The devs should ban retchers and other stuff from the raids

I’m doing the opposite.
I used to bang through a few easy raids to do the daily challenges quickly, and then stopped doing raids completely when they were removed from daily challenges.
With the new system, I want to do the weekly raid challenges for the badges, but you only need to do 9 per week to finish them, so I’ve been doing Invasion. The rewards are high, and the matches are short, and they’re less repetitive because of the player-made leviathans.

For me, it’s more efficient and economical to do Invasions instead of easy raids now.

I’m happy to spam out easy raids as it’s giving the few people in my clan some extra badges for nothing as well as for myself

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In raids, the Retcher performs like a relic. And those using it in raids seem to be predominantly primitives with bad manners that accept the inconvenient aiming as a tradeoff, because they only care about the weapon’s high damage output. Recall how they will at times push your vehicle instead of going around.

I crafted two Retchers for the 2019 or the 2020 Xmas raid, because it required a team of 4x2 Retchers (or something with a similar damage output). Sold them right after, because the aiming was very inconveninent.

I had to switch from 2 Incinerators to 2 Heathers, because AC users were ‘helping’ me too much in raids. Now I can sometimes even beat them to the 1st place. This change also improved my chances against Retcher users - now they really have to fight for that raid MVP patch. :smile: But when I’m teamed with players with weaker setups, I tone that down a bit, and let them score more boss points and build more turrets. But with ACs or Retchers - I don’t hold back. :smirk_cat: After the introduction of the live score counters, raids became more competitive. I didn’t even use to play raids competitively. And then it changed, and I immediately noticed that many players became obsessed with their live scores. A few days ago, I unfriended one that tried to steal-build a turret I was building, almost pushing me out of its building zone, on purpose (I recorded that raid and watched that part a few times to make sure). It’s just good manners not to barge in on someone else’s building a turret. Like with a toilet: if it’s occupied, you don’t go in. Or maybe you do, but I don’t. :scream:

Are there really veterans that play raids for badges? I play raids to get rich, on my average 30-31 plastic, or 20-21 electronics per raid (no premium). Takes just a little more time.

Some nerf could be implemented. As far as raid performance goes, the Retcher is a relic being sold as a legendary. People would still buy it as a relic. Gaijin’s been missing out on all that money, all this time.

And, speaking of manners, where are your guys’s manners, talking about Howling Wolf being all dead, and not even saying hi? Hi, @WolfyVonHowlin ! How’s that account suspension? Permanent, isn’t it? The chat have been missing you… Maybe log into Crossout sometimes, don’t be a stranger. :wink:

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I value my time higher

Yes, I have had easy raids at the factory where a tusk build wiped out almost every oil pump. But what I do is go to another pump that hasn’t been destroyed and take a few pot shots at the bots so I can get my penitence of scrap. I have learned to deal with it & move on. While we are on this soap box subect of raids & not getting points or too many points. Lets get this out in the open . This new highest point red icon that one gets by they’re name while in a raid. I see a lot of anger issues with some ramming & or blocking those with the high score red icon. Preventing other players success. Yes this is competition for the high score. Sadly it makes those with the high score a target for the occasional troll that pops in once in a while. another thing we have to learn to deal with .

Relics can be made to perform but out of the box stock not so much. As a matter of fact I haven’t used my retchers for some time now. perhaps I got bored with them and spamming all of those grenades and raping in all of the points in raids. BTW I never had anyone PM me at the end complaining… Most of the time I received a GG if even that. As far as Howlin, That situation with his disappearance is as mysterious as an Elvis sighting … No proof either way. No matter what I miss the Gen chat comradery he provided .

Terminal 45. Yesterday

It was a lot of “fun” as you can see. i only started to do “damage”" once we got the container we must protect, the way back was even more “fun” i didn’t get to shoot a thing .
In the end i spent 40 fuel and earned 14 plastic ( it should had been between 20 or 21).


Sorry but teammates like this i pass.

I actually thought that was a different player with a similar name that caused the controversy, and I heard the other Wolf just bailed on XO (one of this year’s six-thousand casualties)…but hi anyway, Wolf. Glad you’re not dead…or you re-spawned, or whatever.

Sorry but that doesn’t make any sense to me.

Join the fun? What fun?

Slow projectile speed, having to shoot by deflection at medium to long range, and i noticed often retchers builds are the first to be on fire soon in the raid.

Others blast damage weapons don’t do that as quick or as fast as retchers ( putting their own cabin on fire).
No, i’m not after everything, i couldn’t care less about sparks and a bunch of other weapons.
I just think that some weapons shouldn’t cover as a big PS range as they cover now, because they will hurt smaller or lower players ( in a PVE context).

I’m glad people still play raids and complain about it while they keep buying the fuel i grinded. :moneybag:

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:face_with_diagonal_mouth:“Join the fun” Was in reference to any weapons deemed as “OP” & unfair to those whom don’t have one. Just a game… Now lets all go blow up stuff! :crazy_face:

Just for reference. Today.

See? Back to normal.

Yes, they were retchers involved, but they didn’t got the damage monopoly as they did yesterday in terminal 45 most probably due to open spaces and the possibility for the bots scattered more.
The thing is… it’s not fair to choose a raid where we don’t know if there is a possibility a retcher squad waiting us.
Yesterday was a disaster for me. I literally did close to nothing
Since i made this build i started to play terminal 45 much often, it is good but just can’t compete with higher PS
I still think this issue ( Lower PS mixed with Higher PS) should be addressed

Were you not able to do damage until the end because you spawned late? Or because your car was a lot slower than theirs?
The player in third place doesn’t look like they’re running retchers (their PS is lower than yours), but they still scored way higher than you, so there must have been something else at play. Maybe your build just isn’t suited to that map?

Edit: I seem to remember there being differences in how much various maps would pay out, even when at the same difficulty setting. Am I imagining things?

Retchers need a rework because they are just explosive shotguns, not grenade launchers. They are way too light and fragile as well.
One problem I’ve had with GL’s is their vapor trails are way too prominent which eliminates effective use of indirect fire for them; which is one of the main purposes of GL’s.

AI needs to shoot porc barrels and porcs need to be 4 energy, cause porcs are the next problem after retchers. Fortunes might be another weapon in need of balancing because now they are just turreted porcs with insane range. Fortune builds in CC are probably the best build in the entire game rn.

Two retchers builds and one hover with weapons i couldn’t figure out.
They just went mayhem i just went full throttle with them. My build goes 75 kph.
the problem wasn´t speed.
My build’s good to hold the line, tank and drill the bots but there wasn’t any line to hold with those three, they plow through the choke points covering the bots and i wasn’t able to lock on the few that were left. because they weren’t left for long and they ( teammates) were in the way, so my weapons didn’t lock on the bots.

The damage i manage to do was in the container .

I wasn’t trailing behind them by much when i arrived at the end but they already cleaned the end, no bots, no Boss, nothing.
Normally, i catch every bit of action but not in this raid…
I had 20 plastic in the terminal 45 before, now i avoid shipyard map when i fight for plastic

Retchers are just too much for raids, because of retchers the devs changed the bots and for every one else the grind became harder.

the question to the best of your ability doesn’t get as many points as the retcher does.

If your priority is scoring the highest on your team in raids, than you need a build that is optimized for it. If your priority is playing weapons that aren’t the most optimal for raids, than you can’t expect to consistently score the highest.

I made a build that is optimized for invasion, as that’s the only PVP I currently play.
Is this unfair of me?:

I don’t always score that much more than the low scoring players, but I’m usually going to score fairly high. The copper payout is pretty much the same unless the leviathans win.

The best way is PS filter that make match in the span of 1.5k PS score only up that means take lowest level of player in match and fill team only with +1,5k PS score, biggest not be able join.