The devs should ban retchers and other stuff from the raids

As we see in some events where some parts are banned, devs should keep some weapons at bay from raids, weapons like retchers.e.g.
I don’t like retchers, ok, granted, but they suck the enjoyment out of the whatever mode we play…and it’s not fair to other players, i personally dislike having a team mate with one of those things cause it hurts my gains.
there should be a cap in each type of raids and a temporary cap when MM struggles to find players.
After a certain hour certain weapons and certain bots could be banned ( in those scenarios where there is a 5k or more PS difference between builds.)


They also either need to make new raids that aren’t exploitable with tusk/ram builds who ram the towers or mini-bosses even before the other teammates get a chance to shoot, they cut rewards for their teammates by 70% most of the time, so either new raids that make ram/tusk builds useless or put indestructible barriers around towers that either serious damage tusk/ram builds or reflect them, retchers don’t nearly bother me as much

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Agreed, retchers builds with relics should have their own raids matches. And needs PS filter that will not happens PS 9k players can´t play with 15-17k PS players. Its not fun that PS differences.

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Even if the retcher is banned then players will use the porcupine arbiter cyclone, pve will never be fair because the weapons are balanced according to the pvp model, I’ve given feedback to the developers many times that pve needs to be balanced independently but as you can see they didn’t make any adjustments to pve

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First of all for pointing out these items… What a selfish maneuver. Instead of wanting them banned how about spending the time to craft or purchase said hated components? Problem solved. How about simply joining in on the fun? I’m sure a triple spark build will be in you’re cross hairs as well. FYI, if you think a tusk build is such an easy weapon to use, try one first. It takes practice to obtain that skill . Especially after it was nerfed a while back. There is ALWAYS the group that simply dislikes others weapon / movement advancements away from less affective entry level components. Stop the belly aching & join the fun ! *late entry, It amazes me how some believe obtaining stronger weapons or movement components believe it is an instantaneous win win situation. Trust me it isn’t. It is ALWAYS in the mastering of such component one makes it lethal .


I feel like people forget that the other players in raids are on your team. They are not the enemy, and you are supposed to be working together to complete the raid.
If you act like your teammates are your enemy, you’re just making raids more annoying than they need to be, for everyone.

Edit: just realized I probably need to make it clear that the people using strong raid weapons are the ones helping their team, not the other way around.


I found the Tusk takes some practice. Lances and the Tempura do as well, but active melee, like saws and borers, don’t. They don’t even need clever builds behind them. It’s a rectangle, with saws sticking out the front. The more the better. There isn’t much too it.

How many things will you keep banning when people just pick the next best thing constantly…


I like to help my wife and kids this way, by eating all the pizza before they can get to it.

I laughed, but let’s be real: that comparison only works if the lower scoring raid teammates didn’t get any resources. In the case of Crossout, the difference between the high scoring team member and the low scoring one isn’t that significant.
In Crossout, everyone gets a decent amount of pizza, no matter how fast you eat. But if not enough players eat fast enough, no one gets much pizza.
Better for everyone to eat as fast as possible.


My biggest issue is that the badges used to give more for harder raids… now most badges are done for any raids at all, so it’s easier to just play for easy raids and that ends up screwing over new players or lower powerscore players…

I’d rather spam out 10-20 easy raids than take days of free fuel for the same badge payout… it’s so backwards and I’ve almost felt bad before for stealing everything from teammates who would have had more resources if I didn’t do so…

Been there and done that, why did you assume I didn’t? I own all parts to make tusks builds, melee builds, don’t assume something when you don’t have the facts, it’s pretty ignorant if I do say so myself, plus I never mentioned banning anything only making new raids or making current ones more challenging as I don’t think a raid should be completed in under a minute cause a certain game mechanic is exploited to the point is hinders others

Yeah they do, pure selfishness, even so I don’t call to banned stuff very often, but instead would like the raids either adapted to mitigate certain builds or new raids that make certain builds less effective, mind you I don’t want 10-minute-long raids but raids shouldn’t be over in under a minute

You’re in a different mood when you’re on the winning side when you get the highest score and the lowest score aren’t you, and when that happens because of a weapon capability gap, that’s what Babuskae’s mood was like


I don’t think banning stuff is the answer. That principle isn’t implemented in this game, except in brawls, and probably ought to stay that way.

If something is OP in raids, maybe it ought to be nerfed. Retchers sort of fit the profile of an OP weapon, like Porcs, otherwise I doubt they’d be so popular, or expensive.

They could just shore up the power-scores too, so people at 7k aren’t rolling with kids at 12K. That seems stupid to me, and would be the obvious fix, I would think. Doing easy raids at 9K+ seems grotesque to me, and I can’t believe people actually do that.

The reward differences are actually significant for winning with a minimal build and busting ass, vs going in there with a god-rod and wiping out an easy raid, so it’s not economical to pwn easy raids.

Putting a power-score cap on raids seems like the obvious answer, rather than banning stuff, or sort the PS with the matchmaker like with PVP. Weapons ought not be banned, IMO, unless it’s a brawl, in which case those often have strange parameters…and if some weapon is so OP in raids, it might need a nerf. It’s no coincidence that the weapons that steam-roll raids are also the ones that pwn PVP.

Retchers are balanced by being weak as hell though… I literally had to stop using them during the hitscan V hover meta era and I still haven’t touched mine much since then.

Perhaps raid scoring itself should change to be more universal. Give points when objectives are completed and enemies are destroyed regardless of who did it as long as the players are alive and in the area with a minimum of X damage to ensure they’re not just afk.

It is for badges, if you only need completions rather than the resources gained via the raid then why bother doing medium or hard raids? Just spam through a bunch of fast each raids instead; I think that’s a problem by itself.

Ah ya…badges, right. They really screwed the pooch with their update to that system. That is going to make a difference. I realize you mentioned that, but I ignored it for whatever reason (not used to the new update).

Full disclosure: I don’t grind for schit, and DGAF about resources anymore. Either the game is fun or I just FO. This idea that I need to gobble goodies as fast as I can so I can reach power-score 20K right away, or even ever, seems ill conceived to me. I don’t understand the allure.

Also, I don’t think I’ve done more than a handful of raids all year. Once they added the point counter, it turned into another dick-mode and I don’t bother with it. Plus, I’m way past sick of looking at those maps. It’s not that they are bad (I like them fine), but I’ve seen them too many times. These are the same (4? 5?) maps they’ve had in the game since I started playing…but ya, update helicopters some more, re-invent BPs every few months, add new currencies, re-create and then abandon the co-drivers, and remodel the gddmn menu one more time…and those new English voice-overs are terrible. I’ve switched mine to Russian, even though I don’t speak a word of it, just to not hear how bad they are.

If raids need anything, it’s new maps, not bans.

only if you lose a raid…i want all the big guns and high ps in raids to make it faster. nothing wrong with that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You misread my post, I’m saying the opposite.
I’m mean that the people complaining about retchers are forgetting that it’s good to have strong teammates. Better to have some retchers and Porcs on your team and know that you’ll have no issues clearing the raid without using repair kits. That way everyone gets decent rewards, even the ones doing less damage.

Maybe people should take more responsibility for their own mood? If scoring lower makes you feel bad, do what it takes to score higher.