Stop forcing players to play what they don't want to

Dear Gaijin,

One of the strongest parts of this game is the ability to create your own vehicle and play your own way. You have the craziest weapons, coolest rocket launchers, burning barrel throwers, what else can I say?

I think it’s a very outdated and illogical mechanic to force players to play a certain weapon type. Right now you’re forcing your players with challenges to play machine guns, shotguns, cannons or rockets. Nowadays, you even force us to play the aircraft mode (which some players REALLY despise).

It’s not good when players are happy stop playing Crossout because their ‘work’ is done. Let players play what they love, enjoy and have spent their money on. Change challenges.


  • Destroy X vehicles
  • Get top X in Y matches
  • Assist X players (in Y matches)
  • Do X damage (in Y matches)
  • Destroy X parts (in Y matches)

We just came out of many years of much more restrictive daily weapon challenges. The new system gives you many weapon options every day. And no one is forcing you to complete any particular challenge. It’s very hard to complete every single weekly and daily challenges, so better to focus on the ones you want to do than to worry about the ones you don’t want to do.


So you don’t think Crossout would be a more enjoyable, fun and better game if they opened up the catagories? What is the point of forcing players into 5 weapon catagories when you have 14?

I’m confused to what your point is, because it was worst before it can’t be improved now?

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I think the goal of the daily weapon challenges is to encourage people to play more than just the current meta, so that the game feels more diverse.
That doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

I agree that the old system was too restrictive, but the new one gives you a lot of options. Doesn’t feel very onerous to me, but I would play a wide variety of weapons even if we didn’t have those challenges, because I like to play a variety of builds.

You are allowed to avoid the challenges and earn less rewards and resources. You can choose. Do you really need those rewards?

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If you’re trying to play competitively or even just get by, you need the items from battlepasses. If you’re not rich, the value for time from challenges is very high compared to normal gameplay.

theirs a thing called knowing nd understanding the game to make it easier

@wrightsgaming6 What does that have anything to do with my post? I’m suggesting opening up the weapons catagories, you seem to assume I can’t complete it because it’s too hard or something.

I wouldn’t find those examples very challenging. Part of the challenge is learning the other weapons that a player is yet to be proficient at.

1000000000% agree

Unfortunately most of the people in this forum dont know what they are talking about when they are talking about game balance and most related subjects.
Most of them understand market but other than that, you are hitting your head on a brick wall.

First reply you got is an excellent example.

Freedom to play what you want when you want > game forcing you do do whatever even for seemingly logical reasons.

There will always be reasons to restrain playing freedom.

The game is sinking deeper and deeper into restrictions.

They’ve opened up more then it had been previously and even made the challenges easier already.

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im saying u dont fully understand (slow) ur talking bout challeges ect ect devs dont have a gun to ur head saying do it, i never do challenges except win match, win raids, season challenges if its pvp i dont do cuz im not forced to, now do you understand or should i explain more nd space the letters apart for u :joy: :rofl:

making a bad system slightly less bad doesnt change the fact that the system is bad.

There have been people every now and then like me, the OP and a few others that explain to them how this system is bad as one, they keep on making the game more and more restrictive, the way they changed crafting with bluerprints and those terrible small BPs are in the verge of collapsing the market, all of which they continually ignore.

Stop cutting them slack because they did the absolute bare minimum they could do.

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the devs did reset market awhile back for ppl to actually make coin but u have nothing but (slows) that keep wrecking it then crying bout how the devs wrecked it thats why their (slow) they dont understand the term player ran market nd most watch big ytbers nd oh this ytber says if u lower the price itll sell faster lol ya red flag for market disaster from the (slows) that think everthing a big ytber says is a good benefit ya for ppl to spend money nd they get to get paid still, think bout this how many partnered crossout creators on yt comment back to real ppls comments, just think bout that they dont care bout their subs cuz most of the time they comment to mainly fake accounts as in accounts with no real profile pic

what an epic rant, congratulations! like diving into a completely different reality.

That’s a completely different subject then what the op is talking about.

You’re literally siding with lets suck any of the skill floor out of challenges. Do you ever stop to think if you make the challenges so bare minimum that the only thing players will bother to play is those braindead builds that others keep complaining about.

I get the forced aircraft complaints but the rest of them are just off.

I’d rather be doing challenges than grinding out event tokens which is what every event was before challenges. All you did was grind in a single mode for pvp with a reward of scrap and tokens in those early events.

Its not, forcing players to play certain weapons is a restriction.

For those of us who play enough, any proper build will be completing the missions organically.

People who log just to get the missions done, i dont care what build they play. People will play broken builds anyway.

You are talking as if those 8 missions every week are the pinacle of gaming and everyones build choice will revolve around completing a task that takes 1-2 hours a week.

Notice how the DAILY battlepass missions are not weapon depended? Why? Arent they afraid of people joining in for dailies with broken builds?
Of course not.
They know what is said here is true, but they force the other missions for other reasons.

Once you start restrictions its innevitably going to come to force aircafts and any other thing they need for the reasons they need it.
All at the expense of me, a paying customer, and my comfort.

It would be redundant to require them there. They use to literally say all you needed to do to get to the last level in the BP was do the weeklies. Of course now those dailies pretty much decide what you get as an extras in the totality of the pass. I actually would love those daily’s for the BP not to be there as it would mean I didn’t have to play every day to get those extra’s. If they gave us more weekly challenges they could easily do it. Except doing something like that would lower the incentive for people to log in each day. This last line is why I wouldn’t advocate for getting rid of them even though I’d like it if they did.

Nullifies much of your argument for there being an actual issue.

This is because your not thinking of anyone other than yourself… Easy and braindead is what you keep asking for. You want the reward without the challenge.

It’s one of the few things that breaks up the monotony of every match being the same. If a player wants the tiny hand outs those players will give their builds the parts required. Asking someone to play 5 matches in something else isn’t much especially if they don’t really have to do it.

There’s no force used, you either do it or you don’t. If you didn’t do it and there’s a reward attached then you probably didn’t really want the reward that much. The only portion of the challenges I kind of feel bad about is sometimes they clog the event cue as there’s no way to shuffle them when they stack up. To me I think that limits some of the players that would rather skip a particular task.

I think if you are completing every daily and weekly challenge, you are playing too much.
Which is entirely your choice!

I don’t ever worry about that. I just look through the challenges that are available, and do the ones I want to do. No one is forcing me to do anything I don’t want to do. There are lots of challenges that I don’t bother with, and I still get enough resources to keep accumulating new items every week.