The omamori and how to balance it

ive seen many topics on how broken the omamori is and i had a solution to the module before that could help.
basically its perk gives anything attached to it an hp boost. it can absorb a large amount of damage and even double the hp of some weapons like arbiters. weapons like cannons: mammoths, mastodons, typhoons and other high hp weapons can benefit from this as well giving it an additional 400 hp to burn through. the module absorbs up to 400 points of damage but halving the damage a weapon takes. once that threshold is depleted itll need to recharge and then you can get another 400 points out of it assuming your weapon survives and you manage to get the perk to recharge.

but some weapons get to much of a hp boost like arbiters, shotguns and other various weapons. so whats the solution to this? well its limiting how much hp each weapon gets. but how? each weapon category would get its own threshold of damage to absorb before it runs out.

now i get this would take alot of development time and the devs wouldnt want to do this, but the omamori is to damn strong. 400 hp is ALOT to absorb and that was an upgrade from 300 hp that they had before. if each weapon category received its own bonus then i think that would help.

in this case cannons would get the most benefit from the omamori because cannons have a high amount of hp. weapons like machineguns or shotguns would get lower amounts because they dont have alot of hp. also rarity would be taken into consideration as well. the lower the rarity the weaker the omamoris effect would be.
“well what if i brought a rare weapon and slapped on a epic or a legendary to bypass its limitations?”
in the case of this happening the omamori would default to the lowest rarity currently attached to it and base its hp absorption off that weapon so you cant cheese it and use a rare with a relic like the mastodon and get a stupid boost from it.

wutcha all think?

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Health percentage buff, takes the lowest health part and applies that percentage buff to every part attached to the module

Do they want balance?

Seems like they do an awful lot that is contrary to that ideal.

The devs will probably want it to function the same on every item it’s attached to.

I don’t think that would work well as people would just connect it differently to get around the limitations. i.e. if I attach it just right I can bypass it touching other things…

A few things that could be easily done:

Just lower the amount it can absorb, if 400 is too much soak how is 300 or 200

Change it to from an always active passive module to and activated module with time limit and a cool down.

Increase the amount of time it takes to recharge the unit.

Change the recharge perk of the unit so that the more dmg it has absorbed reduces the amount it can absorb in the future. So at 0 dmg absorbed it can absorb 100% of the dmg and at 400 dmg absorbed it can absorb 0% dmg. This would mean at 200 dmg absorbed it only can absorb 50% of the dmg tossed at it while further declining in it’s ability to absorb.

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or it could also take longer to recharge. or possibly increases the samage the omamori takes cause it takes damage if the modules depleted.

How about it only buffs weapon/module health, without affecting cabins, structure or movement or decor parts?

Although cabins might work.

That would actually buff the module currently if you have it connected to the cab and say 2 weapons hitting any of the three things drains the absorption amount. If you have the same set up but the cab doesn’t pass the dmg to the omamori it gives the 2 weapons the full amount of the soak while the cab itself acts as a block against damaging the omamori.

They could easily turn it into a necro unit to recharge it you have to sit near a vehicle corpse. That would fit with a lot of the current stuff they’ve put out near it’s release. Both of what you said are kind of possible too.

This is a good idea, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it developed as a new item. I doubt they would re-work the current module. They tend to avoid improving current items and features, and prefer to introduce new ones (for sale).

I can’t really see them making another one of these type units unless it was a relic but that really just would add to the issue they create in the game. So it probably has a better chance of a rework then some other parts.

All of the “necro units” are canonically ravager based. Thyrsus I? Ravager parts. Kronos? Ravager parts. Titan wheel? Ravager parts. Omamori? Syndicate parts, minimal ravager integration, if any.

What I’m trying to say is that this wouldn’t make sense from a lore standpoint.

Just give it diminished returns per added non-structure item attached to nodes, easy.

Might work too

Thought those were Dawn’s Children influenced…

Omamori feels like a failed concept, all the guns I try to use it with that really need it (Waltz, Yongwang off fo the top of my head) don’t feel like they survive any longer than normal, but then some dps metabuild or shotgun build becomes near indestructible with them

shotguns are impossible to hit, how genius is it to double the hits required to strip

I’m curious how the energy change is impacting people that use omamori.
I made a build with one last night, and I had to fiddle for a while to decide what to remove from the build to free up enough energy.
If it turns out that the three energy price isn’t enough of a drawback, maybe bump it to four energy?
I would prefer they balance it through energy cost, rather than completely change how it works,

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i think making the energy cost 1.5x was enough of a nerf except it still needs to be nerfed. but a tiny nerf is always good instead of a massive nerf that forever kills an item

I keep reading this sentence, hoping it will make sense.
So was it enough of a nerf, or not enough of a nerf?

many small nerfs are better than one turbonerf so im glad theyve done it this way, now im saying it still needs to be nerfed in some way but not to completely change its behavior or make it useless

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They are Dawn’s Children parts, but you have read their lore.

Almost every part in the game (especially the newer ones) have a little lore description that only shows up if you go to “description”

The Kronos, Thyrsus I, Pegasus and decor part Incubator are all Ravager based, using their parts to increase efficiency.
Besides the lore, there is also this official art of the Dawn’s Children using ravager parts:

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