Starfall not a rising star

I have a build with 2 AC72s (ps 1375) and was gonna replace them with 2 Starfalls (ps 2400). The major differences are the AC72s do more damage, the Starfall shoots faster. Did a simple test on the damage meter, and a single AC72 does 760, a single Starfall does 630.

So, if I was to swap the Ac72s for the Starfalls, I’m adding 2025 to the build’s PS, and getting less damage output. And the Starfall is the new wondergun that everyone was excited about? The only use I can think of for it would be a single Starfall mounted on a very low ps build. Is there some other perk about the gun that I’m missing?


Remember that DPS is only part of the picture when it comes to explosive weapons like this. There are ways to test the explosive radius, and my assumption is that starfall has a much bigger radius. The Starfall perk should also mean that more bullets will actually do damage.


I was actually looking at replacing my cyclone arora set up with them and instead using 2x starfalls with a trombone for raids. It would free up a lot of coin.

The Starfall has a proximity fuse, damage does not decrease as you move further from the center of the explosion. the AC72 does not. if you don’t hit the target with the Starfall you can still do damage. The Starfall also has much more elevation.


The elevation doesn’t really mater as much as the DPS does out side outside or the ramp up which is what is hard to figure out between the two.

I will run a test on the Starfall. I think it has huge effective splash but haven’t tested this yet. The AC72 explosion size is 5 blocks wide. As in, every time you shoot, the shot makes an invisible ball of explosion 5 blocks wide.

I will test the splash for Starfall.


I was waiting for you to chime in with some data!
I’m always supportive of the forum members who test things and report back.

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Isn’t the starfall most powerful by hitting airbursts right next to the target instead of directly hitting it?


Starfall is a mediocre support weapon that handicaps its user. It sacrifices all of its direct single part damage for aoe. Except its not necessary in the meta to do that when other weapons do it better and aren’t outclassed in a 1v1. I saw sweats using these weeks ago and stopped seeing those same names cease using them within a day of trying them.

I suppose its good against lots of light armor pieces but against fewer high health pieces they become inadequate.

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I think it’s going to depend on the user. There are ways to hide ever so slightly outside clear line of sight/fire and crest the edge of a target with this. Which is something I kind like to do to bots as they are so dumbed down.

You can have really bad aim and still hold down the mouse click and hit something with starfalls.

That’s it.

It’s not bad aim with them it’s that you want to aim 1 pin or so out of the hit box area which means you can sometimes stay hidden in a corner.

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I think that is dependent on the modules. My old Longbow design could severely damage almost anything you through at it.

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I’ve tried using Whirlwinds in helo battles, but they are terrible at shooting down missiles. The Starfalls however excel at shooting down missiles.
I have my Starfalls mounted above and below my 11k drone helo.
I think the Starfalls are ok.

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Starfalls seem to be doing super good on non-heli combat

You have to take into account the strenght of the Startfall, its way easier to shoot moving targets at long range, thats what its designed for


I have yet to see a starfall build do anything but bottom frag and not ever get past 4th place on their team in damage/score.

The DPS is so so bad.

  1. Hitting the edge of an enemy’s build behind cover is cool, but they’ll quickly move after getting hit. The damage they get from that one moment of hits is not efficient. It’s way too situational.

  2. If one’s aim is good enough just to shoot the edges of enemies’ builds, then it’d be better to play any other AC and actually aim at the guns if their aim is so capable.

I think they should buff Starfalls at this point. It’s literally only good for a specific group of players - those who really can’t figure out aiming Whirlwinds or Stillwinds in heli combat (or have high ping) but are aiming close enough to barely miss their shots often.

This weapon is in a strange place. Buff Starfalls - the weapon should have increased base damage. By like 25%.

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no way. I think Gaijin would hire you to do buffs and nerfs. Do you have any idea how OP they would be with a 25% buff to base damage?

Starfalls can use a buff, but maybe more like 3-5%. They perform just under cyclones. Remember if you hit the build directly there is still explosion damage. It is simply a smaller explosion and it degrades the farther from the impact point.

Don’t try to miss with starfalls, you gimp your damage. You still want to hit the target, not miss. Hitting on the edge loses the whole outside of circle of damage. Hitting the target gives 360 degrees of explosion damage instead of the tiny edge of the explosion.

2x arbs 1x starfire on huggins with 2 fused seals and a fused epic chiller is like never ending spam firing.

Cyclones out perform stars by WAY more than that. They’re only 5 energy and deal more than 20-40% more base damage per second depending on radiator presence and 30% ish more damage per heat pool % per shot.

And at only 5 energy vs 6.

You don’t do any real testing and posting opinions based on your gut feeling is worthless.