Suggestion: fused items and co-drivers increase PS

I can see why some people are worried that the new co-driver system will be unfair to new players, and I also understand why some people have said that fused items are also unfair to new players.
What if both those things increased your vehicle PS, so that they couldn’t be used to seal club so easily?
Seems like a small change that could make a big difference.


Adding PS to fused items makes them pointless, plus what if you get one of those pointless fuses that don’t help like incinerator recoil, now you’re just higher PS until you can re-fuse it


Adding PS to fused items is a great idea.

Let’s get the guys with full fused cars to fight fight people in the correct bracket instead of “look at me mom, I got Leet skills” when their builds are WAY better then the people they are fighting.

I think a skilled player would welcome the change, I would rather fight guys with the same kind of gear.

Also, raised PS would not affect your PS much if you only have a few fused items. But when your running all fused wheels, fused cab, fused guns, fused modules you would be lying to yourself if you think that is “fair” or on an even playing field.


this is correct. the problem is, the following is also correct.

and thats because the whole point of the fusion system is to give sukkers a good reason to use the cc.

i mean its not like there is any fun gameplay aspect to the fusion system. you just grind at least 3 times as hard for the same thing and then click a couple of times to then go dunk on some kids.

but im afraid its what some gamers want and targem/gajin are happy to provide.

I don’t disagree, I am that guy.

But if we look at how this kind of player chases a large number of players away from the game, then it would be best to add a PS increase for fused items and piss off the clubbers and make the game better as a whole for everyone.

Until they make a change like this then all bets are off.

If the system lets me make better cars to abuse people then I’m going to do it.

Two years ago I would have never made a post like this, I would have defended fused items till the very end. But we had more people back then. Now all we have is clubbers fighting clubbers and no seals in sight.


If they add this, i will salvage all my upgraded items

It doesn’t need to be a huge PS increase. Fused epics should still have significantly smaller PS than their un-fused legendary equivalents. I’m thinking just a subtle tempering of the current advantages of fusing.

Sounds good to me.

Or, you could just delete these two features entirely, and I’d be fine with that. I never liked either one. But, at this point in game development, your suggestion makes more sense, I think.

To me, Fusion seemed like it ought to bring you the next item on the tree, instead of the exact same model, but with improved stats. I thought that Fusing three Little Boys, ought to result in one Hulk…or at least a CK for the improved Little Boy. As it is, I think Fusion just looks like a swindle to get you to permanently remove currency from the game market by making you grind or pay to remove a nerf they applied around the day they introduced Fusion. They’re sort of doing the same thing with speed, too.

I know that’s what they did because I remember the range on my Vectors being shorter suddenly the day that feature was introduced. I had a routine on the Farm of camping in a particular spot and picking off the Farm-Bots as they came down the hill. That day I could no longer reach them. I was confused, then pissed when I figured it out, because it was my first full set of Vectors and I was pretty excited about it, but they harshed my gig like a street pharmacist slinging duff.

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Fused items, for me, are because i play CW and have to try hard for any advantage. I am NZ player and because of Top Clans match fixing on Australian and Asian servers, they got removed. This means we play at 190 - 350 ping.

I do agree that it should increase PS, but probably something reasonable. If you get 10% Durability, 9% reload and 17% reduced spread, just add up the %%% and thats the new PS. I would be ok with that and anything to stop seal clubbers would be great.


You say it like people won’t just edit their builds back to X999 and be unphased

Let them: that does nothing to the matchmaker anymore, so they’re just fooling themselves

The only mm change was that they don’t get an extra player where the other team has a bot, even I remember that because I brought it up

Ah yes, no one here ever commented on the fact that it is not possible to “un-equip” co-drivers

X999 does nothing, otherwise we wouldn’t be facing opponents 3kPS higher than us when player base is low.
I’m surprised you are still convinced this is a thing, as it is super easy to disprove. Has no effect on matchmaking.

xbox, getting shaky knees with all this fusion nerf business?

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No to this

No seals…isn’t it a good thing?

Side note, I have so much trouble with my PC for near 2 years. It has been in back to work shop 6 times and still they can’t reproduce my daily crashes. I might have pick up a Xbox and start crossout there again. Will i be the only seal then??

wont happen lol

This is one of the few good ideas here. Fused items go with like 5-10% PS increase and co-drivers add like 100-200 flat PS.

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disprove it then…