These wreckages are annoying

you know, the wreckages that appear after you defeat an enemy. they ALWAYS get in the way and more often then not i find my car being wedged up on them ALL THE DAMN TIME! you cant just bump them out of the way, they will literally wedge you up on them until they disappear. it wasnt just in pve but also the dronepocalypse to. i found this to be stupidly annoying and not necessary to have in here. its less annoying on tracks i think but my main movement to use is bigfoots. anytime i drive by them or go to nudge them out of my way it just wedges under me and forces me on top of it. often times getting stuck under my car and even spinning me around.
i remember in the dronepocalypse it was pretty bad, anytime if hit one of the drone parts it would just wedge me right up on it, often times making me unable to do anything and more often then not getting me killed.
does anyone else have issues with this or is it just me whos getting frustrated?
this is the most annoying in raids. im trying to finish off a boss only to have the corpse of a car wedge under me and spin me right round like a record baby right round round.
all jokes aside does this annoy anyone else?

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I love the wreckages.


… lol jk. i guess everyone their own opinions on it.
im not AGAINST the idea of the wreckages but its more of a hinderance then anything sometimes. sometimes the wreckages act like they are a 20 ton anvil but eh.

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I do too. I think it enhances the environment with an organic randomness that it otherwise lacks. Sometimes it’s not really to my advantage, but when I’m running a brawler, the meat shields can be handy every once in a while.

I like the ambiance.


I think the wrecks add something to the game.

I’ll even use them as shield’s.


No one here will give you a rational answer.

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Debris should push away easily. I also had problems with debris before I uninstalled it.

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Just because it’s not the answer they want does not mean it’s not Rational.

Everyone has their own thoughts on the subject.

And obviously many think differently.


Darn, you must really dislike the carcasses if you said all that just to say, I dislike them, take them out :rofl:
Well, i’ll keep it short, I like them and think they should be permanent in the game!

I find fellow teammates much more of a hindrance than the carcasses that litter the field when I am playing a match

I conquer with Monkey, just because it’s not an answer you want to hear doesn’t mean it’s irrational, that being said people could say your statement isn’t rational



This is lame as hell esp in cw.
Kill some1 with almost full hp left, get stuck, sit and watch unable to help yo team. (Might aswell just make me explode by random from time to time) = bad game design.
Make them 1 kg if you want them for aesthetic.

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If the wreckages had no mass, it would ruin the point of them. Shouldn’t just be a visual frill.

Anyway, they’ve made wreckages less dangerous with recent patches, so they’re not as much of a game changer.

Sure, sometimes I get trapped under a wreck when I’m playing close range, but that should be a risk of that kind of play. And for every time I get messed up by a wreckage, the next match I’m able to use it as cover, so it evens out.

Also, it’s fun when playing a big spider and you’ve been degunned to climb on top of the nearest enemy and self destruct, pinning them with your corpse.


It you ram into a car holding the gas peddle the whole time… what would you expect to happen in a car crash?



What does rammin a car in real life have to do with rammin a flying trashpile and a giant spider in a video game lol?

Thats like sayin a dc in cw is not much of a game changer.
Do you play cw?

So randomly getting stuck for rest of battle is good game design to you? lol now.

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Big explosions

So this is the part where you get upset that we don’t agree…

Also flexing about CWs is not going to impress anyone here and has nothing to do with the conversation. Your not special because you play CWs.

With that said:
I also sometimes get stuck, and yes it is frustrating.

But that is the chance I take for playing a play style where you drive into another car.


me too in pvp. :rofl:

and raids should not have wrecks it’s slow and boring enough as it is.

but in pvp,we all know we killed someone that was stuck and we laughed about it… :crazy_face:


Lol yeah, 100%

But that’s the way it goes :slight_smile:

You win some and you lose some.


Flexin how? :joy: Theres a dif between losein a player in 4v4 or 8v8 and if that (random) lost game means - 40 or 400 coins or - 35 scrap and if its in a competitive environment or narh.

Dude… I played top 10 CWs for 3 years straight.

CWs games are no more important then any other match. No one cares about your Ore.

If your argument is:

(Insert chest pounding here)
I play CWs so my games mater more.
(Inset random grunts)

Then your going to lose this argument.

If corpses where a CW only feature, then you have a point, But it’s not…. So, it’s pointless to mention it. It ads nothing to the conversation.

So, let’s stop all the CW talk and have a conversation about the feature that affects all game modes.

Even Gaijin disagrees with you on that point. Insta leave normal games if you want. Insta leave cw and time punishment.

On the other, its lame to get stuck by a dead enemy. Its not fun gameplay to get stuck for the rest of a match. And and makein in 1 kg could be fun, then you could move it around and build a wall of cover while not messin the game up for close range build.