Terrible players and better strategy

I’m one of the first to admit I’m only an average player, but I’ve notices a lot of terrible lately in game.
This thread is to bitch… err I mean give players a thread to help identify what people are doing wrong.

Built a Kapkan ride. lay down a gnarly line of kapkans.

The other 5 players immediately drive past the Kaps to their deaths one by one. Not one drives back to a Kapkan.

This happens 7 games in a row. Different players.

Is it lack of experience or do people really not understand baiting the trap?


That’s way too much for randoms to understand. There’s no chance they will understand this just without direct communication.

Unless enemies are in the kapkan they will never notice such a strategy and even when they’re kapkanned I wouldn’t rely on them even noticing.

The only way randoms can be helful is just using them as bait, use your own radar to see where they are and where the enemy is and use that to your advantage, anything else is just bonus.

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If you didn’t tell them that’s on you.
If you didn’t lay them well that’s that’s on you too.
If you expect randoms to blindly follow you also on you.

It could be that your just a poor master baiter… lol


I expect people at 15k+ to know what’s going on and have a bit of map awareness. I am much more understanding of people playing 8k.

With how they are handing out legendaries now, you just can’t do that anymore. You use to but not anymore.


You have more faith than I do

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They need more tutorial lessons for the new players to go with the higher tier equipment and tactics. This is something that the vet players will have to come up with for that video help section. This is stuff they asked for an I don’t think many vet players tried to explain any of it to them.

Take a look at it there’s a question mark symbol on the upper left side near the clans and friends buttons.

Getting new players to look at it that’s another issue too.

I think the issue is that the players are almost split. There are players who are naturally intuitive towards mechanics and strategy and there are those who aren’t.

Many vet players are still in the latter category but still play the game nearly 24/7. I want to say most players are like this and wouldn’t learn things even if they played for months or years and that’s really the issue and it;s not something you can remedy… The game is free and most of those who play it are objectivly bad at critical thinking.

Trying to teach these people is pointless, those who are capable will learn over time while already having a basic level of general critical thinking, strategy etc…

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Pretty much true though I’d still try to figure out ways to show them how to do some of the stuff. It might not cover all of it but it’s still some.

When they first released the Kapkan they at least showed us a video teaser of it’s use. Players are coming into the game now without even that basic knowledge to go by. You should be able to go to a part and much like you can go to a parameters page to see stats, see usage cases for tactics or similar info.

Not everyone’s going to bother with it but the ones that do will have an easier time in the game.

There will always be stupid people, it’s how the world works, the smart dupe the stupid.
But keep in mind there are also young kids playing the game, and kids aren’t known for their strategical thinking :wink:


Kids csan be decent at problem solving if they’re raised with the right tools and content


I think the mixture of skill levels helps with the realism. You have to assume a good chunk of survivors in the wasteland aren’t going to be combat geniuses.
Plus, having enough low skill players in the mix helps everyone get enough kills that they can feel competent (even the lowest skilled players).


this is an issue of crossout matchmaking, they either have to balance it out (for which there might not be enough players) both in terms of skill and PS, or they can leave out the skill based matchmaking and youre gonna end up with games where you either obliterate the enemy team quicker than you even realize, or you get rolled immediately.
And somehow having competent teams is rarer than the opposite


Ngl, i 100% always lead the charge in PvP, meeting the enemy at midfield or their side of the map if they are slow to push forward. I never look left or right to analyze my teammates unless i see threats on the other team. If its the killer squad, ill see what ive got to work with on my team and riff off their play. 90% of the time, i drive over there, systematically strip 2 or 3 or 6 people and get the W without much thought.

To the point, maybe, MAYBE 1 out of 40 games would i notice your kapkan car and play behind you. That 1 out of 40 would be me losing to a squad 3 games in a row and deciding to put a stop to it with the teammates and tools i have at hand. The other 39 times we’re just steamrolling and letting the mad skillz do what they do.

I think you hit on something there: the most likely reason for heavily unbalanced matches is that they don’t actually have any skill-based matchmaking going on.
Experience is probably the biggest performance factor, and Crossout has a mix of people who have played heavily for years and people who just started a few months ago. If they aren’t split up evenly, experience is going to win every time.

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Yeah 100%, there’s no casual/competetive MMR/SR system in place. It’s like playing older pvp games where the good are free to shit on the bad. But to be honest if there was SBMM I feel as if I’d just be facing the same 3-4 squads and queue times would go through the damn roof


I like random matchmaking in pub lobbies for shooters. You never know what youre gonna get. And if youre the kind of player who can lift a team, it makes it extra fun when you look back and realize you stripped 4 people and needed every bit to win by the skin of your teeth.

If it was MMR, not only would you take forever to play a match, but youd get stuffy tryhard gameplay. Like its PvP, i wanna brawl til im dead. Ive no patience to see 12 people hiding behind cover 100 meters from midmap, praying a lonewolf drives over for easy pickings.

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i think a lot could be achieved by just trimmimg the margins of what difference in skill or level and PS is possible, and of course getting less bots which are practically just punching bags for each team, and arent even balanced out even though theyre placed in by the game itself

All of that depends on having a bigger playerbase. If there are enough players online, the PS gap in matches gets smaller, and there are less bots.
I don’t think there is any skill based balancing, so that can still be an issue, but with a big enough pool it won’t be as apparent.

Hmmm…Sounds familiar to me over here in PC land. In fact some us, like me, have been complaining about that atmosphere for at least a couple years.