Stop Rushing to the Enemy when you don't have weps to kill them 😉

this is the most thing i see lately,players rushing into to battle head on…
4 bots 4 players…we are all dead in 1 minute…(same with all players n no bots)
what ever happen to take cover?
why has this game come down to -*rush in and hope for the best ?
Every match is like this now…why?
it’s just drive in blind and maybe shoot something…

what ever happen to ‘take cover’ ?
what’s going on here?

i try waiting most of the time,i end up 3rd or 2nd sometimes 1rst when everyone dies in 30 seconds…
but this needs to stop…

do we need bigger maps?
do we need different goals?

how can we make it so we just don’t rush into the enemy and hope for the best every match?
or is this the norm in this game…
thoughts ?

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I’m gonna make a build with just a cabin, wheels and bunch of boosters and go vrooooom if I ever play in a match on your team :joy:

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The dev team is to blame for this.

They make the grind super hard.

Then the make it so winning and losing in PvP mean little to nothing as far as your reward goes.

Running in and getting your points and having the match end fast is faster grinding.

Now… I’m not saying that’s how they should play and that’s how I want to play… but if the dev team is not going to add incentives to play in a competitive way, then this is the mess they end up with.

Rewards and CW have needed reworked for a long time… and I know your saying “what does CWs have to do with rewards” - that’s a different story time.


They never should have switched from 3-minute Missions to 5-minute Missions.

Many hours Missions queue to RU server, RU players are more prone to rush.


30+30+30 = 90 or 30-50 depending on win or lose. I couldn’t imagine the incentive to rush, at least for players that understand efficiency.

For me, it depends. I have a lot of F-It I’m going in moments. Where the whole time I’m thinking… I shouldn’t be doing this… the longer I have played the more frequent the moments :joy:

Myself, I sometimes rush. But thats more to my mood than any real strategy lol. I am just as likely to camp.

What I can’t believe is how you can lay a line of Kings or Kapkans… and they drive right past then begin to shoot… I place them so they can stay in cover and shoot.

are those numbers current and accurate? this argument “winning pvp doesnt matter” has been around for ages, rough monkey has been posting this several times over the years. it was never true if you were counting yourself to the percentage calculating part of society.
how can you play the market so very successfully without even understanding percentages, monkey?

Hello ,
Here is asimple mechanic to grind ressources as efficiently as possible : put lances , boosters then rush the enemy team , sd on someone , and alt tab to any Tube video channel you see fit , alt tab back to game , get your reward , go back to battle , rinse and repeat.
You will , excluding fuel and on average get almost the same reward as a normal pvp player who tries his best to win.
Reward system gives 0 incentive to actually care about what you re doing , so we end up with retarded strats like this one.
Get 40 pts : 16 wires (premium) , get 4000 pts : 20 wires (premium) so why care?
So why care?
On a gaming experience level its utterly lame , but in terms of effciciency time/reward you can t beat that.

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Bingo, efficiency at its best.

The rest of these guys must think you sit and watch the screen the whole time.

Time VS reward is always better with rush.

I can get enough points to MVP or unyielding in the first 45-60 seconds of a match. (Not every time, but the point still stands)

Now… do I play this way? No.

But for someone to not be able to comprehend this concept is beyond me.

Same thing with me. I play whatever my mode is.

I don’t even farm any more. Resources are just a byproduct of playing the game.

I don’t like when some guy not running shotguns or melee is face-hugging and blocking my shots, especially if I’m running Boom-Sticks or Lancelots. I’ve picked my enemy, circled around, got up to speed, hit the cloak, closing in on my target, and Bam…some guy on my team with ACs comes out of nowhere and starts humping my target. I hit him instead, de-cloak, and while I’m trying to find reverse the enemy strips my lances.

That chaps me arse. It sucks to deal with when using cannons too, but such is life in the wasteland.

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It really just boils down to “how little of my time can I waste playing this while earning the most rewards.”
When winning only grants you like 10% more resources, (it’s literally been 1 extra battery difference win vs. losing) then you’re better off killing one enemy with lances, SD’ing, then go AFK.
I’ve been temped to do it many times before; i just need one more win to complete a weekly challenge and the matchmaking keeps screwing me over. It’s such a slog sometimes…
Devs really need to implement more incentives for winning and playing like a team.


rushing the enemy

I only intentionally do stupid stuff and play stupid builds in Patrol or Adventure.

Back when Lance build were a thing, I loved them. I thought I’d slap together some ugly parts and see what happened.

And yes, these are starter wheels. They’re OP!!! Better than hovers!

Two lances, that electro shock plasma welder thingy and a gasgen out front. I love how on the last hit ,the gas gen doesn’t immediately blow up, but when it does, it finishes off the bot. LOL

33 seconds…

I don’t think anyone does, I’ve seen people shove their cannon barrels so far up a enemy build they shoot there own cannons off and get salty about it xD
Well, cannons aren’t meant to perform colonoscopies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Those people should buy you chapstick! But I get that all the time, I don’t run lances or melee most of the time but even then people hump the enemies on purpose to block friendly fire and get the points/kills. I swear this is done on purpose as it’s way too common not to be.

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Never underestimate the stupidity of others…

I’m just tryna make myself believe that the human race isn’t gonna be the reason why the human race goes extinct :sob:

Your acting like its a new thing that people are doing.

People have been doing the agressive kamakazi leroy jenkins yeet since pvp was ever a thing. Crossout has always been highly populated with these “Takariaaa!!!” kind of players.


In my mind they are perfectly accurate! To be clear, they are by how it feels over time and not based in any actual record keeping.

Sometimes its 40/50-40/50-40/50 = up to 150 vs 30-50. Sometimes it’s 30-30-30 to 50-50-50 in the same 5 minute span.

And sometimes you can’t keep connection and get 0/0/0 vs 0/0/0

I concur. x100.

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See, Map dependent, I always race toward the enmy, following suicidal bots, or alone or with humans, and get some red markers on the mini map. If I chose poorly, I try to cloak and run away, but cloak is not what it once was and many times my cloak is broken, and I am being chased from behind toward blue markers. But I have enough durability and rear bumpers which do not add to my vehicle durability. So, by the time the enemy is actually lowering my durability, usually I have led them right into ally fire.
Of course, just like the king mine example, allies then race at me and ram me and stop me in enemy fire, instead of the enemy driving into my ally’s fire, but many times allies are not too stupid.

Never stop rushing, give them no quarter, take no prisoners.
But I wish players would stop suiciding with ammo yet to fire.

To the bitter end.