The way to save the game

$10 monthly subscription to have access to all unfused gear. New/old/all players can jump into CW or any PS range.

Maybe just open up 50% of each level of parts, with it being randomly chosen each week. One week you may have access to certain parts and the following week, you have dofferent options.

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I do really think the lack of basic building parts is a such a huge issue… not even modules and weapons etc. So much structure is locked behind levels and badges which gives a new player a pretty narrow choice to build from.

I think if all structure was available for everyone more people would stick around due to such an endless array of building possibilities… I know I can sit and build something for hours with the structure parts I have and I could see a new player getting hooked by it so much.

Newer battlepass structure could be added once the next pass had concluded… so there’s a sense of paying for early access to those new parts but they’ll be given out anyway. I remember when I’d play Halo 3 back in the day, all the DLC maps got added for FREE for everyone once the next DLC was released. It was way better that way as no one missed out… no FOMO bs but you could pay for an early experience.


Yeah they do that and I uninstall instantly to go play Helldivers 2 :rofl:

No way in hell am I going to put 10 dollars into this game in it’s current state monthly

Sure, the whales who buy every pack and pass anyway already would pay that as well.


You dont have to pay a dime. That would be an option for those that want access to most parts and fpr those wanting to play competitive modes. Others like you could still play for free

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Not many veteran players seem to realize this. This is the grind that really matters, and is the most difficult to overcome. As far as the guns and modules go, access isn’t that difficult, and besides the game is played on a graduated field of relative power-scores, so weaponry is theoretically on a more or less even playing field. Their game balance is always an issue, but it effects everybody, not just noobs.

This lack of structure parts is definitely a tall hurdle for new players.


I knew as soon as i turned on the augmented reality mode while building the first time that the firing angle ‘dome’ it shows would tell me what parts would work. I went around for 20 minutes looking for something to put in front of my guns to armor them while still having gun depression. I ended up with actual depression when i realized all i had available was squares and rectangles.

I built a level 10 and under 2499 maching gun build for noobs and published it, and its sad the combos you have to use to get some half ass janky firing angles. And to know how to build it literally is month’s or year’s worth of building knowledge to know hey, the sidestep part has a lip thats a half block higher than all the other parts available. But you have to hold it one extra block out or the ammuniton box on the MG will clip and prevent it from rotating 360°.

Afterwards, i build the most meta 2499 MG build i could and its laughable the difference. Hundreds of points of armor guarding the guns, interlocked with redundancies so no one blast can clear all the armor. The noob one looking like MacGyver was given a box of tooth picks, a disassembled box van and some duct tape xD


Where is the dislike button?

You dont like the idea of others paying to improve the game you enjoy playing?

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Crossout: The Nightclub Edition

Umm dont they already do that buying all the packs, coins and crosscrowns?

this is what is ruining gaming and why companies keep doing this shit. i pay for my internet, pay for the ridiculous fee required to use playstation plus/xbox live/nintendo switch online and im STILL waiting on that return on investment. monthly fees / monthly services need to stop, i and alot of the community are sick and tired of that shit. idc if its for newer players theres no reason for it.

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So you are more of the pay $75 one time for the game and not have them ever expand the game model?

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you are very correct sir.

or buy a pc every 5 years and get internet access. then pay for games, dont pay for games, its all good, your choice. just dont play shitty live service games.

if they had things like that are optional like buying a season pass or optional cosmetics then im ok with it, but monthly subscriptions have been done to death. im all for supporting games but subscription models need to stop. they are a massive plague to the community and its bad enough we have to pay for ps plus on top of the others.

I apologize for using the wrong name. I meant to say an optional season pass that lasts one month and is always followed up by an additional optional season pass that lasts a month.

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if i rolled my eyes any harder at that theyd pop out of my head and start their own orbit.
if they start something like that then whats stopping them from doing the same thing to other players on top of charging for packs and more battle passes?
i pay for my internet and the stupid playstation plus, i dont need more monthly subscriptions thanks.
give a company greedy for money an inch and theyll take 1000 miles (look no further then EA and activision). we dont need crossout turning into one of those two companies and trying to extort their playerbase even more then it already has been.

Under this premise, only those that want immediate access to parts at each level, including relics, would participate. If i invite a friend to play this game, they look at how impossibly long it would take them to be able to play the competitive mode, and they quit. $10/month is a lot to some but a drop in the bucket for others. Your experience wouldnt negatively change from not participating but it could be improved from having new blood suddenly playing at your preferred PS. Meanwhile, it infuses more money into the game, giving the devs incentive to get growing and inproving the game.

I dont buy coins but I am glad there are whales that do. I need someone to cover for my frugal behavior. Why do so many hate when prople choose to spend money on a free game?!?

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this is an arguement alot of people make. theres two ways this could possibly go.
1: the devs get more funds and grow the game and the community and do more with the game.
2: the devs test the waters to see how many people would pay and what else they can get away with through different means of monitization. they may try to force stuff on us till we accept it and then inject more of said nonsense into the game, ignoring its community and throwing the game further into decline.

look around you and the games people play. fortnite is a free game but is riddled with a very toxic community / playerbase and devs so damn greedy they would LIE to the british house of lords saying they dont make money off the microtransactions in their game when they know they do. they have stupid amounts of monitization in their game much like call of duty, madden, fifa and other sports genre games. no you dont have to spend money but itll take you forever and a millennia to make progress. people dont want heavy monitizations in game. if you start something small itll grow into something bigger and then it will get out of control from there. there are people who wont buy into it but then you have the whales that do. this is why people are hostile to the idea of putting stuff like this into the game.

edit: this also creates a problem of an unfair advantage to. whales will spend hundreds in the game to get everything before everyone leaving the free player to wait and suffer while they get destroyed by wallet warriors. think about it, how fast do the new weapons in this game hit the market place as soon as the battlepass and the levels come out? almost instantly because you have the wallet warriors dropping 200+ dollars to get everything and craft a whole bunch of stuff to sell it for absurd prices. this is what we want to avoid. it creates an unfair and unfun advantage.