The most punished Combo in the game

i always love how people come on online forums to prove others wrong and themselves right, i think its part of human nature or something to destroy your competition, i mean, isnt this why we actually play these games?

What exactly do you want to see? You want people to comfort you, to support you, maybe pity you? It doesn’t work like that here, as I’ve already said to one user. Forum is not the safe space. Maybe some people will take time and tell you “yeah, we think the same thing” but most people won’t. Some will give you pieces of advice, some others will probably mock you.

The point is: you don’t want to wait after you’ve been killed. You want to leave the game. This is what described as “unsportsmanlike behavior”. You have been beaten in the match, so, yeah, you have to wait now. Yes, it is frustrating. Yes, it is unproductive. Yes, the whole grind system here is ridiculous and that is the main reason you feel bad right now. And yes, no one will change it, for the time being.

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yes i am a helples non agressive person who needs help and hugs, please help me win the game.
oh and im also a hot girl if that makes any difference.

Nope, not buying it :upside_down_face:

And I was talking about sarcasm.

About helping you to win the game?.. you’ve been gived tons of advice how to do that. Use the info.

If you want my personal advice? Leave the game. Don’t play it. Find something else. Find a playmate and conquer some coop together.

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heh i was just with messing you, but i bet i gave you a brainfart for a second.

I refer you to my previous statement “not buying it”.

Moderation, you can close the topic now, the answers have been given. I believe the second post is the correct answer.

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Many guys come here facing some “injustice” in the game, suggesting game to be reworked to their view and needs. Some people that managed to adapt try to share their ways of dealing with the problem, the whiner rejects as he only wants to display his protest to things. Don’t feed the troll so to speak.


well i would like to inform you, i dont take people who type walls of texts for minutes seriously, if you need to type a wall of text instead of a reply of one or two sentances seems very dubious to me.
its not how we talk to each other in real life, one guy listening for 5 minutes, and then giving a 5 minute reply. and then doing the same thing over again… this has nothing to do with you guys im just going off topic here


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I must object, since the 2nd post of this topic gave no explanation for its reason.

lets all listen to these wise words of Ultralocust, the guy who only plays with piercers because he needs to win the most.

One explanation why you don’t get the full resource reward when quitting before a battle ends could be that your team hasn’t yet won or lost, so it can’t be determined what amount of resources you should get.

But perhaps that penalty is intended to simply reduce your resource gains. If you could get 11 wires every 30 seconds + queue time + battle countdown, you’d be less inclined to buy crosscrowns.

But maybe not having to wait to get full rewards would also encourage careless building and fighting. Teams would be falling apart after 30 seconds, there’d be more chaos. And those that play carelessly, or even quit seconds into a battle, are already a problem.

Wouldn’t be happening with a separate matchmaker for those that care to win, to play responsibly, to teamplay. Should’ve been done back in 2017, with the OG pros from Closed Beta. There’s far less responsibility and respect these days. Too bad, to miss out on such an opportunity to put the game on the e-sport map. This is a car I saw today:

These are special tournament modules which give +50% weapon cooling and reload, +50% cabin power, the special tournament Thor and Ammo Pack are 100% resistant to melee damage, but have 10 explosion bars. All these tricks to make tournaments more ‘fun.’ So there is that special VIP club with their tournaments, that clique doing all that silly stuff, but the developers can’t be bothered to make regular PvP fun, e.g. by creating an additional league with a separate matchmaker available to anyone who wants to play responsibly, to win, so we wouldn’t have to be teamed with habitual quitters. Penalties won’t fix that, they still won’t work on the way they build their vehicles, or to improve their tactics. A separate matchmaker would help. One that would be available to anyone that qualifies. Not as a ‘cool club,’ but a tool intended to help responsible players be teamed with others like that.

A game has a serious problem if the develoepers neglect the most common mode, which in Crossout is the 8v8 PvP, as well as making tournaments with unique rules and modules.

I find it weird how the tournaments aren’t more integrated with the game. Or are less available for the non-Russian part of the playerbase (or at least used to be)?

But maybe the penalty for quitting early will be reduced, if Gaijing gets desperate enough. They’ve been introducing changes to retain new players since sometime August 2021. Making the game more friendly for individuals with shorter attention spans, less focus, and weaker-minded overall (I’m not referring to quitting early to maximize resource gains). The ‘nonsense club’ seems to grow stronger. You know, the one with the moderators, trolls, crazies, and kids from dysfunctional families in it. Yesterday, when Galaxysss called the author of that popular white submarine ‘the best builder,’ I made the mistake of addressing that statement by protesting it. Immediately, a troll from the ‘nonsense club’ attacked me, starting with something like “a guy with a nick Omega616 thinks he as an opinion,” and when I provided proof of why the author of that sub is not “the best builder,” kept ignoring it. Having all 23K+ likes in 80-part vehicles, some of which are based on clever ideas, but none of them an effort at serious art, does not a best builder make. It’s also funny how Galaxysss, with that annoying attention-seeking attitude and just a few simple videos about Crossout, got a promo account. One time, after I mentioned one of my YT videos in his presence, he built a hovercraft with a Typhoon, and a Clarinet masked as another Typhoon, just to show off, otherwise having no interest in the weapon. This lowering of standards, this demoralized community, are a problem. It’s flushed down from the developers, through the senior admins, the moderators, and is allowed to spread among the players, and encouraged in a number of ways. In the latest English dev stream, chief developer Alex made it quite obvious that he doesn’t care about how convenient the building UI is, which showed that he doesn’t build a whole lot. They all probably play other games, and only treat Crossout as a job. Tomorrow starts the same boring and sad brawl “TOW.” Which I tried to help improve by replacing the tank with a boosted Clarinet car. But no one cared. So enjoy. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Tow brawl alternative

Huh the timestamp link didn’t work in the spoiler. Skip to 3:06.
Let's save the "TOW" brawl! (feat. The_Crimson_Soul) Made for a forum post with same title. - YouTube

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You should not have dead in the first min.

Watching is your punishment.

BUT, if you did get a kill in the first minute you can still leave and get a new game, and if you kill Someone in the first min. Of the next match you can do the same, and so on.

If you can get it down to 1min battles you will still earn more resources if you leave and start a new match instead of waiting around 4min.

The system is already set up in a way that people with early kills can leave.

What the system does punish is early deaths without a kill.

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Exactly. Nepotism system. Only the chosen people get all the fun. Plebeans are destined to wallow in the mud.

I’m all ears if you know other weapon that can fight on fair terms with MG hoevers, withstand shotgun ambushes, clean up yoguai drones and any other drones, provide support fire on mid range while maneuvering and keeping aware of battlefield around.
They give me ability to deal with any combat situation rather than falling into rock-scissor-paper game.

Oh ye… that’s why I play semi-art builds with 440 hp.

I’m only doing what is logical. You just doodle around still trying to figure out the game. You still didn’t after all the time so you come to the forum to blame the game, make excuses for your failures. Don’t annoy me. I wasn’t even talking to you. Just warning others it is pointless talking sense to you.

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This nonsense again, we get it, you don’t like the way the game works. Why make another thread where it makes you look whiny… Just keep quitting, no one cares.


@2869607 Derp, do you realize you’ve started multiple threads that are basically about the same thing? You get wrecked by melee & die early. We get it. The only confusing thing here is that you post these threads, get the same advice repeatedly, then return having obviously not heeded any of that advice.

  1. Being Forced to watch the game - Discussion - Crossout

  2. How are we supposed to melee people? - Discussion - Crossout

  3. Crossout is turning into a Melee Trucking game - Discussion - Crossout

  4. Borers going thru bumpers - Discussion - Crossout

For what it’s worth, being given advice about problems in the game IS NOT the same as saying the problem you’re experiencing does not exist.

It does exist.

By giving advice, people are trying to share with you how they deal with this problem.

Do with it what you will, but if you don’t deal with it, it’d be super cool if you’d stop making new threads about it.


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You have the option to leave the game early. You even get a small reward if you have qualified.

You have the option to stay and get full reward. If you have qualified for one.

Seriously, what’s the bitch?


I would like to apologize to mr locust for these harsh words of my drunk alter ego, you are free to play however you like.