The Wobble

Why is nobody talking about the wobble on augurs, omnis and atoms?
The devs broke those movement parts a few months back with an update, and never fixed it.

Does it only happen in Camera steering?

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I have the atoms; never noticed them wobbling.

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Yes im using the camera steering.

Downside of letting the game do all the work


The game was never broken for mouse steering parts and frontal facing weapons as much as this.

Well turn off camera steering then, play the game youself


Sounds like you think camera steering is some kind of cheat. :thinking:

It does all the calculating for you, so maybe if you do it yourself then you won’t have the game calculating those issues for you. You complain about an issue that is purely there because the game is doing it to you and you have a way to stop it.


Whats next?, aim the cursor with your mouse is a cheat too? :joy:

You come here with an issue, get a solution then make up what I said. Keep suffering, noob.


And there we have it, calling the other a noob, real mature

Thanx for your solution Btw, dont get angry if ppl dont listen to you.

Man I thought your spam posts were just a bit weird but I guess you are just a schizo

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My older brother is the schitzo, i am the autist.
Be glad people make forum posts for others to reply at. :wink:

I mean I’ll just block you, don’t need little freaks like you here

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Sure, if that is what you want.
Hiding people you dislike wont make you learn more things tho.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Aristotle

Aristotle sounds lit af. I still need to read On The Soul, so I can write unintelligible posts about the aristotelician nature of souls in Evangelion on some forum.

^ me beating a very dead horse

What wobble are we talking about?
Do you mean the rocking motion when switching from forward to reverse when using augers?
If so, it’s actually much better now than it was years ago.

I use camera steering, and haven’t noticed anything weird.
I feel like everyone treating camera steering as cheating hasn’t actually spent much time playing the two strafing control options.
It makes some things easier, and other maneuvers impossible. I use it because the traditional controls hurt my hands, but if I had a custom controller that allowed me to use toggles for strafing I would go back to traditional controls. But I don’t care enough to find that controller.

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I used legs for a while, turned off camera steering, and played way better.

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