"steel championship" - play fair!


While the Steel Championship brawl has been active, we have received a notable number of reports of players who have been unfairly earning points to move up the leagues. We ran a check and identified the accounts breaking the rules.

All of these accounts have been banned, with ban length ranging from temporary to permanent. In addition, their rating within the game mode has been lowered to 0. Thus, all other players can notice an improvement in their standing in the overall leaderboard.

We encourage fair play!

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Good. Permanent ban? Ouch!..haha. Good riddance, dorks. Thanks, Devs.

Seems a little late though. Isn’t that event almost over (I only played it once)?

Hello, my account was banned but I no longer played the Steel championship. Some friends got unfairly banned too and got their accounts back but mine is still blocked

I just repost on the forum what the devs post in the news section, you have to contact the devs/mods if you want something to happen,otherwise nothing gonna happen

Yes, I have seen it and I am not finding the way to contact them, it is not like the old version

Hello CrisArg,
If you think you have a sanction on your account by error, you can make appeal via think link : Game rule violations & Appeals against a penalty


This is horseshit. Everybody knows targem’s events are 100% won by cheating, abusing the crappy scoring system and having no social life (Source: I scored way too high on many of these events without cheating and by solo queing for too long), they slap a “only 500 first players” condition on the rewards, and they pull that crap a week before the end of their event.

This is an unfun joke, Targem. This is a garbage way to run an event. Really gotta have no shame to write those annoucements and think it’s going to be perfectly fine with everybody lol. “Hey we let everybody cheat and pollute this event you paid a BP for, but enjoy, now it’s cleaned, 3 days before the end. Oh btw we banned a bunch of you by accident and support is dead, good luck guys!”