The [THOTS] clan and me leaving

Banning everyone in it will make the game 600% better. Everyone there sucks. Someone (Bagel_god) recently began to target art builds specifically in bedlam, mostly me (hates me because I have the confidence to record and post my crappy gameplay stated it offends him), and the rest of the clan has been doing similar things to myself and others, mostly anyone who isn’t a metaslave. I love this game, and want to play it, but the radioactive players are making it very difficult. I have a number of other games, some of which I haven’t even played, and I’m likely to move to those, probably abandoning this game after the season ends.

Anyways, thoughts on [THOTS]?

never heard/10

Makes me wonder if any specific clan even deserves a thread about them or any attention it might bring to them, no matter what kind of a-holes it consists of (that’s all that clans usually are). I usually zone out clan tags because I can’t really be fugged to pay any attention to them, usually only clans I can remember by name are the ones who are running 4-man cheese groups daily for weeks in regular pvp. But yeah making a specific thread about any clan feels like giving them the attention their parents never gave them

Beldam is already a poopshow to begin with

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Maybe the devs need to make a no-weapon version of Bedlam for the people who want it to be free of violence?

You can play other games and still play crossout, I beat probably like 20 games in the past year alone. The best you can do is give them a taste of their own medicine in game which is why I suggested to SchakalofKrieg to send me an in game invite and ill join him in a quest to target them with porcupines if SchakalofKrieg so choose.

I was not involved with that thread at all up until 120 comments later and I made that 1 lone single suggestion and in 10 minutes just like that half the thots clan comes out like a bat out of hell targeting me on the forum and my youtube channel which was totally uncalled for, I was not involved with that thread at all leading up to that point, just making a suggestion to the original poster to send me an invite and then i gets harassed to no ends just like that. For the amount of backlash i received for that one single isolated suggestion to the op then i can’t even begin to imagine how much harassment and bullying those dudes dishes out in the actual game itself.

true and factual

from a thots clan member

Your first mistake was believing that there were rules or ethics in Bedlam. Wouldn’t have survived 5 minutes in Fallout Online :skull:


The unspoken rule is “don’t attack art builds”

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Oh do not get me wrong, I’m the first one to bring art builds to Bedlam, or leave art builds in peace in Bedlam, and I was a really, really nice person in FOnline compared to the rest of the population. Got PK’ed a billion times because I wasn’t shooting other players on sight lmao. Annnnnd… it was the nature of the game, so complaining would have been pointless.

About the “being targeted” part… sounds like it’s not just a game thing ? He didn’t find your gameplay videos on XO by accident then randomly decided to bully you, did he ? I am not saying it is totally impossible, but that sounds very far-fetched given how you presented the situation.

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Why is that so far fetched after everything that went down yesterday? the topic is deleted now but with in 10 minutes after me posting my first comment on that thread they went hunting down my in game profile like a bunch of creeps and started posting pictures of my builds from the exhibition and mocking my builds. If that’s not bullying then what is?

womp womp

Some players need mental health help

no it isn’t

I’m not lurking here 24/7, but the presence of babel_god and his use of stupid zoomer language seems to invalidate that paragraph of mine. Maybe there are some bully losers lurking in Bedlam because PvP is too hard for them. My apologies :'^)


They already had pictures of my builds posted so i posted my yt video of the same build in response in defence of it then they went from stalking my in game profile to stalking my yt channel. Didn’t matter either way they were bullying me one way shape or form.

lmao who even are you?

your all beating yourselves up over nothing again :rofl:



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You can call me too old for this. Have fun young fellas, I’m out of here !


Guy has a life outside the Crossout-sphere, enjoy