The bot problem is really starting to ruin any pvp experience

I know I keep making topics on this but I don’t want to spam Reddit too much. It seems almost every match I play is just ruined by the presence of bots and how they just destroy any resemblance of pvp.

I die to bots more than players nowadays. I quit matches if a bot removes a piece of hardware before I’ve been able to fight players. I’m just sick of bots literally carrying matches that are meant to be pvp.

Having to deal with bots more than players is stupid and if it were in any other game there would be absolute outrage. Bots with perfect aimbot, sometimes comprising of half the match? You can’t call that pvp ffs.

Any team with long range projectile bots will just win games unless they’re absolutely inept. If you have bots that run in and die right away then you almost need to accept a loss because the rest of your match is going to revolve around dodging bots and evading their line of fire at all times.

Oh you had a plan to flank? Nope that bot knew you were there and shot before you even came into their line of sight, because F you they have a perfectly programmed aimbot at all times.

Natural flow of gameplay and movement just comes to a halt and it’s just wrong. Sometimes you see opposing sides sat shooting bots instead of each other even though they have clean LOS to them.

I want real pvp back. Make these bots less effective and mirrored.


Lol bots have no brain, do you have a brain?

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Their field of perception (radars) could use some work to bring it back into scale with real players.

The Aim bot stuff doesn’t really bother me though. If I lose an important part to a bot shot it generally means it was inline with my cab from their firing position. With the exception of a few penetrating weapons.

I do have to acknowledge when bots are bad at playing players complain about that too. So finding that middle acceptable ground is kind of difficult.

I also do wonder what the que times would be like without them in pvp though or if it’s possible to do bot and botless modes.

A computer could out-calculate your brain all day, room temp IQ take


I hate bots for a multitude of reasons and would love to see them removed from pvp. A cloak takes care of most of your particular complaints but we shouldnt be “forced” into using a cloak, just to avoid having 2 or 3 aimbots destroying you. Leave bots to patrol and make pvp great again (Assuming wait times arent too bad).

I think they purposely make queue times longer than often needed. I will play several matches in a row with the same players, but the queue may still roll for over 1 minute between matches.

You can cloak but the split second you come out of cloak the bots will turn and aim at you, making your flank just worthless… it break the immersion of pvp so bad


Why is it ok to spam the forum when you don’t want to spam Reddit?

Bot issues will resolve themselves when (and only when) the devs focus on player retention instead of snowball cannons.


Because this place is less important


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Why is spamming ok here? Is it because we can’t downvote you? Or because people started teasing you in the other thread?

Spamming is annoying no matter where you do it. And it’s a very childish way to get attention.

Look I just want to rant about it without getting the same smooth brain responses and I just care much less about this forum.


Ok, so just bump the thread that’s already on the first page.
Spamming is lame, and I think you know that.

chill bruh,i have topics on this too.
now u have earned these gifs lol.

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It honestly drives me nuts, it suits.

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What about hitting you in cloak? I had a cannon bot continue to track me for three seconds while in cloak, took off my tail rotor too. The reason we lost that match.

You’re imagining a bot sees things as you do. Bots don’t have human eyeballs. They “see” things using a number of sensors. They detect objects using the electrical field that surround metallic objects, and by sensing heat signatures. They detect things outside of the visible light spectrum, which is how cloaking works; it disrupts light in such a way as to simulate invisibility. If you can obtain access to it, may I suggest you download specifications on how the Romulan Cloaking Device works, and you will understand. :expressionless:

Not in this game. Bots used to stop tracking after you cloaked, but not any more. Took off my tail rotor, then went back to shooting my team. Like it knew the threat was neutralized…

Then go back to that cattle farm called reddit and moo with the rest of them. I could not think of a more mobbish hell ruled by dunning kruger troll clans than reddit. Forums are superior and its very hard to do organized and covert trolling within them.

the entire time i was in cloak the bot locked onto me and had their gun trained on me but didnt shoot. soon as i came out of cloak, “oh look thats what my guns were aiming at! ill shoot at it more!” its really frustrating. if a bots targeting me and i cloak up itll lose aggro for a bit, soon as i come out it just relocks onto me again and starts coming for me. sometimes the entire team of bots lock onto me as well, like theyll ignore everyone else and only come after me so its an 8v1 and i either have to cloak up to lose aggro for a little or run like a school girl while their bullets tickle my butt cheeks until their weapons are either shot off or they are destroyed. when you go into cloak theres like 5 or 6 seconds where they will still lock onto you and as soon as you come out of cloak they will just retarget you all over again.

this is what you call bumper blocking! xD
i think the reason they dont take the bots out is to prevent uneven teams or something. because the game is dying anyways so why would the devs care anymore? i think the reason they opened up crossplay is due to that. its sad really, i just wish they cared about the game to keep it going but thats to much wishful thinking huh?

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problem this problem that etc etc blah
the games dead, devs wont read this, dont bother