The actual number of active players (is smol)

Does anyone happen to know it? On any platform. I’m sus it’s dwindling rapidly on some platforms at the least.

That thought appeared after I’ve checked Steam global achievements to see and compare things. Let me tell you something: an achievement called Craftsman II was obtained by LESS THAT 10% OF ALL PLAYERS. Craftsman II is the thing you get after crafting 5 rare parts. Five. Rare. Parts. One Growl and four wheels.

I don’t need to explain how little this is for diving into the real XO action. It’s less than one small step. We can argue that some whales just buy stuff and pay to get rekt by hard grinders and it looks like true. But do they play frequently? Highly unlikely.

And here’s why: check another achievement called “Complete 60 daily challenges”. Even if you fight patrol on some kind of missile launcher or drone, you’ll automatically complete 2 per day, which gives us 30 days. Only 7.0% of all Steam players did that.

The list can go one and on, with the most significant achievement It’s Alive! Alive! III ( Assemble a vehicle with a power score of 8000 or higher). Only 6.0% of all players did that.

Why would I pick Steam? Because Gaijin is a Russian company, which advertises primarily via russian stuff. I’m not even sure it advertises anywhere in EU or US or even Asia. How many people even know what Crossout is?

And most of all, the PvP-addicts, the “salt of the grind”… mostly they are clanpeople. How many clans are left? How many of them are full and active? With the score higher than 0, that’s what I mean.

495 clans and not all of them are 20/20. Let’s give an average 18 players each. 8910 players. Less than 10k. Freaking Virtual Casino on Twitch has more views ATM than XO’s clanpeople regulars over current season.

And this is sad.


Ok… But it’s a free to play game. Which means a lot of people will play it for a hot minute and then never play it again. Free to play games all have ratios like what you’ve presented. The amount that played and dropped a ftp game will outnumber the number that keeps on playing.

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100% this

From day 1 the % of completed achievements has been low, this is nothing new.

Now, I’m not saying we don’t have less players now, but looking at those numbers does not really say anything.

There’s plenty of people that use the standalone client too.


I’d love to see the numbers.

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I doubt we’ll ever get them. lol

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That’s not a hopeful meaning. If the numbers are great, people love to flex them around. As an example, C*ckstar with their gazillion dollars income from the last GTA game.

But if the numbers are close to insignificant… hence the name of the topic.

They just built a new cod river system with animated codrivers. If they are spending that kind of money on design then they are not hurting for cash.

Crossplay is also coming soon, populations on all platforms will increase.

Everything I read hinted at crossplatform FOR CONSOLES.
I doubt full crossplatform is a good idea if Targem doesn’t want their console population to gtfo of here after 10 pvp games, just like in WT.


This town can’t be bigger than Mayberry. I see the same names too frequently for there to be much of a population here, which blows my mind considering the global scope and reach of this game.

The Steam charts say War Thunder has twenty times as many players. I think this game could do a lot better.

Those charts also say Star Conflict has about 150 players. That is amazingly bad. IDK how that game is even still online if it’s that bad. They should dump it and devote the resources towards this one. “Star Conflict” is a ridiculous title too, IMO.

This next update is the first one in a long time that has focused on improving any feature of this game, I think. This would be a good trend, IMO. Maybe next they can work on crafting, and rework the faction benches. It’s not a fun feature, and Adventure Mode is unreasonably dull too. Faction builds suck as well. I’d love it if they’d stop dumping new soon-nerfed-and-useless weapons on us, and focus on improving the actual game more, like they are trying with this update…I’m not convinced they didn’t drop the ball on this one, but we’ll see soon.

I do applaud the considerable effort this update appears to be, though. It looks sharp, and I hope it works out, but I doubt it will bring more players to the table or help keep the ones they have. This update comes out of the left field, IMO. I was not looking at this game and thinking, “Those darn co-drivers!” IDK where they got the idea to hit this particular part of the game with a massive overhaul. I could have cared less…but now maybe I’ll care more? IDK. It doesn’t look like a lot of bang for their buck, frankly.

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Nah I want full crossplay, that would be the best situation, this isn’t a twitch shooter or hyper comp fps, let us have the choice to turn OFF crossplay with PC and stick to console only but i’d like the bigger pool of players personally.

I’m so sick of 6v6, all you get is 4 squads of tryhards and 2 bots vs your complete noobs, its so unbalanced and just straight up not fun, i’ve never quit so many battles at the start of pvp before because I don’t like wasting time

also lol we can say noob now on the forum, kek i feel like a child swearing


Other full cross-platform games are very popular.

Every person I have talked to on Xbox hopes that they also add PC.

It seems to me like PC guys are the only one stressing if console is added to PC.

We have a lot of assuming on both sides, the real answer is “No one knows what platforms will be merged, if any, this dev team lies a lot.”

Yeah, like me, I downloaded this game directly from the website and not from steam

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Yeah, Crossout always had a huge problem of retaining new players. At this point it’s probably a huge part of their business model - lure a new player to buy a small pack or two and then count on them leaving soon, only to be replaced by another. But now the veteran population is greatly diminishing as well, leading to lower and lower active player numbers.

I’m a veteran who has played since CBT, so throughout the years, I had time to slowly accumulate most of the items I wanted and often as they came out. I can’t imagine recommending this game to anyone to start playing, as the grind is too harsh for most people. They should massively shorten the time to get to the “epic to legendary” plateau of player progression - let players get all those items much faster and perhaps provide a set of challenges where players can complete various task to get packages of untradeable equipment with progression in rarity until they get a decent amount of epic and lower items to fill their inventory. I don’t care what it does to the market or my inventory value, I’d rather play a game with an active playerbase than prance about how many coins I have to the other ten players still playing the game. And I don’t care how much time I had to spend getting all those items way back then either.

And if they do that, the Season Pass system will still provide enough FOMO to keep a lot of the players still.

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I remember when the game came to xbox, in the first week I managed to get to level 24 engineers and factions to levels 10 10 and 9, there was an update that increased the needed xp to level up by 10 times…

literally just made the grind 10x longer… I had friends just straight up stop playing due to being so behind, I couldn’t imagine spending 10 weeks levelling up just to be where I was in the first week of playing the game, the grind is wild


Imagine showing new players that you could get to level 10 in 1 day and level 30 in just over 20…


I wonder how long it takes now…

Yeah I guess it has been soooooo long since I started that I can’t even imagine what it is like now. I don’t remember engineer 30 taking to long.

well they increased XP needed by 10x so if it took me 22 days it would take someone now roughly 2/3 of a year if they played about the same amount, i got to level 24 before the change, so maybe 150 days or so, that’s still a lot, and I played a lot too

Yeah, then I think you need to get to like Prestige 30 or 50 before you unlock all of the factions armor without buying packs. (Can’t remember which one it is)

yeah man not to mention the regular factions as well just to be able to get parts or craft anything really

Like if you want to actually craft you need level sin all factions to make the parts from all factions, because factions use other faction items within their own craftable items lmao its a bit of a cruel joke really

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