The most punished Combo in the game

Escape, return to garage, battle.

tell me if im wrong.

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You’re wrong, it’s not punished enough.

Why do you think so friend? do you like everyone being forced to watch till the end of a game to get full rewards?

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In team games, I like when people have some incentive to play in team. Especially with modern gamers who don’t give a fuck about others lol.

I suggest dying last. It’s just like CS in the old days really, if you get tired of watching others play, you know what to do.


im sure many people share your views, but what does this team play have to do with dead players picking their nose for 4 minutes to get full rewards when they can get in a new game in 30 seconds when they choose to do so but lose 75% of the current games rewards:?

Hopefully, after spending enough time watching others play, this person will realize they always die first and should probably stick with the team and do team things instead of going all Leeroy Jenkins in a team game after two beers.

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You are right, ive been hoping for this too since the game began, but it only very rarely happens when you dont have a team of lemmings, id call it a fluke if this happens, mostly people just rush forward without radars thinking they are the hero.

What he said. But for a different reason.

but for the people who actually know how to stay with the blue arrows, but are unlucky enough to get lanced or meleed in the back by cloakers, why does targem force them to wait for full rewards?

Could be worse. They could be an antelope, and the dog could be a lion. I’d say waiting 2 mins, mildly annoyed, after being caught out of position is a minor inconvenience.


What’s wrong with that? You have to wait about 4:30 tops. And if you were popped during first 40 seconds of the battle, you couldn’t probably make up to 40 points, which means you have no reward. You are free to leave and start another one, in order to try again.


most battles are decided in the first minute, and you can get in a new battle fast, who wants to watch people run away or search for each other without a radar?

Judging by tons of people playing MOBA (where matches can go up to an hour+)… many people want to do that? I mean, it’s only 5 minutes here.

You can “not watch”, if you don’t want to. You can get yourself a cup of tea/coffee/soft drink/anything else while the fight isn’t over. I had matches which ended with the win of our last one fella, when I thought it was all over.

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This would make sense if you are a rich guy who spends money to get ahead in the game, but for people without money to spare it is not efficient to watch games while you are dead, while you could be grinding in new ones.

You don’t have to be rich though… you can get by and still spend a few bucks here and there.

And now you see why stretching “the content” all over the game and artificially increasing the production cost is a bad thing to do.

“Leaving gives you no reward! It’s UNFAIR!”
“Staying in the game when you died is inneficient, I could be grinding!”

Pick one or the other, mate. Either leaving is inneficient, or it’s efficient. it can’t be both for the sake of your argument.

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leaving a game actually does give a reward friend, but its not much :wink:
im sure it is part of a larger system of fair gameplay, preventing players to shoot a few bullets at the enemy and quitting only to join the next game and do the same, to prevent fast reward farming.
and i can agree with this, but it should not force people to watch teammates to the end of a match to get their full rewards.
There must be a better system i believe there always is room for improvement.

Well, depending on your winrate, wether you have fuel barrels, and the time of your death, it might be profitable to leave.
Seems like a lot of data collection and maths to do to optimize your grind by 0.05% tho :eyes:

Again, it doesn’t “force” you to watch things. You can watch anything else during the remaining time of the battle.

You can also ping on the map to attract the attention of allied players.

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It’s not luck. It’s paying attention to what’s going on. Mini-map+radar+radio…

I disagree. Maybe the part of the battle you’re participating in is under a minute, but no.

Look, you’re going to get push back from pretty much everyone on this. You can be mad about it, or you can read what is being said and try to understand why they’re saying what they’re saying. You can then use that information to get better or not.

Here’s my attempt at explaining it:

If the game does NOT make you wait, you have no incentive to survive. EVERY match, I could simply suicide the second the match starts, get full rewards, then start a new match. I could then grind out match after match only spending a few seconds in each one instead of 4+ minutes racking up insane rewards in no time with almost no effort.

The game will punish you if you do this, as it should.

If you ditch matches like I described, you’re abandoning your team. I know that’s not what you’re doing, but this is one thing the game is avoiding by punishing you.

It also will punish you by putting you in matches with other ditchers if you repeatedly ditch matches.

The solution is to survive… plain and simple. Don’t die.

You got angry at the advice you were given when you complained about melee.
This is at least your 2nd thread complaining about having to wait til the end of the match.
For the love of the game, man… watch the mini-map, use bumpers to protect against melee, don’t leave your team, don’t get caught out alone, and survive. You’ll have much more fun.

I’m no amazing player, but I am almost never the 1st to die in a match… nor the 2nd. Nor the 3rd.
If I am, I know why. I know what I did wrong.

Do you watch your replays?

If not, do that… it’s a GREAT teacher.

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