"SPIDER" weapons

What are you planning?

I spent a couple hours building a Triple Stillwind, a dual Cyclone and a Grenadier Beatle.

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I really like using Kaiju on a Spider.

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I plan on using Bigrams

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Kaiju Bigram player since a solid year now, I see no reason to change now that Kaiju spider is about to become the real shit :eyes:

Can’t wait to see what a full volley of superbuffed Kaiju with a solid +50% damage from various perks does to hover shrimps once we get all the changes


Party pooper.

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kaiju, punishers, heathers are only good spider weapons

Porcs and Typhoons?

man what


Porcs and Typhoons are classic weapons that have been played on Spider legs/Bigrams because the weapon can not rotate.

Omnidirectional movement parts are prefect for those types of weapons.

Even things like Vindicator and Tsunami are pretty good on Legs or bigrams.

Sorry I did not write a full explanation with my last post.

porcs and phoons not good lmao they just run away and phoons dont do enough to dmg to not get face fucked

This is going to change. Typhoons hit like a truck on the test server.


And when cannons come back, then you will have dogs come back, and if dogs are back then so are porcs. And the cycle repeats itself.

I still think the rule of thumb that omnidirectional movement parts make forward facing weapons better is true no mater if the weapon is good or not.


Oh great, Tsunami and Typhoon hovers owning everyone else again.

They should make Hovers more susceptible to impulse and recoil.

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I sure hope so. I’m a Porc and Firedog player and am tired of Beholder Onamori Punisher Horeshoe hovers informing me that I’m a second class wasteland citizen.


I have my doubts. Since the last time hovers vs dog was a thing, hovers got +20 kmh while wheels got -5 kmh on cabs and lost all their grip and handbrake tricks.

We talked about it for a while with mates, and I think super light Typhoon hovers could make a comeback, either with buffed gasgen, or Thor. They’re all about tanking with the frontal Typhs, and we got Omamori for that now.

Maybe Helios + Aegis could make a comeback too? I think the changes will greatly benefit direct damage projectile weapons, Helios bypasses the broken Oma+frontal weapons thing, and Aegis might be the last way to tank for hovers

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It seems so weird that they aren’t. However, put some rapid-fire machine guns on them and then, abracadabra, impulse and recoil, but that’s OK, because it just makes them go faster? neat.

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Topic wasn’t really about hovers and dogs.
It was about spiders.

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Don’t put your hopes up.
i’ve seen hover builds using stabilizers ( appendixes scrapping the floor)
to minimize or event neutralize impulse or recoil

funny thing.
I’m going to get some legs, but i also will get some hovers. Both of them
I’m doing the Grind of Radiance event to do just that.
While everyone else is occupied or was with Onamoris and Iris and Millers.
I’m focus in getting the scrap to build the VII’s .
(i did tried them and they are so much better now…and fun)

In a first stage it will be for racing.

I did get some MVP’s and Unyielding badges in PVP with my radiance build which has no armour, exposed cab and weapons and modules.
that doesn’t mean much but if i can do that in PVP with an event build which only function is to be faster and accelerate faster than the ravagers.
I will try a lightning fast build with IV’s


I do this on ground executioner/miller/reaper builds because if you lose the weight on the front…