The Road to Disappointment

Okay, so in this Battle Pass we have less. Yes, we get less!

If you look at how long we have to grind just to get our first real piece of gear it’s kind of sad. The legendary engine is not available until 20+ levels. You cannot build your first epic until 42nd level. The lighters we start with are less then the last battle pass unless we continue to grind past the Battle Pass 75.

So we get 4 legendries and 4 epics. (4 epic legs, 1 legendary melee, 1 legendary Turret / gun, 1 Legendary light cabin and 1 legendary engine.) Besides the legendary and epic stuff there is lots of chaff… Why? Is this something we needed or even wanted?

Yes, there are some great structure parts which I really like. But I am disappointed for the second battle pass in a row.

It feels lackluster and like were being fed kibble just to keep us busy and fed.

I may be off base here and would like your feedback.



Seems pretty similar to previous BPs to me, except that all items are Epic and Legendary, with no special parts.
Although there are crates for special and epic items where you can choose your reward, and that’s new. Plus the lighters give you a bunch of bonus items.
Good value to me.


Thanks for the info and your feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to post!


I personally really like all the new items, I think all the items added up in total comes out to some pretty good value. Additionally, there are a lot more things to spend lighters on this time around and I know a lot of people have their eyes on one thing or another in that regard.


Cool, cool… I’m glad to read your perspective the way to view the Battle Pass. Also that the lighters give you value. Hat’s off and thanks for the feedback!

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Poony4u always has a positive spin. May be too easy going, but he’s right. It’s a good pass, and the value is probably the same as the last one or two, I think.

They really haven’t gotten a standard hammered out yet, and that’s probably my only legitimate beef with this new system; WTF is it already? It looks pretty professional…right up until the end. Then, its common sense seems to peter out and it’s got all these crates and lighters with no real goods, over and over, and who knows how many lighters? It’s still not real clear, despite their added effort to clarify that. So the next one will probably be a little different in this regard again. Maybe they’ll get it right next time.

I wish they’d get their ship into shape, and just develop a system already, and then do that. Their planning needs help and more foresight, I think, but I don’t know what they go through at work to get this stuff done. It could be miraculous that any of this stuff gets done at all with the global attitude towards Russia being what it is…

Anyway, just focus on the legs. It’ll be OK. I’ll be in it just for that, but there’s plenty of gravy in there besides that. Plenty. It might end in a sloppy way, it’s hella long, and some of this update looks rushed, and maybe it’s not really finished. They might be planning some patches as we speak. It needs a couple, I think.

The new map is nice. I hope there are more biggish ones like this. The multi-level terrain is good. It’s not too cluttered, and it’s often sporting a beautiful sky and horizon. I like it.

I don’t think this is a bad update worthy of my lamentations. Instead I think it is a reasonably priced BP, bringing us one of the coolest features to grace this game in a while (the legs, of course), cool and useful structure parts (those pass-through parts), nice cosmetics (love the paints, stickers, and lights), and a very nice map to compliment it…and a lot of other BS I don’t care about, like the new GUI, and the ridiculous gun. I have mixed feelings about that stuff. Mostly I don’t care. I’ll get my money out of the other stuff.

I’m struggling not to go out and buy some of those legs right now, but I’m going to be patient and just follow the Road to Singularity on the short bus for just $9.99.


Great Post Doc! Thank you for always giving awesome insight especially about the new map. Forgot to give props on that. I appreciate your efforts in giving an honest appraisal especially around the planning of the BP.

It takes effort and time (Your time which I value… Thank you.) It’s interesting the legendary engine seems like a solid block of durability. (Could be a way to protect the back area of build.) Besides that the new legs with the 70 kph with mobility might be fun. Will see …

Thanks for your feedback! Keep rocking and rolling



That is a lot of fused legendaries, including an 11 energy monster.
I think the BP is a fine value for the basic price. It’s a lot of high end equipment to make a nice start on some great builds. Especially for newer players that already do not have massive variety.

I just didn’t like the UI changes.


This pass has massive value for $10

All of the stuff in it I actually want.

The lighters are a great addition to BPs, because it lets you choose what you get VS just being stuck with what they give you.


Thank you RoughMonkey for your perspective. I agree at first glance $9.99 is reasonable for the BP. However, I feel that the grind to get to the levels that matter for the legendries and epics is not fun. Its a time sink. Now there are ways to stack the levels so you can do them at a reasonable pace. The tactic around the amount of leveling per week sucks butt… It means you have to take months before you can complete the 75+ levels. Yes… you can wait 15 weeks and then start crunching levels to optimize time… But once again its about time.

As far as resources like lighters… I would like them to stick with a system where they stay around from BP and Events. This way you use one resource to buy a variety of cool stuff. (Not have to worry about it no longer being phazed out or lost.)

Appreciate your feedback sir!

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During the last BP most of the time I didn’t even look at what the challenges where are just played the game.

No one is getting this done fast. So don’t worry about that part.

Just play and the parts will come.

Also, you don’t need to complete every challenge to to unlock all of the new gear.

I think your making this to stressful on yourself.


Everyone would like this, but sadly it will never happen.


Why is it lighters, specifically, anyways? I mean i smoke a decent amount of pot, but i think 100 lighters would be a lifetime supply in a post-apocalyptic world, for me at least. Soap and salt would be the two biggest luxuries I’d want, but lighters would be useful as well. I’d probably trade one of my gun for 650 Bics tho xD


we also get the relic… well… kind of. we dont aquire it through the battlepass but we have it introduced into the game to be able to be built. i like the new parts put into the game but i feel a few more things shouldve been added like wheels or maybe a few more resources. idk.

i am VERY curious as to what they are going to do with casings because i got 12k of them collecting dust in my inventory. they made them unavailable and they are solely used to make weapons to craft for the event to. it irks me that they take out a resource in the game just to put out items that need that specific resource.
but thats a different topic but still a bit relevant here.


The road to disappointment? I don’t even want seasons, seasons give players so much that I think it’s unfair, but developers and players alike can’t stop with this addictive behaviour and are so used to these seasons that if you think about how much money you spend for how many items, you will never say a season is bad.By the way, on the Chinese server, an upgraded nothung machine gun is being sold for 98CNY, which is the equivalent of $14, and many people will pay for it


For a 10 spot, it provides a somewhat fair amount of goods. Odd new trend but somewhat fair. The grind intensity I agree with. With the new style of rewards it appears as an ominous and a long grind. Not to my liking but, For others it may not be that much of an issue. Personal preference . The lighters instead of an item, Not my choice however its the bone the Devs have tossed us . Embrace it or leave it.
The power of the wallet will be the proving ground if this new trend of event rewards is successful or not. This event style has its plus & minuses depending on a clients personal preference. Bringing back engraved casings for crafting after removing them and only available from the market and from those whom have sit on a seamlessly worthless pile of brass. That alone torques me . If you’re going to implement an item for crafting using an item needed after removing it from earning it, At least re introduce them while the event is in progress. A crappy new trend along with using items from pack purchases to craft with… Don’t get me started on the drop’s for trinkets.


I didn’t like the idea of lighters when they were introduced, but the last BP convinced me that they’re not bad. Being able to have some choice is nice, especially given how many old BP items I rarely use.


Well said WyleCoyote! Thanks for responding and your excellent points of view. I agree with the power of the wallet reference. If people buy into the trend of the BP and pay for it… we reward the dev’s and they will continue to pump out content and rewards.



I have skipped several BP’s now, some on accident. This last one I skipped but not because it was not a good value. The Thor alone was worth the money. But I will not use any of it! It will just get dusty in storage with my previous BP stuff.
I will not use any of those excellent Legendary items, so why give the money?


Thanks LordTutor for your opinion. I appreciate your feedback and point of view.

Keep on rocking and rolling!