Supercharged 2.0 made wheel builds garbage

Instead of all the anti-hover threads let’s talk about the real issue, Supercharged 2.0 made wheel builds garbage.


Overall I find wheels a bit more challenging to drive, but I also find them more exciting to play. The increased drifting makes it feel like I’m going faster.

I find building wheeled builds a lot trickier now though, and as much as I like fine tuning my handling, I feel like mass balance is having a little too much effect now. Even if you get your balance perfect, losing a heavy piece of armour or a plow throws everything off. Some element of that effect is good, but I think it’s been cranked up a bit too high.

I haven’t experimented enough with wheels since the newest update to have an opinion on the new handbrake changes. Felt like handbrake didn’t have enough stopping power after 2.0, but now it feels like it might have too much. Won’t know for sure until I play a bunch of wheeled builds until my muscle memory relearns braking techniques.

I don’t think wheels have been ruined for me, but I do think they need more tweaking. I do think that my building and driving style meshed better with the post 2.0 changes than many wheeled players. Seems like a lot of meta wheel layouts don’t work well with the new physics, especially ones that had a lot of plows in front.

None of the wheel changes really bugged me but I mostly play small quads. Most of what I noticed that could be called negative effects were on builds with weight distribution issues and larger quantities of wheels.


Which is like 90% of the players in the game. (Not a real fact, but you get what I mean)


Pretty much why I mentioned how many I’m using and not having an issue with. I have one 8 wheeled raid build but it’s on the light side and I didn’t notice any changes with it other then that map glitch I mentioned the other day. Still trying to duplicate the issue.

I do wonder if they changed something with engine power consumption. i.e engine swap outs might fix some issues.

I actually liked the new dynamics and thought it would persuade builds to look more like actual cars in order to perform like one, rather than a lot of the wonky stuff you see out there typically. There’s a reason cars are shaped the way they are, and my hope was that more realism in handling would inspire more realism in builds…but they also added a speed nerf, an acceleration nerf, and now a hand-brake nerf. All that totally screwed my gig, which is almost exclusively made up of wheeled builds.

The Hand-brake nerf is the worst of the bunch, IMO. This is no longer a viable game for cars. It’s about spaceships, Op weapon fashion trends, and heap-craft, IMO, and I don’t care for it. Builds are mostly irrelevant. It’s more about guns and modules, and wallet powered fusion, I think.

The problem I have with the hand-brake nerf is first of all; Why? What dork was complaining about the handbrake trick? Nobody, that’s who…well, one guy accused me of cheating once a few months ago for doing it. I shot him, though, and turned off chat. No problem. I hope he’s buried in the sand with his pacifier and blanky.

The thing is, normal cars have a transmission to improve acceleration. They have this thing called gears, and using the handbrake was the closest thing this game had to that. Without it, it’s like trying start in second gear all of the time…meanwhile hovers just zip about at all power-scores, bouncing off the environment (even at 3K) with their Spielberg-like physics, devoid of any realism at all, while the rest of us stick to the furniture like Velcro…but ya, cripple wheels because…?

It’s probably because one of their many schit-head, juvenile, chat moderators kept getting pwnd and complained to daddy about the handbrake exploit. Nobody I know ever complained about wheels being OP…except that one dork several months ago. Of course, I’ve turned off chat because it’s toxic…well, I’ve uninstalled the entire game at this point, but I’d like to be able to enjoy the game again some day soon. I have no plans to make this a permanent situation…unless the developers do, but I don’t plan on banging my head against the BS matchmaker anymore, and I think that’s a bigger issue in PVP than how wheels perform, personally, but maybe if wheels had better performance I could survive the 20% discount I get in PS every time I enter PVP.

Yeah it sucks, I used to play mostly wheels before the supercharged, but now I rarely play them at all, and usually after an hour or two just switch back to a hover or omnis

No matter what kind of a build or wheels I use, they always feel frustrating in one way or the other and there is not a single match where something frustrating does not happen when using wheels, like not being able to make a turn, turning too much, not being able to brake in time and so on. Feels like almost all precision is gone when it comes to steering wheeled builds. Only viable strategy with wheels seem to be ramming into an enemy and either managing to wedge it or pin it. Trying to outmaneuver builds feels near impossible compared to before, trying to chase hovers but not get hit feels impossible compared to before, everything just feels worse compared to before.

High speed builds without boosters used to be one of my favorite ones, but these days they are beyond wonky to steer or control, to the point that high speed builds these days are small track builds or require boosters just to be able to compensate the wonky behavior of your own build, so rather than is going off in a random direction, you can at last choose when it goes off into a direction by manually sending yourself rocketing in some direction uncontrollably with a booster.

You drive slow, you can’t turn good because changes. You drive fast, you can’t turn good either because loss of traction and wonky car physics. You drive medium speed, you still can’t move around and it feels like you’re constantly nerfed by the game. Especially to a player who played the game before the supercharged update. it just feels like you’re left with a lesser product rather than an upgrade.

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the only thing they did was reduce the speed when using handbrake,so you can’t launch yourself from a standstill when you hit that brake at 120 then release it and go 120…
it’s not a drag race with a transbrake. that’s different…but i wouldn’t mind a transbrake :rofl:

I don’t think that’s accurate.

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it is…
what i’m saying is they stopped players from holding W and handbrake at 120,then releasing it and going the same speed when from when they stopped,is why they couldn’t fix it right the first time with the front wheels that kept you dragging along.


And neither is that, but I like to exaggerate often to make my points too, so I’ll ask then, Why not? Hovers and tracks do.

My understanding is that this nerf happened not because of the handling characteristics , but because of perks that were being mis-applied, as the game wrongfully was assuming the vehicle was still in motion, charging perks.

small tracks go to 0 and not stay at 90 with the handbrake engaged ,i dont use hovers so i cant test it…
i’m not sure now what u meant about handbrake nerf…
but i do know is we use to hold it down at what ever speed we did and it would stay the same speed until we let it go so we didn’t have to start at 0…it was fun then,but i guess players complained about it…

There’s no handbrake on hovers you kind of just use your movement keys in the opposite direction the approximate stopping.

The handbrake trick use to just reduce your speed by around 30% when you held it with W and then let go of the brake.

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oh i didn’t hear that,i know there was something about running into a wall and keep driving it did that,but i never heard the handbrake did…maybe when your front wheels kept turning after the first nerf is when that happen…that would make more sense…

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I guess they did. Bummer for me.
If they are going to do that, they need to fix the sticky walls and improve acceleration, and that would help. Starting in second sucks, IMO, and cars can and do launch themselves from zero here IRL, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t in this world. 120kph, isn’t really that fast anyway, and that’s an optimized example, I think. 120kph is a lot more of a challenge to reach with this speed nerf in place, and it’s not uncommon for few people in PVP to utilize that exploit. They’re more like “launching” themselves into 20mph than 60.

What I miss the most about the way the handbrake was is the ability to drag me arse (drop it in low) and take more precise shots…I guess I relied on this exploit a lot, and now that it’s over, I don’t know what to do.

Wheels suck now, and the one speed transmission is not how anybody drives, especially if they like to drive. Launching yourself off of zero is the best part of the ICE, I think. I’m more into motorcycles, in fact, because I’m a junkie for that…and that’s why I play this game. It used to provide the same sensation. Now it’s like swimming in quicksand. I find the endless stalling and then creeping back to 40 Mph, and sticky furniture, very frustrating. I’m used to doing 40MPH at the flick of a wrist IRL, and this game was my fix for winters, and now because I’m just old and broken and it caught up to me…I need a lighter bike. 725lbs is too much in parking lots these days.

I’d like them to re-visit the exploit, but fix it so the rear wheels spin-out, instead of the weird front-wheel drive dirt throwing thing they had. That’s what I’d like. That would improve my game a lot.

Of all the things to nerf, this “feature” was a ridiculous choice, IMO, and almost deletes wheels from the game (they deleted myass, anyway). Even I was trying to use Small-Tracks.

EDIT: They would also necessarily need to devise a different fix for the perk charging exploit. The handling exploit of the feature itself should be regarded as a “clutch” feature, rather than a “hand-brake” feature, I think, as that is more in line with how I was exploiting it.

this can’t be done…it’s either the way it was, or the way it is now,there is no in-between.they tried and failed and gave up…
i don’t blame them it’s hard to do.but i don’t mind the way it is now,i did like it better when i could hold my brake and launch at 120 along time ago,i did hate when the nerf came and left me holding my brake and draggin my arse around and couldn’t stop to save my life…
so i think it’s the better of both worlds…sorta …

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I’ve always hated “perks.” The system is just trouble, I think, but they have it monetized, so…a man’s gotta eat, I guess. It could worse…like Crosscrowns, but that’s a different thread. Whatever.

I would like a variable transmission or the illusion of one at least. I’m not into the perks and would build things that didn’t have them if given a choice…also a different thread.

On topic: Buff wheels. The Acceleration is the worst part, and I think a wider audience would agree with that than just I…or nerf hovers, but that’s a different thread too.

For me it has been a perfect storm of nerfs, and to wheels in particular, with the cab-speed, suspension handling (which I actually like), and hand-brake re-work…not to mention the engine re-work, turret rotation speed reduction, and a bunch of other off-topic stuff (like WTF is up with the market?). It’s been mostly “game over” for me.

I need more better wheels…or Engines? They could change a lot of different things to improve this situation. They changed a lot of things to get us into this mess, I suppose.

I’m with you: I mostly played quad builds before, and they’re still good. Six and eight wheel builds can get a bit wonky, but seems like you can fix most of that by going wider.

But a lot of classic builds don’t work so well anymore, and the people that downloaded those builds are definitely suffering.

Maybe this is a good time to introduce a new no-point-draw Engine for the Engineers who oddly don’t have one on their bench that might help with the issues of Wheels.

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