Still stale meta

Anyone else gotten real tired of the op dps machine gun etc meta that has been going on for what, over a year now? Possibly even more, game has not felt “good” ever since the supercharged update, even worse after the armor changes making most weapons straight up obsolete compared to how they were before, like Yokai for example.

There have been numerous “balance changes” yet it still does not feel like they’ve had any real effect. Single shot type weapons still suck, machineguns etc are still op compared to everything else and explosions don’t feel as powerful as they should be.

Depending on the “balance” changes coming with the next battle pass I might just opt out from this game because I have been waiting for years for stuff to change, yet feels like they never will, no matter hat kind of shiny new toys they pump into the battle pass. I just do not have any belief left in me for this game


machine guns are that strong? i use arbiters and they seem pretty balanced to me. bit i think your referring to actual machine guns and not mini guns? are they really that powerful? i have tacklers and havent used them in a while but if they are that powerful ill give them a shot and see how they do.

sad but true. alot of reload type weapons just seem underpowered to me. alos of the time they get outpaced by things like shotguns and things that just overall do more damage and are harder to hit.

this is kind of true. i mean i havent really used explosion type weapons for a while. i tried my typhoon and it just seems… meh now. i mean yeah it hits kind of hard but idk it just isnt that satisfying anymore compared to the mastodon.

im hoping they have better things with the next battlepass and a permanent pve mode. the game hasnt received a new mode or updates to modes in a long time. i want something new dangit!

The only things good about XO are the setting, gameplay, creativity, and skill ceiling, in case somebody reads these forums that has the means to make an XO competitor. However that is all gone for me.

This game is blatant pay to win marketed to the lazy gamer with loads of spare money. They are making all the new meta parts and playstyles the easiest and most rewarding in the game while soft locking them behind a paywall cause BP god fuses cannot be overstated. Camera steering, gerridas with their OP perk, burst damage hitscan weapons with loads of range, omamori, and the coming wallhacks cab that is a free radar detector with an active wallhack ability all just serve to make the game far easier and paying players too powerful to deal with.

The only solution is for non-whales to drastically reduce their playtime for 4 months to nuke the quarterly for this game.


ive asked this before with no reply but what is hitscan?

the game is extremely grindy to. someone was telling me it isnt grindy but i been playing crossout for 5 - 6 years and i find it to be quite grindy still even all these years later. am i wrong here?

ngl i like how the gerridas look and im ok with how they function but man they are quite fast for epics. the perk on them, i read it and yeah thats a bit overpowered. dont we have perks that reduce spread on co-drivers as well?

this thing needs a hard nerf, im sorry but it really does. 400 hp absorption is way to much and makes alot of weapons far more durable then they should be. then when the charge runs out just hide, wait till it charges then go back in. i have my omamori but ive never used it. i dont do pvp but when i did clan confrontation it was super frustrating how durable peoples builds were with it, especially weapons.

wait what? what do you mean? you can see people behind walls? is it like in dishonored when you activate dark vision that you can see people through walls? cause if thats the case then holy crap thats going to be broken.

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Some shots fire through the air in Crossout while others instantly appear on the target. The shots that fly through the air take time and processing power. These shots are called “projectiles”.

Hitscan weapons are pointed at the target and appear instantly at the target, having no air time. They automatically hit whatever you point at.

There is a huge advantage with hitscan because the weapons are easy to use. You point at something, then it is hit.

Destructor and Nothung are hitscan weapons.


You are forgetting +power fuses on movement parts, engines and cabins that makes fused out builds far more nimble than unfused builds and also make impossible builds possible, i.e. triple Stillwind hover and so forth. :slight_smile:

Depends what PS and MG he is talking.
I can say Piercers still feel pretty strong, especially vs crap builds. But they were meta a while ago. Half teams using diagonal builds - you don’t see that many now.
Also Sinus has more DPS than piercer, which is pretty absurd. So watch out for meta slaves to figure that out.

Of 5 years I played, 4 years there been OP meta:
Hover cannons and MGS. Wedges with shotguns. Spitfire dogs. Turret cannon meta(half team and more of those) Parser hitscan meta. Piercers meta(they are nerfed and few in numbers now) then heavy melee meta. Now heavy shotguns meta. Also Catalina avengers hovers.+yaoguai drones.
There been rather rare few months windows of no obvious meta(on 4-6k PS I’m talking)

are arbiters hitscan to? everytime i aim at something i always hit no matter the distance. i know theres alot of non hitscan weapons to.
also thanks for the explanation.

How many years were the other weapon types the best?

I think they just need to keep tweaking the new projectile system. It was a good start, and I’m glad they didn’t go too extreme with it right away, but it’s clear there’s still work to do.
Maybe it’s explosions that actually need work, rather than the penetration parameters?

i hope they work on explosions because fuze drones got hit pretty hard by that nerf to explosion damage and whatnot. id like to see fuzes get a buff back to being useful again at 10k. i miss being able to drop them, having them sneak up on unsuspecting hovers and blowing the frames through their skulls :rofl:


Yeah, and give some love to weapons that lost the “removed missile hit damage” or whatever, that made Yokais and something else bad. Quasars used to be pretty good but they too are no longer that great, because they too rely on explosions

I tested and you are right if movement parts total north of about 80% drain, the real acceleration comes from acceleration efficiency fuses; those translate to raw acceleration 1:1.

The balance of the game is failing, I agree with that, when a developer makes a large balance adjustment to an item it means that either it was out of balance in terms of strength before or out of balance in terms of strength after, and in many cases their balancing is incomplete, as if they noticed it somewhere before they went to change it, but balance issues don’t just appear out of nowhere, like vindi in the last balance, and of course there are many more examples that I won’t give examples of, at the end of the day the developer doesn’t have a complete system of crafting balances even if they do have the stats, and I’m not sure if that’s intentional on their part or just plain stupidity

well you said a mouthful there. id argue it at the very least borders on stupidity to be unsure about gajin/targems interests and business model. especially in relation to the somewhat consistent in-game “balance” many of us have been observing for quite some years now.

Yes. Arbiters are hitscan.

I think part of the reason for the mg meta is just the way the game is coded itself. Hard to put into words but there is kind of a slight invisible barrier around all objects where even if you got your crosshairs exactly on on another players weapons it can still hit the objects that are in front of the weapon which is kind of a hidden perk that no one talks about.

I tested it out myself with other day with a scorpion from the exhibition where I was trying to target a small gun(can’t remember what it was) that was mounted on top of a humpback cab and all I hit was the cab when targeting the lower 25% of the weapon. Anything above that I hit the weapon but any lower I only hit the cab despite having the crosshairs exactly on the weapon and I imagine larger projectiles from weapons like the mammoth would be even worst(probably wont even be able to hit it at all). It is why those mg hovers/spiders that got layers on top of layers of armor in front of they’re weapons is so effective because they can get their shots out and strike your weapons but you can’t hit their weapons.

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you can hit the gun but you need to have actual los between your gun and his plus you need to be the parallax master. aim above the weapon until its starts flickering enough then fire and maybe youll hit.

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There is such thing as “projectile size” for all ballistic weapons. In few previous patchnotes it was even said about reducing it for certain weapons. But I suspect for most weapons it is still rather ridiculously huge :smile:

They often nerf weapon because players use it in mass, making it look like bias.
Shotguns are currently rather underpowered(rare to special rarity) They did it because they needed to make people stop playing shotgun builds(wedges and spitfire dogs) Although they gave people back new means to play it now. So that’s one more thing to consider - how players actually make builds with it.
So say there is weapon, and eventually some1 figures out way to use it more effectively - next thing - nerf incoming. And they usually try to give people message - nerfing it bit by bit. If people aren’t getting the message they have to keep nerfing until the weapon/part is rather inferior, just to get people from mass using same style builds.
Plus their own p2win biases, and they take months between nerfs so game is out of balance almost all the time. And weird cab, parts rebelances to turn everything upside down. It’s a mess really. People invest their rime and money and typical TOS say “we reserve right to do whatever we please”. So whole deal holds on good will, which they are failing. Hence this vile attitude of playerbase.

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There is about to be a new unbeatable meta at 5k, you will all find out soon enough. Those gremlin huginn’s, borer truckers, shotgun wedges, piercer sausages and what ever you can think of are soon gonna be obsolete at that powerscore, youse been warned. This new meta can single handedly engage up to 4 targets depending on the builds at the same time and come out victorious which makes it all that much more worst.