That Annoying Werewolf Drone

If you ask me, it should be on a timer with an expiration date.
Ive seen those tiny drones kill half my team and win the game because nobody had a hitscan weapon and they are just so hard to hit.

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I think it needs it’s spawn invincibility removed but that’s all.

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You are joking, right?

Tell me, why you ( and other people) don’t complain about other weapons but drones?

If you get killed by SGs, MGs, whatever is because you don’t shoot the. weapons, what makes drones a different case?
Is people’s fault if they get killed by drones, it means they tunnel vision the centre of mass instead of the real threat, just like any other weapon.

Drones, any drone, they are so easy to kill and only takes a second or two , literally.
they are not sledge hammers or maces, tiny things hard to hit, they are clumsy, dumb things with a smaller survivability than a gasgen.


yeah, right.

Better still, why don’t devs just end drones

It looks like you mistook players using drones with a player steering a 400 hp shotgun werewolf drone that strips most weapons with one shot when he gets close Babuskae.

Like i said before, it is not easy when you are using heavy non hitscan weapons.

I agree, just remove all drones, they add nothing to the game but annoyance.

They’re talking about the Werewolf drone, that thing actually has 400 HP and a second or 2 of invincibility on spawn.

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Run it over! Sounds fun for the cat and for the mouse. An 18k Typhoon hover probably just has to cry itself to sleep at night. Its not OP and finally brings the thing to relevance in PvP. Leave the little guy alone!


The new werewolf drone was a great change! Actually made the cabin perk relevant.
You really need to be close to do any damage with the gun, which means that enemies can easily kill you by ramming you. If your team is getting finished off by a werewolf drone, either that player is really good, or your team was really bad.


can it cap the base?
say if you are crippled/can’t move far and your enemy can’t either but has guns that can kill your drone.
can you sd and cap base with your ww to see that video.

and maybe every cab epic + could have a drone. :rofl:

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Yes you can cap with the drone. It is a fun way to win, because it will make your enemies very mad.


It’s fun as hell in bedlam, and pretty great in missions

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My policy in bedlam is to shoot all unlabeled drones, friend or foe alike…which I think is fair to all.

My bad, steppenwolfs, werewolfs, it’s all the same.

I never saw a werewolf drone doing good but a bot once, the majority just blow up soon after the main build doing nothing of consequence
Once my sidekicks killed one of those 400 hp drones and it was fast.

It’s not the first time i see this word to describe drones, perhaps it’s a sign that they need to be buffed, i always try to be more than an annoyance, but often they are the weakest link of my builds.

Yes, it is if i see a cannon build i go after, if it’s human it’s a game of chance, maybe will go for the build and not for the drones, sometimes the guy goes for the drones, if so, it’s better to find another target. A bot goes always for the drones ( it’s a bad target).


In my defence it was late and i took one name by the other.

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The devs need to undo their mistake, and just revert the shotgun drone to an exploding drone.

No, the shotgun drone has finally made this cabin semi-relevant.
It’s a good thing.

I think its more than semi relevant, and more like OP relevant.
I just watched my whole team get slaughtered again by a machinegun werewolf hover, killing 4 guys while alive, and then killing 4 guys as a tiny drone too hard to hit.

Sounds like a


That drone has a mere 400 hp, and it’s not like it’s a breaker or anything. It’s a single cannon-style epic shotgun.

Let me guess…

They were cannon players who are bad with cannons?

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Ya, the Werewolf drone is an actual threat. So what. Good for the Werewolf, I say, and if you can kill a whole team with that clumsy little drone, good for you. I’m genuinely impressed. I’ve tried it. That viscous little drone is a bit hard to steer, and takes some practice.

I just run the thing over, or get out of it’s way. Often I don’t even have guns, as I am running a drone boat myself, so I can’t shoot it…but I do have a forward gear that can generally out run, or run over, that little guy. It usually works. Not always, but whatever.

The wasteland has far bigger wonk and worry to fret over than the Werewolf finally being invited to the party and bringing the autistic biting dwarf, IMO.

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They will probably give that drone a cloaking generator and tempuras in future updates

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Sounds like that player deserved every point they got


Sure go play machine gun hover, the most well known meta build, and couple that with a second life as a tiny fafnir drone that everybody misses 95% of the time.

I commend your support for the seal clubbers of this game.
But do you really get satisfaction knowing you are playing meta build?