The Ripper

I ripped off a lot of people to get myself a ripper, got it and felt ripped off so I sold it and ripped off the next guy

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Ripper is trash, they need to stop calling this thing a mine layer because it’s not even close.

I got 3 of these things on the first day they where added to the game.

I did the same thing as you, i felt ripped off, so I ripped off the next guy to get my coins back.

That’s why it’s called the ripper!!

Because it’s a RIP off! Bah, they got us!


yea ripper is pretty bad even after recent buffs, it is only effective at close range and if your gonna be playing a close range build then your just as well using shotguns which is what I am gonna buy next. I was thinking about getting a jormungandr and pairing it with either fafnirs or nidhogg’s.

Just get breakers man, these things are the ripper of shotgun relics

If you find 3 underwhelming then it must be pretty bad. I only got the bankroll for 1 and I had some of the worst matches in a long time. Some hits I was landing was doing in the single digits, terrible weapon.

If your going shot guns and can not afford two relics I would do Breaker and Hammerfall until you can get a second breaker.

What’s wrong with jormungandr? i had breaker too at one point and sold it but that was a long time ago.

They just under preform in comparison to breaker is all.

It is a completely different play style you might like though.

I personally think they are a waste.

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I tested jormungandr in the exhibition and 1 jormungandr with 2 nidhogg’s does a lot more damage then just a straight up full jormungandr build so I was thinking about getting that because I can only afford 1 relic. I can pair the jormungandr with other shotguns to get the heating effect.

This guy seems to do pretty well with them in Levi wars. They have a weird interaction where the levi targets the Ripper blades instead of other people. Also, they hit hard when they are run over. I haven’t seen anyone play them since the buff. They might be especially good for shooting out frames and gun mounts now. The best build is definitely Hadron/2 Ripper/King Flywheel/Cloak/Engine.

I just played the player who I sold it too, he kicked my butt lol but he’s in a top clan and well over 4.0 kd so i guess in the hands of the right player they can be potent but medicore players like me not so much.

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I agree. Jorms are great if you can jump someone. They have no range though. For 1 relic builds I recommend Flash, Breaker or Jorm.

Just bought the jormungandr. Pair it with a couple of fafnirs until I build up the bankroll for nidhoggs and see how it works out.

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This is a broken game mode.

You can not judge anything off Levi Wars.

Levi Wars should be removed from CWs

Well, they’ve been making relics :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: now because for years the :wine_glass: :cheese: people complained that relics were too powerful and it was unfair because only a few could afford to buy/craft them. so the neuter :scissors: came out upon them, and yet I still see some :wine_glass: :cheese: people complain that some relics are too strong…
In my opinion, relics should be strong/overpowered as to me they should be kinda like end-game items for the hardcore grinders, and let’s throw the wallet warriors in there too!
I think a relic weapon should drag you to the 101st floor of a building and piledriver you all the way down while you cry to your mamma for help! :sob: :airplane: :earth_africa:

They are actually worst for shooting out frames and gun mounts now because devs buffed just about everything but changed it to melee damage which is the one thing they nerfed. I tested it on the train plow and took like a 100 ripper shots to shoot it off, it is only good for shaving off regular armor and with the introduction of the new king of birds structural piece things is only gonna get worst for the ripper.

Obviously an overstatement but it does take a bit to shoot off the more armoured parts

I can’t remember how many shots it took to take out the train plow but it took a long time. With regards of relics I say most of them needs some major buffs. I did testing on the base damage of the single shot shotguns and jormungandr is a joke which could use a buff as well.
nidhogg- 221
fafnir- 160
junkbow- 144
jorgmungandr- 120
jormungandr does less base damage then a junkbow lol but I bought it anyways for the heating effect and there ain’t much left in the game I want’s to buy anyways.

Jorgs reload extremely fast, approximately 1.2 seconds per reload. This, and the huge spread on a Jorg make it the best degunning weapon in the game at extremely close range.

Jorgs can go face to face with a Mastodon/Reaper/Vindicator spider, and pop all of its guns off fairly easily. No other gun can do that, and Breakers certainly cannot do that.

I’m just saying that you didn’t make a bad buy. The Jorg damage doesn’t tell the whole story.

It don’t reload that much faster than the other shotguns and with the amount of hovers in the game it is hard to do good with it. It works pretty well with 3 imps believe it or not I might stick with that setup instead. I can near insta kill anyone that gets close while also having range at the same time.