Suggestion: RAID OVERHAUL (Season suggestion.)

Right now the PvE side of crossout is just required boredom, I get PvP is the main focus but raids need an overhaul. My suggestion have two seasons Dedicated to it, the first season would be focused on the primary factions, and completely overhauled raid mechanics. The second season the secondary factions with an addtion of new ravager and syndicate raiders.

Gameplay overhaul.

This starts with larger maps, that have more branches on them, similar to adventure in away. See games like 40k darktide and world war Z for map flow (not gameplay.) Each map having set areas and high and low points.

Right now the maps are constant streams of weak enemies or painful enemies with no real ups or downs just pulses or nothing or almost nothing. With turrets in the way.

With the maps being expaned objectives could have random locations that they can happen or paths. with this added comes the gameplay changes.

The first of which is random support items, be it an allied vehicle broken down in the dirt, a Turret kit that allows you to deploy a set of 4 corbra turrets anywhere, or even AA systems (Heather turrets) you can turn on to deal with enemy gunships. the map can spawn hazards an allies.

On hazards, they wouldn’t be limited to just mines and turrets, but some times a map may have natural hazards like thunderous weather that strikes a random unit on the map every once and while, a neutral faction that attacks both you and the faction you are fighting (ravagers), or even weapon Radar jammers and weapon jammers which you have to hunt down and disable. (similar to generators.)

AI controller and smart spawns.

An AI controller, like most hoard or mission shooters should be added, this would add randomness to the missions outside of which turrets spawn or how many bruisers spawn.

For example on one mission you may be fighting lunatics who send wave after wave of explosive builds towards you, rarely sending bruisers, while another it might be hunter killer packs and even helis that are sent in. randomness in the enemies and when/where they spawn is key to a good PvE game. knowing exactly where enemies spawn every time leads to boredom and just grinding it to get it over.

Along with this new “mercenary” units can be called in these would spawn about half way through most missions, and would be other player builds. similar to levi players would build these with a slot, though they can not play them. these are a standard build and can accept any heli or ground unit plan.

Mercenary units are always of the same tier as the players and come in packs of 2 or 3 depending on if they are air or land (2 for air, 3 for land.) this would also add to the elements of surprise. Unlike your levi your merc doesn’t get points for damage instead gaining a set amount of copper and scrap per mission it is in (10 scrap 5 copper) with every 100 missions granting you one uranium. (so none CW players have a chance to get it.)

following this would come the faction changes.


Each faction would have the a combination build types, from the list bellow. Different factions function in different ways. combining their vehicles and the randomness of the maps improves the game play in many ways.


fodder is your common builds, they rarely go over 2k PS in strength and generally are limited to 1 or 2 weapons depending on difficulty

Bruiser these are higher HP fodder generally armed with some heavy hitting weapon but still don’t have much HP. easily destroyed.

Fighter these guys are always armed with a mix of weapons, machine guns and melee. Their job is to get up close and personal, they have less HP but more damage.

BOMBER These vehicles are easy to tell do to their glowing red lights and exposed fuel tanks. When they are on the field they will try to ram with one off explosives/melee weapons and detonate kill them before they get close.

Commando: these specialized units aim for the weapons, not all factions use them but the ones that do will use them well.

RARE UNITS (purple)

Support artillery, fuze drone deployers, trombone users, even special units with a cloak and doppler, these guys buff nearby allies, all of them have a unique 4 energy module that increases damage of allies in 100m of them.

APC these guys have a single MG or autocannon, and deploy drones. unlike other builds they move into the map and are stationary, sending their drones at you in waves. generally will move only when players get to far for their drones to attack. (Always drops ammo packs.)

TANK: these never have less then 2k HP, are always armed with high DPH weapons and have explosive weak points watch out. they will try to stay between fodder and you if the faction has fodder units.

Sniper: rarely seen, these units are always cloak equipped, These guys spawn cloaked, and will only tell you where they are when you see a red laser, they are armed with medians or rail guns depending on faction. After they fire their shot they will be uncloaked for 20 seconds then recloak.

Trailer: can spawn being carried by APC or Support builds, will be dropped shortly after said build spawns, trailers generally are filled with genesis modules, have either MGS or trombone guns, and deploy repair drones that rush over to repair other allies and give the ma shield that lasts for a time.

GUNSHIP: only spawns on hard, these copters are armed with dumb rockets or missiles and a forward MG or auto cannon. the combo is generally dumb rockets and MG, or Autocannon and missiles. don’t worry when they spawn there is always some sort of AA nearby you can activate.

Rare units are rare, generally seen at the end of matches and as mid bosses these are all LEVIS but they come in different types.

Commander: Commanders tend to be semi-truck type builds that always spawn with a group of Commando builds. Commander builds focus on deploying drones, air or ground. and spawning allies. with the most common ones being semi’s with a unique rear module that spawns Their factions commando builds, one every 30 seconds so destroy the trailer quick.

COMBAT LEVI: the current final bosses, these guys are just large vehicles with a lot of weapons. traits depend on faction.

TRANSPORT COPTER: you don’t fight these directly, and they are not really a boss, just a hostile seen some times that drops in units via Tow cables. Though rumor is if you shoot one down before it leaves you get a good reward (bonus resources reduced enemy rare units). they also always drop ammo where ever they drop hostiles.

Destoryer: unique to the advanced factions, these builds are designed to focus and kill, example the steppens one has 2 reapers and an avalanche with the avalanche being loaded with airburst shells. These things always have weapons with unique features, like the Firestarters one having a a swarm rocket launcher made out of a heather that constantly fires low damage rockets, or the Dawns having the ability to teleport short distances. WATCH OUT.

With the gameplay overhaul would come a main focus on new parts for the players. with the levels of the battlepass focusing on new parts for the factions it is aimed for. these are all just structure and cosmetic parts but with a twist.

At the end of each section of the battle pass is a “crafting unlock” which allows you to permanently unlock crafting for any weapon/cab/movement/module item that was a temp unlock with season or event. AT the end of each section you gain 2 of these.

Don’t worry this will not be the only way to get them, the other way is to buy them for 1k engineer badges similar to season parts.


info: this token allows the user to gain the schematics of any lost tech from seasons past. Allowing one to craft them as they see fit. Though one must know the faction of which the tech belongs (must be at least level 1 with it, except for season factions.)

Player can choose any plan from a large list of items that can’t be crafted. including things like the Emily, carapace, and other pack only items. With each pack they will have their weapons added to the list 1 month after the pack comes out (similar to their unique parts)

yes it can be traded.

A bonus to the unlocker is a mid season thing where you can use it to unlock ravager parts, like the unique cabs and engines they had in red light greenlight. as well as new functional eye items which are an eye with a module bellow it.

these unlockers would be much better then the one off craft tokens we got earlier, instead allowing a person to unlock a craft forever.


i dare you to post this in reddit and watch it get ripped apart by the whiners and crybabies.
“but this will make missions take longer!”
“we want the raids to be short!”
“but this will separate the already small player base!”
“they wont do it because pve isnt as relevant as pvp!”
“it doesnt make them money so no!”

jesus i can see the tears through the screen right now :rofl:


Generally I avoid posting anything but images on the Reddit there is a reason people avoid Reddit for any serious talk.

I don’t really think it needs to be that complex to be more fun. Also the badges we get already could be used to exchange for workpieces if they really cared to open access to those parts. So there isn’t really a need to create a secondary content lock system for those.

The basic raids I still think should have some semblance to things you would think a person living in the game world would do. Your still going to need some that are fairly mundane too as just to familiarize new players with any objective systems in place too.

The further in difficulty they get from the basics leaves a lot of room for having more intricate objectives or even sub objectives however you need to be able to introduce them slow enough that players can build on what they learn from the previous ones.

Even in some of the past events where they’ve attempted doing more complex raids though players like them for a while or still get bored with them. As they still end up repeating the same type of content over and over again.

One of their best bets would probably be looking at procedurally driven maps where the map situations are very randomized. Its harder to do, requires a lot more testing, and doesn’t always work well with every type of scenario but would work well for some of them. It would also keep up some sense of suspense of the unknown and exploration. It still would end up boring some as even with included randomness it’s still basically doing the same thing over and over again.

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yeah, that was one of the points I tried to get across, it needs randomness. Right now the only thing random are the enemy types and even then they are predictable.

funnily enough i had an idea for a raid but i scrapped it long ago. it wouldve been a “defend your base” type of raid where if the team wiped then it would be game over. i didnt think people would care enough. i cant remember if i posted it on reddit or not but people whined about everything that was new so i just gave up on it. if we dont get new content into the game its just going to die. theres so little to do in here its not even funny. hell i have more fun shooting the bowling pins in my garage to see how far theyd fly with different weapons… thats just sad…

Procedural is kind of a controlled randomness depending on how much change is allowed and how it’s done. The algorithm basically would just run through sets of options and sub-options that are preprogrammed. I think they have some aspects of it in for road hazards and defensive equipment as they don’t always show up on the same raids. Spawn locations I think are already slightly random.

They could do more with just those premade maps though too, like is a bridge or a path open. They could add more hazards too like cliffs could have a chance of spawning avalanches (lost coast). Change if mines are covering a path via a percentage. Change buildings and building types as long as they have a similar foot print that would make it look a little more visually interesting. That foot print issue is something that has to be a bit of a compromise if you want a scripted path to work for like a fuel truck follow a route. Better weather dynamics.

As far as getting that to equate to more fun kind of is hard to say if it would do it or not by itself. The time limit of the raid does in someway limit what can be done though too. Which will make it a little more difficult to make them entertaining.

I suggested garage raids at one point to go with the build your own garage system too however it’s hard not to run into the easy to cheat issue and will people put in the effort to do it part. I thought it might be fun though as you could build out your own roster of raider, bruiser, officer, boss to go with it. I figured it could work along with the faction builds that you get while leveling but you could then go and customize them if you didn’t like the default sets.

More maps.

Jungle map or way different then standard map.
Ravager Themed map.

Off-topic from reply but I want a Ravager Season Pass with lots of weird ravager tech.

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So uh this became the rocker in the latest event… I think they read these.

I think raids need to be removed and replaced with pvp missions. This game doesnt have enough players to fill MM in most modes. Theres no reason for raid resources not to be gained in pvp. Raids are an utterly braindead waste of my time, I cannot bear to do them even if I am listening to an audiobook or music.

Reddit is full of utterly soulless cattle and trolls coordinated on discord servers and a user there posted a screenshot of Kizion organizing raids to troll the XO reddit. You have any sort of novel opinion and you are arguing with the same 4-7 dudes who will stalk your posts and downvote spam. Just use the google forms suggestion feature here on the forums. Forums are generally quite free of trolls and they get routed out quick.

I ran into the same deal on the tarkov reddit, same stupid stuff being mass upvoted while nothing original ends up being popular. Of course loads of passive aggressive ppl who can’t make a point.

Hell no, that is the worst take I have ever heard.

For me the main problem of raids is simple : it’s a drag. The only one that was palatable for me was chase, and it was removed for the exact same reason it was palatable : you could end it quickly. Right now I only play invasions because those have the component I want and that I feel many players want : Non stop action and the ability to shorten the game by being good.

The main problem with raids is that you fight wave after wave of enemies separated by moments of boredom (just waiting for the next wave or moving to the next objective). Enemies are not a menace because they can’t be : you have to mow through more than 10 waves of them. PvP lasts often less than 3 minutes, PvE can last 10 whole minutes.

For me there is a simple solution : Have raids have a single well defined objective and have waves of enemies just be obstacles to achieve it:
-A raid where you race through the gorge attacked by multiple enemies and slowed by doors you have to destroy,
-Chase as it was
-A raid where you want to destroy an oil rig with massive HP. Killing some enemies will drop bombs that will do massive damages to the rig (to be fair, steel cradle is close to that).

Those examples may not be the best and I am sure more fun objectives could be found but the main idea stay : Let us do things and not wait. We want high octane battles, not a waiting game.
And the fact that raids can be “cheesed” does not mean the raid is bad but that the cheese should be patched if too egregious. If a raid can be ended fast with skill it’s ok… so do pvp games.

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Those were the old raids like cargo race. The old raids were better.

Yeah I have no clue why they removed the good raids like chase.

I’d rather see more objectives and different ways to complete them on some of the raids. Most of the ones we currently have only have one defined objective path.

yeah, having random objectives along with the main is fun. I mean I loved the defense objective we had against ravagers one event.

the one wiht random side enemies and collection objectives was much better then the current one.

You probably werent here for the summer 2017 raids. They were 3 minutes long max and their rewards were good. Cargo Race was one of them.

Those were fairly boring though too. The only good thing I remember about them was they were short.