Spring mayhem points system is very, very , very bad

all day I play 20 battles to get into the top 50, and 3 bad battles throw me back into the Golden League!! Is the Gaijin kidding me? Is this just a silly joke? 99% of battles I am the best of the whole team, I have a lot of kills assists and captured bases without death + victory in battle and I get minus points !!! It’s set up wrong, it’s a scam! What I play all day I waste two battles! The system is completely unstable, One example for all … Battle : 9 kills, 6 assists 3 captured bases, no deaths + victory in battle and I get minus points, I don’t know if any of the gaijin have ever tried, tried or tested battles in the Mayhem event because it makes no sense !!!I don’t normally complain, but when adding an event it was written that with a little effort you can achieve good results! that the scoring system has been improved. But it just seems like a nicely written lie.I ASK EVERYONE TO WRITE THEIR COMMENTS FROM THE EVENT thanks and good luck in next battles


There’s a couple of threads already complaining about this. You’re not alone by a long shot.


I was 56th but now it’s impossible to gain points except minus points. Now I’m below 500. I die once and get -3 -4. Zero deaths +0. Yet I see ppl in opposite team gain points even tho Ive done more damage/work than they have. It’s broken


this is the first post,i’ll just link it here for more info…

I’ve never been a big fan of the mayhems out of the sheer crazy grinding needed fr them most of the time, I might play this game daily and even enjoy it some days, but it is not so good, mayhem modes especially, that I’ll grind out mayhem rewards, not even if I was paid to do it with real life money rather than some bragging right parts

same here