The REAL unfair advantage

There’s quite a bit of talk about OP weapons, hardware & whether or not fusing gives an unfair advantage. All of that is fair game, but something hit me tonight while playing that is the real “unfair advantage.”

I play on two different machines.

One is a fairly modern desktop PC with dedicated graphics card, lots of memory, fast CPU… etc. It’s no top end gaming rig, but it’ll run XO at full specs without a hiccup.

The other is a business focused laptop from HP. I love the thing. It’s awesome… flipping touchscreen with that new ram/HD mix thing that makes oft-used programs launch nearly instantly. It’s sweet.

It is not, however, a gaming rig.

To play XO, the graphics need to be turned down quite a bit, and even then, the framerate drops. Part of that is that it’s played via wifi exclusively. I could hardwire in a data connection, but I’m lazy and don’t care that much.



So… the differences b/t the two?

I needed to finish 2 more hard raids tonight to get the weekly challenge. I’m not doing that. I know I can’t pull that off on the laptop. I also won’t play PVP on the laptop. I technically can, of course, but it’s much harder to win with the laptop. It’s harder to tell what’s happening. It’s harder to control the truck.

I can’t fully explain it, but if you don’t know what I’m referring to, maybe try setting the graphics at their lowest & see how you do.

This is the real unfair advantage… and I have it when I’m playing on my main machine. High framerate, shadows, crystal clear graphics, loooooooong draw distances… I win vs. low data speed old PC player. I win every time, I’m guessing.

Anyhoo… something to consider.

1st world privilege, I guess.

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I know this better than most. I play on a launch PS4, which has a severely limited download and upload speed. Also PS4 framerate is capped at 30.

I pay for 500MB internet, and my PC will test out at over 400MB/s doenload and over 100 upload.

My PS4 gets 160 download, and 4, FOUR, upload.

I literally have to lead fast moving targets when i use machine guns. If i aim at the ass end of their vehicle, i literally will not get damage numbers.

So yea, this is truly one of the biggest (dis)advantages. I cant imagine how much more devastating id be on a PS5. Im playing with one arm tied behind my back and am still rolling over 99% of everyone i play.

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It kinda is but it’s not Targem’s fault, so that’s not something to complain about.

Connection, on the other hand, is something they may be blamed for.

I would agree with you, but for the sake of argument (just like everyone else did in the other threads)

No one is stopping you from getting a better PC or connection except yourself. It’s 100% fair because everyone has the same options to buy the same stuff.

Now just replace all the stuff I said about PC/connection and put the word fuse or whatever other topic we where talking about in its place.

Then you will realize how dumb that statement is when applied to all of the subjects.

The whole “it’s fair because everyone has the choice to do it” is a load of crap that people tell the people that don’t have it.

what’s your point?
you wanna play candy crush and xo?
i have a little i3 with graphics turned to low,i showed my specs in the forum somewhere…
i’m doing fine,but i’m looking for a i7,something cheap…
but if it’s not for gaming your s. o. l. :crazy_face:

it has nothing to do with being unfair if you don’t use a gaming pc.
(you need a graphics card and memory ect…‘not onboard graphics’ to play higher quality games such as cod, battlefield, crossout)

am i missing something you already know? :thinking:

Lowering your ps is always effective for fair, even on computer configurations. XO is too ps demanding for some computers, so use it to play other games unless you spend money (buy a new computer) :crazy_face:

Being EU cause they dont get shuffled from NA to EU as much and they can play RU. Meanwhile me in NA I have to go from 30 ping to 140.

you know thats funny, because in most games you have advantage using lower graphic, where you see enemies better.

I mean you are right better computer always is better to play, but graphic itself often its better to use lower settings(not counting resolution). In most games shadows/blur/filters cause harder notice of enemy, and ofc lower framerate.

Decades ago i remember playing other multiplayer game in 600x400 lowest, just to play most effective way, even if it was ugly.

Tho i agree in crossout high-end setup on 4k its very visible what enemy have and where, so its much easier to choose strategy against that enemy, or just aim into “better” part.

But like someone mentioned, its rather issue with people who choose to play hardware demanding game.

Someone will come and tell “its disadvantage because i play 10x10 pixels this game!” - well ofc it is, only Quake was better this way xd

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i remember changing .ini to remove grass and other things in other games lol

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Not complaining… just sharing a thought. Like I said, it’s just something to consider.

I know, right? I remember playing games like Doom with the brightness turned WAY up so I could see enemies better… graphics down… draw distance up… etc etc… LOL

Well, like I said, it’s just something to consider & maybe keep in mind when playing. That’s all. No big lofty idea behind it.

I’m not trying to prove a point, guys… just sharing a little thought I had. I’m a better player on my better machine… far better. So much better that I don’t even fully attempt to play on the laptop. I just grind out little challenges & tool around.

I know I’ve gotten very frustrated with players who seem to not know what they’re doing or just plain suck. I do wonder how many of those “terrible players” just had a bad connection or a crappy rig. :man_shrugging: