The usual answer to all issues

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Oh gees, not to sound like :monkey: but you’re not doing yourself a favor by creating a post about a forum mod, this will be locked/deleted, just letting you know it’s not gonna help you

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It is the usual answer to all complains of sanctions posted on public topics, because there’s a very understandable rule, process and reason for that.

The reason is here : Complains of in-game sanctions published here on a public topic aren’t always completely objective from the complainers and can only spread unfounded rumors and doubts that can still tarnish the trust towards the staff.

On the other hand, contacting the senior Game Master, with evidences and context, is the best way to study a sanction and lift it, as well as giving feedback to the responsible GM, if needs be.

From that reason, a rule and a process is put in place:

The rule is here :
3.8. Community-richtlinien Von Gaijin: Allgemeine Regeln

The process is here : appeal by private message to the senior GM by following this link: Game rule violations & Appeals against a penalty

Thank you for your understanding.