The absolute Poor State of balance in this game

Like how do I start this…

How on earth has it come to this…

So let’s start off… What the genuine hell have these rushed, broken updates been…

None of them… and I mean NONE of them have paid any attention to what the community wants or needs…

Mini Battlepasses are a joke and failed attempt for cash grab… the main Battlepasses present nothing but broken modules/weapons that then shut any players out of progression when joining after them…

And don’t get it started with the genuine balance of this… who’s idea was 95 hovers… it was even said to be a “toxic” movement part and the idea they took from it was BUFF IT… WTF… So while we get some terrible battlepass containing boring machine guns we got a hover bs problem that is left for months… even years now…

Like can the devs genuine stop messing around before they really need to pull the plug on this game because these updates in the last couple of months are some of the genuine worse updates I seen ever…

Don’t get it started with the social media side then doing contests that of the 15 prizes, 3 only were won… just who is running these to think that engages the community…


I don’t want to sign up for facebook or twitter or any other third party data harvester if i can help it.


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I never understood the absolute stupid battlepass system which goes “weren’t around for X battlepass? HAHA good luck!”

Like we had events like knight riders where we had early access content (IE cyclone, Aspect, Helios, etc) able to be crafted at more expensive costs to then disappear BUT after the next Knight Riders (IE 6 months) it returned as normal crafting. Like this was superb as a concept because if they did make a weapon too good (IE to sell/make people craft it). It worked amazingly. But these BPs are just the biggest pile of trash the devs can even come up with…

Like in other games, yes there might be some unique item/skin related to that season and things like the the structural parts + CKs makes sense to be put in and things like these given weapons/cabins/modules/movement parts are great to encourage sales in this game, BUT when you then go HEYO you aren’t allowed to craft, not allowed to build outside of this event… now that is just rubbish and terrible designing… especially to an audience who to many players they just want to build some fancy car

Like how can a new player come to this game, see the state of poor balance/content locked away and go “Yes i want to play this game”… like no they look at it for one second, see all this content behind paywalls, see how long it takes to grind anything and go “F*ck this… i am out”


That bothers me too but I normally say it as restricting item blue prints makes little sense.

Like I get the system of making people who were there have rewards. The problem is if you aren’t then you are just stuffed. Like take the omamori which basically has been the biggest cock up the devs could do… so everyone who were around for it got given one, anyone who wasn’t… well the 9k coins said it all…

You can say yes it’s craftable now, but the damage is done… like I get some unique things like giving some special thing for the weapon like a fusion or something, but a player who wants something should be able to get it IF they weren’t around at it’s release.

It just goes against the crafting aspect of the game to me. They’re using the BP like DLC’s but they aren’t available post season which screws everything else up in the long run for players.


walks away from the cry thread


Like again, Battlepasses in general in any game was a big mistake and developers/publishers know this bring in the big bucks for their game.

It’s just for whatever reason these devs decided to push it to making general core gameplay impossible without it… just such a massive cock up after cock up…

I hate myself for still playing but can’t stop… ffs

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The passes themselves don’t bother me it’s just the limited crafting that does. Events are generally good for the game. Restricting blueprints from one then using them in another pass is the portion especially to craft that really messes things up. If they used it to just build the core of the game rather then using it as an IV drip it could be a healthy process.


I agree a lot with this post lol! Instead on pumping out more battle passes and more broken weapons… maybe fix the crappy servers? and bugs in the game And FFS remove alot of the invisible walls in the maps!


I dislike the direction that Battlepasses have been going. I dislike the expiration date for blueprints for BP. They used to be unlimited crafting after you unlocked the blueprint for a part. It seems like it will get worse before it gets better.
The battlepasses seem to appeal to FOMO to get the most money.

I wish BP could be bought and completed at any time without any expiring blueprints. This game is slow and frustrating enough. Why not reward players with nice equipment rather than punish them for being new to the game?

I’m split about the balance. The vast freedom of building and the mountain of parts makes this game difficult to balance. This game would need a lot of testing and staffing to properly balance. However, some of these META builds are unbearable at times and have been allowed to run rampant for far too long.

Simple buffs and nerfs won’t fix all of the problems. Metas users will either adapt their builds or use a different meta. There needs to be a new mechanic in place that encourages some weapons on some movement parts while discouraging it on others. Restrictions allow for more creativity.

Finally, this game uses the long grind and frustration to sell you happiness. For example: “not getting resources fast enough? Buy a premium to get coins and other resources at a faster rate. Tired of getting destroyed by other players? Buy the new pack with an OP part to destroy your opponents!”


The first battlepass was not good either tbh. Like I got mates who do still play but didn’t start until AFTER founders BP number 1. They cannot craft anything like bigrams, assembler, annihilator, etc all because they never got the recipe for them. Likewise same thing for Syndicate pieces. Like you got to give incentive to get the BPs but wtf logic is cutting off the new players into content.

If it was just cosmetics/special versions of the items (fused not for god tier fusions but good enough), then this is fine to make people get them for good gear/starting gear. Speaking from someone who owns the gear already, no one can even compete against the people with the BP gear. Particularly with this like omamori… These are core gameplay mechanics and these lock out the f2p user completely… even worse with people just trying to enjoy content. As I mentioned before, we had knight riders events that did the concept of “early access” without screwing over gameplay, it brought unique weapons (obviously a bit more powerful then they maybe should be to drive crafting) but when the event went, we got the ability to craft them normally 6 months later.

I just hate this direction of cutting out the new player, then even worse the players who are new to the game then don’t think that this is indeed a scam but just throw money into a pack. It’s damage of the dev screwing the game over, and the community feeding these stupid decisions…

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the game was designed to be a p2w cashcow from the very beginning. it attracts and retains mostly people who want p2w. many think they dont want p2w and delude themselves by claiming crossout was only pay to advance quicker, inherently impossible to balance, blablabla. they crave that little edge. just chilling on the couch after a rough day at work and dunking on some kids for 10 bucks.

any f2p who tries to compete in cw understands pretty quickly the game is p2w if they account for their insanse grinding. always has been too and it got much worse lately.

p2w requires an unbalanced game. think about for a second.


try to square this reasoning on balancing…

… with this acknowledgment of the realities on the ground.

i cant. pardon my french, but imo its criminally naive to reason like this. and youve been around for years, i remember playing cw against you in the double harvester times. and you guys werent among the top dogs either, maybe 150ish, so i know you got a good slapping around here and there too by p2w stuff.

Pay 2 Win does indeed encourage advantage to the user but makes it enough to annoy but not enough to kill of playing. What this is, is pushing it way beyond the limits and making players just drop it and look elsewhere

While yes I do agree it’s design was to be as you say a “Cash cow”, it’s pushing only has led to a big middle finger from the community.

Î just can’t understand this claim

The absolute poor state of balance in this game

I just can’t get my head around it.
At first i laughed, then i found it cute people complaining about balance in crossout.

I’m not a survivor, i’m more a refugee from another game completely broken and unbalanced riddled with aggressive monetization politics deeply rotted where the player base are nothing more than cash cows to them.

Yes this game has problems, but, come on, i’m certainly not the only one coming from such background.
This phrase…

The absolute poor state of balance in this game

Gives me PTSD but not triggered by Crossout or Hovers but prior to this game…


So long as I can be successful with a quad sledgehammer build with no secret BP parts… And so successful I rarely get into a match where in not one of the weakest two players… I call BS on the whole “the game is unbalanced” complaint.

Players can start crafting everything on my build very quickly after starting to play. The blue machine guns are just as effective.

What folks are complaining about, as always, is that their favorite parts aren’t competitive at top tier play.

If you don’t have or like those parts, don’t play where those parts are needed.

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Players are unbalanced.


Yes we are.


This is why I don’t worry about “balance,” OP parts, broken parts, the grind… whatever…

Quad sledgehammer build. I’m lightest in the match. I get 2nd place.
I’m far from being the best player, and anyone who has played with me can attest to that. :laughing:

The other guy I highlighted had the new 4 energy generator - the Thor. He’s the highest PS player in the match.

That means he’s not only paid for the battlepass, he’s paid a ton of money to get to level 68 already. He’s a whale… and he sucks. He sat in the corner with a drake/heather build and nerfed the team with his sorry pathetic performance. We won, but with little help from him. He - no doubt- has access to just about everything, but sucks as a player.

Meanwhile, I’m taking out 15k builds with blue shotguns.


Quitcherybitchin & play. :man_shrugging: :upside_down_face: :wink:


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