Suggested changes to radiators and coolers

I’m not sure that this needs to be implemented, it would be a lot of changes:

1.Having their work total assigned to each weapon replaces the existing equal effect on each weapon, which means more effects for weapons with less energy

2.On the basis of the first , allow players to allocate the efficiency of the radiator and cooler to each weapon as they see fit (total 100%)Weapons dissipate heat according to energy requirements, default by energy distribution (each weapon gets the same efficiency bonus)Another way is to have each weapon get the same fire/cooldown time if feasible, and then player customization

3.In order to make more matching situations feasible and establish a use efficiency, like shotguns, they use radiators that are not 100% efficient, allowing more weapons like this

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I don’t think the Devs would do this as many of the existing inefficiencies are used as a means to balance.

That changes will make good impact.

I can already see how this could be misused. to seal club. shift the cooling etc to higher damage weapon and less cooling to lower level weapon. where the low level weapon is only used to finish off the enemy while the high dam weapon is stuck in cooldown. and also turns the high damage weapon into a NON STOP FIRING WEAPON. because the entire cooling would go to the single weapon. instead of the others.

the intent you want is to shift the cooling from one weapon to the greater damaging weapon. in effect creating a double impact or triple impact of cooling or radiator to a single weapon or 2 overriding the current limits on how much cooling or radiator goes to a single weapon or 2.

leading to a much increased overall DPS. than the current setup permits.

so in effect this would allow 1 high ps weapon to either act as 2 high ps weapons. getting higher dps into a lower ps bracket than where the weapon doesn’t belong. because all of sudden the dps is nearly double with NO change to the PS of the build. because the low level weapon is lowest one in game with the lowest ps score. as a way to double the effects of radiator and cooler for the single high level PS weapon. that dishes out more dps than the low weapon.

2 maces with a lupra. shift cooling from lupra to the maces and the maces exceed the damage the lupra can dole out. with the cooling shift. to maces. so the dps exceeds the PS score that the devs set. leading to seal clubbing when there was no seal clubbing before.

Not from lupra, but assigning all the abilities of the radiator to mace, then instead of using lupra, you can replace it with an avenger and mace will have the same firing time

you wouldn’t want mace to have the same firing timing of avenger. Also cooling and radiator has ZERO IMPACT ON AVENGER. So the cooling and radiator changes to radiator and coolers NOT needed to use 2 maces and an avenger.

the radiator cooling would only impact other overheating weapons. to adjust their length of firing before over heating and how quickly it cools.

right now radiator and cooler have the exact same effect on each gun that overheats and cools. the only reason to make the changes as the OP stated is to shift the cooling and radiator from one weapon that over heats and cools to other weapons that do the same thing. thus shifting the cooling and firing length bonus from lupra to mace.

it doesn’t work the way your describing it to apply the cooling and firing time of lupra to maces then swap out lupra with avenger after the fact. that in effect leads to adding more cooling and firing time than the cooler and radiator is capable of. because once you remove the lupra then the cooling changes would default to the maces since lupra is NOT in the cycle. remember the radiator and cooling affects everything evenly that over heats. or based on the % indicated by radiator for shotguns.

either way your suggestion wouldn’t work. because if radiator had x effect then the % split would be among all the guns capable of using radiator. thus reducing the effects of radiator has per gun because instead of 100% effect to each gun your cutting it to 33/33/33 or 100/0/0 or 66/0/33 and any other effect but where it no longer has 100% effect for all guns that use radiator.
you can NOT have it go 100/0/200 then take the “zero” aka lupra. out and replace it with a avenger. it breaks the mechanics when you do that. where it should be 100/100 for both maces. and avenger that doesn’t use cooling at all. SO it in no way factors in with radiator.

avenger is governed by reload and how much faster you can get the round in chamber. AKA omni box reload perk. 10% faster reloading. k-2 20% increased reload to improve avenger.

Red? Is that you?

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The total power of the radiator is fixed and the total amount divided among the three is not more than two, which is why both when combined with lupra without assigning it power or when combined with Avenger, the two mace will gain the same gain.You should have misunderstood my meaning

then it would be a 50/50 cooling effect from radiator to 2 maces this drops the effectiveness of coolers and radiators. 1 gun its 100 2 guns 50 /50 3 guns 33.3/33.3/33.3 4 guns 25/25/25/25

currently. its 1 gun 100 2 guns 100/100 3 guns 100/100/100 4 guns 100/100/100/100 when applying radiator and cooler.

this would be a MAJOR nerf of radiators and coolers. to govern how much cooling and radiator goes to per gun. out of total of 100 points.

your trying to cheat the mechanics. by putting 3 cooling guns then taking 1 away by adding a NON cooling gun.

100/200 for 2 cooling guns. or 150/150 for 2 cooling guns.

because avenger is a NON cooling gun , you can’t add cooling to that gun and shift it to the guns that do use cooling. because the avenger never had cooling in first place.

Yes, what I meant was to reduce effectiveness when there are more weapons, just like giving the same thing to more people when each person has less,I think it should be good to let 10 energy weapons get the same efficiency as the existing

yea your promoting a MAJOR fundamental nerf that would destroy the current overheating/cooling weapons.

people do NOT want to go from 100/100/100/100 to 25/25/25/25. your basically killing the current radiator and coolers effect. by making them less effective the more guns you add.

I don’t think you realize just how harmful this nerf would be. it would kill any interest in overheating weapons beccause NONE of them could do enough damage after adding a cooler/radiator. that whats the point. of adding them.

example to do the same damage with 4 guns instead of 1 cooler/ 1 radiator you would need 4 coolers 4 radiators. to have the same exact DPS output as the current setup. NO ONE is going to go along with that. when shotty struggles in high PS. if its a overheating based shotty.

what allows over heating shotty to scale DPS now is the number of coolers and chillers you add. but your promoting taking that away and nerfing it by factor of 4. if 3 energy per shot gun. because you wouldn’t have enough energy to add the other 6 hardware to compensate for the nerf.

This is a nerf for weapons with total energy consumption above 10 energy and a buff below 10 energy.

um original post state user control of the distribution of radiator/cooler. NOTHING to do with energy consumption of a part. the energy and cooling effect are NOT interchangeable, that would need an entirely new mechanic.

example allow player to reduce the energy consumption of avenger but where it takes avenger LONGER to reload. due to having less total energy. then taking that energy point from avenger to add to a radiator and cooler to double its effect based on doubling the energy to radiator or a cooler. but NO 1/2 split of the energy point. so if radiator boosted shot gun by 33% it would boost it to 66% number of shots. for MG on radiator 100% longer to 200% longer. due to having an extra energy shifted from avenger to radiator. at players discretion.
the 1 energy from avenger would drop it from 4 to 3 but it adds 25% longer reload time to avenger because of the transferring of an energy point.

I think this is closer to the goal you want to see. be-able to tweek the weapons/ hardware performance.

Let me give a specific example: Rare radiator after using my idea, it will make 10 energy overheating weapon firing time +50%, if I use a cyclone and a cannon on a design, it means that the radiator only provides longer firing time for 5 energy cyclone, while 10 energy can provide it twice, which is +100% firing time, if I use 5 sine 0 machine guns on a design, if I divide the efficiency equally to each of them, then each can only share 50% * 10/15, which is 33% extra firing time, that’s what I want to say

STOP right there remove cannon from your example that has NOTHING to do with radiator cooling. in any way or form.

Auto cannnon is NOT a cannon if it over heats. auto cannons is basically an oversized MG that fires slower than a machine gun does with larger bore rounds.

the only thing you should be talking about is over heating weapons ONLY when talking about over heating weapons.

reload weapons regardless of energy consumption are NOT in same class as over heating style weapons.

cyclone and sine-o , and thunderbolt. are the only type you should be discussing in the radiator / cooler conversation.

they already adjusted the cooling based on energy the weapon uses. they do NOT take the same length of time to cool. same with firing.

So the amount of energy should NOT factor at all into efficiency of the cooler or radiator. because it already has a set cooling rate.

the only thing that should be adjustable would be the fire rate or how fast it cools based on how much of the radiator is dedicated to the weapon. DO NOT MIX NON SAME WEAPONS because it doesn’t work that way what your after.

what you do is control the flow of radiator and cooler to the weapons that over heat. to control how much faster it cools down. but it takes it from another weapon to do it. because there is a set amount of coolant running through a radiator or cooler.

your trying to break the mechanics of the game and its NOT working as your imagining it.

radiator if you want it to cool one gun faster than another you control the flow of coolant to the weapon the more coolant goes to it the faster it cools and longer it fires. BUT there is a trade off the trade off is there is only X amount of coolant in the system. so the more you add to system the less effective the efficiency.

IF you stick a reload cannon on your build REGARDLESS OF THE ENERGY USED it will NOT IMPACT RADIATOR OR COOLERS ability to cool overheating weapons. energy and cooling are 2 entirely separate things. managed my 2 entirely separate systems.

coolant vs energy generation. they do NOT impact one another.