Spiders & Hovers Foerever Dominate Top 30

As usual the top 30 clans are running spiders and hovers which causes longer matches and a boring back and forth “camping” style of game play… It is more fun to coordinate a rush team than it is to hold hands and call out targets in my opinion but to each their own… Wheeled builds have been held down far too long in this game and deserve to be on equal ground… BUFF WHEELS FOR THE SAKE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS RIGHT IN THIS WORLD!.. And whatever the argument any of you try to come up with as to why wheels don’t deserve a buff i will simply revert back to the FACT that spiders and hovers dominate without any doubt the top 30 probably even 100 clans in clan wars…


The only thing we need for wheels is to have them revert the “wedge” nerf. Then you would lose all your power by tapping something.

Besides that they are fine.

If they were “fine” you would see more wheel builds in clan wars…

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I didn’t say they were fine.

I said they need to revert the wedge patch.

Then they will be fine.


Key word: were

If wheel builds were so bad, then whye are KTM/banana/sausage builds one of the best in the game…

And dogs dominating PVP as well…


I feel most comfortable on wheels, and wheels feel better than they’ve ever been.
CW is what it is, but there’s never been a time when hover and spider players haven’t complained that close range wheeled builds are over powered.

Hover players are little crying b*tches, they’ve done nothing but be top 10 viable and cry all day long since 3 years lol. If you listen to them, the +5 kmh +30 dura buff they got a year ago was a nerf.

They’ll keep whining about wheeled dogs because they don’t even udnerstand the game they play. Nothing can kill a properly played hover scorp except a dog team. Dogs actually suck rn, but they still counter the absolutely best build in the game, so ofc every hovertart team is going to see the opposing team switch to full Flash dogs on round 2 and get demolished. It ain’t rocket science.


and youre french, so what about that? if you had a hover scorp, could you rule with it? id like to see that. not to say i think you couldnt, but id like to see it.

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We both know what’s the secret ingredient to win in CW. Met your clanmates recently in PvP (or maybe ex-clanmates, dunno if you moved from BITE). Can you stand these people? Is it worth it to farm ura? Some derp I never met intentionally rammed me in the pit as an ally and started insulting me. Never saw his name before, forgot it already lmao. I guess any small virtual success is good to take when you’re like that (^%

I’m not too worried about kicking butts with a fully fused hover scorp tbh. No bragging here, I’ll gladly admit that my aim has never been my strong point in video games, it was always movement and map awareness. Still, the kind of gameplay I see from Tin hover scorps… Yeah, I’m not worried. Kaiju is harder to play, and I’m definitely feeling comfortable with the weapon.

Yeah - i buff…for what 6 months AND they reduced tonnage by HEAPS so now you have to run 10 hovers which is more power drain…the build 3 years ago would have max of 5 hovers and be the same.

I do agree that Bigrams are heavily overpowered. Legs have a Cap of speed but bigrams have the same speed as wheels and HUGE tonnage so you have have big and fast builds. These are what need to change the most.

Also - give the breakers back some range as they drop off on damage is ridiculous and Nidhogs actually have better damage at 30 meters that relic shotgun

They have much worse dura/mass and tonnage/mass than wheels. Bigrams are strong, but the tonnage isn’t the reason why.

I don’t really see Bigrams being stronger than wheels these days tho. They are with Barrier, but that’s probably a Barrier thing more than a Bigram thing at this point.

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OP is from Playstation. Odd timing for post, as RU5H just took 1st. While they don’t run wheels exclusively, they use fire builds very often. Original poster only runs fire builds. Like I said, old timing for this post.

So what buff do you suggest for wheels? Regardless of inaccurate OP, I am open to specific suggestions.

In my opinion, wheels themselves are perfectly fine. I am against the nerf to cloak. I shouldn’t be "invisible " but getting consistently clocked by typhoons and scorps. We have verifier and weapons to decloak. Make cloak great again.

MLs, omni wheels, and grinders need a big buff. Wheels, hovers, and bigrams are fine as is.


Gotta agree with that. Don’t forget heavy tracks :wink:

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all my meatgrinders are upgraded, i got them upgraded before the changes, i almost felt like salvaging them after those happned, the hitbox change was the worst…

but the changes on handling did not have anything to do with stats, it is physically impossible to get them to be what they were, no matter the fusion, as the acceleration is not one of the main issues for me…

And you can fuse them for power, and use the driver that gives them more power.

Not sure if your stuff is fused, but I think that one thing people don’t realize is they have to balance things based on the fused version or they would make things super OP

The extra speed lasted for exactly 1 year, as both speed changes were parts of the Dronapocalypse updates. And they didn’t touch their tonage then (except for the pack Icarus IV hovers which got 40% MORE tonnage), but they actually reduced their mass, giving them more nett tonnage while also giving them more HP. No mention that you can just put a Colossus on a hover and completely negate the power drain of all 10 of your hover thrusters. And don’t get me started on how most wheeled builds lost more speed with this year’s literally re****ed speed nerf than the hovers did. And unlike the hovers, the wheels actually lost acceleration on top of that max speed.


Tell me you never ran a competitive hover without telling me

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More like tell me you have never played clan wars without telling me you have never played clan wars.

OP lost me at “buff wheels”. Would have been easier to get behind the message if it was “buff augers” or “buff heavy tracks”.


I dont see how they have worse tonnage at 1900 (better than ANY wheel in the game) with the same power drain as bigfeet? They also have melee resistance which helps them and with no speed cap on the wheel mode, this is why you see them all the time in CW.