The Acari

so i was just using this in raids and in patrol vs ai. WOW…
i gotta say first, i was using this in medium raids and it makes enemies ALOT squishier then they normally would be. in patrol vs ai at 10k+ powerscore it really weakens them fast. i noticed the enemies were dying alot faster then normal.

but the question is… is it better then an aurora?
well… i dont know. the aurora is nice to have, it heats up parts and softens up enemies… but the Acari weakens EVERYTHING on them. but there is the downside of the reload and ammo. but does that matter? imo… no not really…
the aurora might be better in that it heats parts, but the Acari drains the entire builds health by a % and softens them up alot. the downside to the bolt is its hard to see and hard to see where you shoot, but when it hits it drains the opponents health FAST. i noticed in the raids when i hit a purple enemy with it holy crap they die so much faster then a normal red enemy. even the boss takes a huge chunk of damage.
i substituted my aurora for my Acari and tested it out in a raid and man scavengers just fall to pieces. i also want to try it with steppenwolfs. but yeah the damage it does makes a pretty big difference. just hit it in the cabin or some place where it wont get shot off easily and watch their health drain away.

but as for which is better, Aurora or Acari, i believe thats up to you all to decide.

Acari has a long reload time and the aurora overheats. Acari uses ammo Aurora does not.

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For this type of weapon, people use incinerators in pve

incinerators are a good alternative to. but this weapon uses less energy as well.

One of the problems I have with this gun is the bolts can be shot off. So if you pair it with something that does damage it just removes the bolt.

So if you want to run MGs or something like that it might just be better to run Aurora?

I haven’t tested them much, but I think that’s how it works.

Trying to find those optimized paired weapons.

not… exactly.
if you shoot a solid part like the cabin itll stick and not be shot off by your weapons. however if you shoot a part like the wheel and you shoot the wheel off then yeah itll stop doing damage.
the issue i have with this is that you cannot see where your shooting it and sometimes itll miss despite being aimed at a target. you NEED to have this fused for reload speed, that or run the flywheel with it or some type of reloading perk on a cabin. im thinking the echo might be good for it, omnibox for the ability of decreased reload speed, icebox might be good for the extra 15% damage boost, hadron might be good for a build depending what you have on it.

it works like the phoenix, if you shoot the part its attached to and it falls off itll stop doing damage and fall off with it. but if you hit a solid part like the cabin then itll stay on for the full duration.
this works quite well in raids on the bosses. i noticed parts falling off alot quicker the more i hit them with the Acari. we killed the dawns children boss really fast and i degunned it faster with the Acari then i do with the Aurora.

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Porcs and hadron speed it up a lot. (And of course things like king mine and so on)

But I think porcs might be a better combo to lay down a mine field in front of you to fight behind, you do massive damage to anything that comes close and can also heat people up.

The king mine does not seem to help the play style as much because if someone hits it they are already on you.

Also the porcs hit the lower part of the build a lot of the time so if you aimed high you might not hit your bolt off

I don’t know yet :slight_smile: but I’m going to try one of those on legs.

i WAS going to try this because in combination with the ice box cabin this would be a brutal combo.
15% damage boost to porcs and an additional 15% damage to the ability of the Acari… YEESH! imagine that on a boss!
but theres also the point of turning to. wheels wont do it, youll need something like Omnis or Atoms in order to get the full potential out of them.
3 porcs, 1 Acari, flywheel, ice box on Omnis, Atoms, meat grinders or tracks and man thats a deadly combo.


Just made a build exactly like that today and made a killing with it. Icebox, 1 acari, 2 porcs, 1 trombone, 1 kapkan and it was like playing on easy mode. Played invasion with it as well and I had nothing to worry about., the levis just melted in no time. Arbiter ktm and a firedog came in for the flank in one matches I played and they were insta killed, so satisfying. I don’t know how the acari is not a relic and only a epic for what it does, game will never be balanced but I like the weapon but I can see it getting nerfed or maybe not who knows.

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Incinerator already exists in the game, it’s epic, but no one is worried about its balance

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Back when the incinerator use to be worthless, then devs did opposite and buffed it to relic levels. My levi use to have a 95% win rate until they buffed incinerator. Who ever posted that video I hope they nevertake it down. Most comical thing ever, cracks me up every time seeing my levi giving people hell.


i was like “wtf” then i started laughing at it, it only made me laugh more and more as it went up into the air LMAO omg thats to damn funny!! :rofl: :rofl:

well fire in crossout is broken and deals absurd amounts of damage. but incinerators get a pass from me because they arent flamethrowers. plus i like melting people with them :smiley:

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That video is hard not to find funny lol. There were all kinds of weird bugs back in the day so at least the devs managed to step up their game at keeping most of the bugs at bay. Yea your prob not gonna find any more epic funny bugs like that no more, at least not on the scale that you seen in the video.

Acari Power!!!. Yea acari most definitely needs nerfing especially for invasion, I am gonna enjoy it while I still can before the nerf hammer comes. I submitted these clips to the crossout show too, thought it was funny.

that first one… what the hell happened? howd he die so fast? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I dunno, after reviewing the footage some more I am starting to think it was someone with dud levi, probably had a pile of fuel barrels or something attached. If it wasn’t that than I got lucky and hit the generator/ammo packs dead on with a fluke shot but it was first time I ever seen anything like it.
Edit: Something else I noticed was that exactly right before the shot hit my hertz charge just kicked in which also does extra energy damage to modules so it must of been enough to blow up the generator and ammo packs for a one shot knock out blow to the levi.

Acari on its own seems kind of crappy. It migjt be good paired with some weapons though.

Two Acari can work, but only if you treat the build like full on kapkans or trombones build, 100% support
But a single shot at an enemy to considerably weaken it, you could theoretically weaken a whole enemy team by just playing hide and seek and hope that your teammates can take advantage of it

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Pair it with triple porcs on a hadron cabin.


That would float me at like 14.7kps. An interesting aproach to be sure. I still dont think its worth my time to tinker with though. It just feels like such a boring derpderp weapon to me.

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It is a pretty odd weapon, but I’m glad it is something different and not another “heat” perk

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