditched the explosion radius and finally got it.


upgraded my doppler after years lol…


What does efficiency have to do with an expanded ammo pack that gives you a set amount of extra ammo?

How does the upgrade perk work for this?

You get a shitload of ammo.

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That Doppler fusion, + range of detection in cover, is an absolute game changing fusion and I highly recommend it. It changes detection in cover from 400 m to 460 m. This means that at the start of battles, you can see all of your enemies and your team can plan all of its attacks and defense accordingly.

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I like Durability over - weight on expanded Ammo pack. I have 1 of each, and I find my self building with the +durability ammo pack every time. If I use the - weight pack, I put it on a pole at the back of the build.


I rather weight, because then I can put my durability where I want it.

But it’s 6 in one hand and half a dozen in the other.

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It gives you 56% more ammo vs a ammo pack that do not have it I think. I upgraded them years ago back when it use to have a 1 in 4 chance of getting it as opposed to 1 in 3 like it is now and had really bad luck with it so I gave up.

normal ammo packs have the upgrade but i think its 42% more ammo. only downside is a stiff breeze can make those ammo crates explode… the big ammo packs have a ton more durability.

it gives you a ton more ammo then it normally would. i got 2 of these fused with the perk giving more ammo. the difference is very noticeable on weapons that use ammo like cannons and reapers.


And I prefer straight up guaranteed dmg resistance on anything explosive, you ALWAYS get a good return for it. . The return on weight limits is dependent on how much the item weighs. You only get 10% of that. Same with Dura. 10% more Dura or 10% less weight isn’t much on most modules except heavy generators.

you are sooooo going to like the new distances!

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If only I had not already used all my coins for event upgrade items, I mean I have made 1800 coins after becoming flat out broke from the earlier event, by grinding resources, but that is just not enough to fuse even 2 purple guns or 3 cheaper ones that you need 3-4 of in a build, especially if you need to have same fusions on them rather than random ones per item

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The locations I put ammo packs do not need durability

They are going to be built one of two ways.

  1. Put inside the build in a way that that the explosion does not mater, because if they can get to the ammo pack, then your basically already dead and don’t have guns.

OR my personal favorite on Hovers and Bigrams

  1. I build the purple ammo packs fair out in the rear of the build in the fair right and left corners. I will have a little armor on them (sometimes) but on hovers and bigrams you can keep the front of the build facing the enemy so they stay on for a long time. Also, I will test shooting the ammo packs off my build with different weapon types and make sure that when one of them explodes I don’t lose anything else besides maybe the piece the pack is attacked to and maybe any other armor piece next to it.

In both the above cases extra durability is a waste.

I blew 30 000 coin on this event so my appolo upgrade is gonna have to wait again

I think that’s more than I’ve ever had in game. LOL

In other news, finally fused a MK2 Chameleon. That’s nearly every module I use on a regular basis. I still need to do a couple of engines, but I’m getting there.

I fused a Shiver. I thought about trying to fuse my Flash but it would be too damaging to get a bad fusion on a relic. If you got turn speed instead of Range (best) or increased firing cone (still awesome) it would be a huge loss.