These wreckages are annoying

I agree, it is laughable.

Both of us mentioning CWs in a post about corpses is just dumb and pointless, but you seem to hold some kind of meaningless value in it.

Many people here play CWs and many do not. This is the first time in a very very very long time that we have had someone come here and think it will hold more weight.

News flash, it don’t.

No one is going to claim it is fun to be trapped, but it does add sometime to the game that many of us do not want removed.

I play a lot of different CW dog builds and I get stuck sometimes. But it’s the price of playing a mindless build. Press gas, stealth, ram, boom - I do think it does take more skill then people give credit… but… never mind, it’s not worth it.

Thank you for your entertaining post, but it has lost its entertainment value.

I’ll end this post with the the Crossout Moto:
“Buff everything I love and Nerf everything I hate.”

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How are people getting stuck for entire matches? I don’t think I’ve ever been stuck for more than a few seconds. My builds rarely have any trouble pushing a wreckage, unless I drive off a cliff and get stuck on top of one.


depends if you use wheels ect…

i switched to small tracks before the update for the reverse speed.
glad i did,it helps to push the junk out of the way as well… :crazy_face:

but wait…’ :point_right: ‘puts on till foil hat’…hovers don’t get stuck on them. :thinking:

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I’ve totally got stuck on wreckages while playing hovers. Float over top of one and get snagged on a radar or something.

But even on wheels, I feel like I can push most wreckages around, except maybe a big spider that self destructed before losing much armour.

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His statement isn’t rational.

Can you imagine stalking a video game forum like it was Jody Foster? He’s not the only one who does this either. I think it’s beyond weird.

“Why won’t you love me back?”


I set up a bedlam in the Game Center, add 15 bots, share the blueprint, and while they’re busy with one another, I can learn the maps and figure out the best tactics for a particular map and vehicle. It’s especially important for piloting Clarinet missiles, as well as learning to use a new vehicle type. So what if I spend hours doing that, if I’m defeated by random trash on the ground. Or bridge debris that can be driven over, but it stops Clarinet missiles. I don’t like the wreckages because:

  1. They aren’t integral parts of the maps. They create spontaneous obstacles, e.g. blocking narrow passages.
  2. But they disappear seconds later - so why did they have to be there in the first place?
  3. They’re crappy ‘shields,’ because they soon disappear, and they don’t have that many HP - recently halved.
  4. Sometimes I get blocked by them.

I don’t invest all that time in learning the maps and tactics for my vehicles just to be trolled by something that:

  • appears suddenly and not completely predictably,
  • instantly becoming an impassable obstacle,
  • to diseappear a few seconds later.

The Clarinet was added to the game before wreckages of player vehicles. Adding the wrecking mechanic has become an issue for using the Clarinet, nerfing it in a way. The weapon already had low DPS, so every shot counts. I often barely see anything, because of the recently added destructible trash and vegetation, which prevent me from noticing a weckage in time. But it disappears seconds later, so, LOL, I got trolled! And the missile that may have instapopped a hovercraft carrying 2 Scorpions, thus saving someone on my team, couldn’t hit its target. With a lot of practice and perparation, it’s a great weapon, but this is too much.

I’ve been wondering if the developers work on some ideas to show off. So chief developer Alex would see how clever they are. A race of sorts - who can come out with an idea that’ll end up in the game. Or maybe it’s Mad King Alex getting inspiration attacks and ordering his minions to realize stuff that’s not entirely practical? Other recent examples would fit the bill:

  • The blinding Arbiter flash - which they later reduced.
  • Bigger explosions and black smoke obstrucitng vision in critical moments during battles.
  • Bigger notifications, such as “Destruction” - those posed a visibility problem too, and were subsequently reduced.
  • Changing the way vehicle mass distribution has on driving - which nerfed wheeled vehicles. It was recently halved, but it’s still there, and is still a problem.
  • Reducing the grip of ST wheels by 50%, so as to promote the use of non-ST wheels - thereby further nerfing wheeled vehicles.
  • Increasing the top speed and flight altitude of the Icarus VII.
  • While covering some maps with snow and ice.
  • Changing the way the Omni drives, and at the same time taking away the roundabout way of braking by pressing a key for another direction. Now the Omni has no handbrake. It was a nerf. I dind’t mind having to drive diagionally for better accelleration, it was a funny glitch, and helped me learn Omni driving in general. I’ll take that over smoother driving, but without a handbrake. Now, teammates on Omnis crash into me because they haven’t bothered to learn to drive the new, ‘improved’ Omni, and I myself ended up in a minefiled one time, after I thought I’d stopped, and proceeded to drop a barrier and fire a missile (but I still got 700 points, and we won).

And more that I’m forgetting.

There is a pattern of adding new stuff that instantly becomes an issue. As if only to dazzle us with its novelty, with no regard for easy-to-predict balancing consequences. In his celebrity interview from 2023.02.11, Yuri revealed they have around a dozen balance testers, who “have a lot of experience in clan battles, most of them came from CBT and have a lot of gaming experience.” Apparently, that’s not enough. Clearly, something doesn’t work in their methodology of adding new content.

The wreckages don’t disappear unless someone blows them up.

The exception is in raids, where they disappear on their own.

Anyway, how are you so worried about wreckages creating new obstacles when every single game has a full team of allies potentially blocking your shots?

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Isn’t that hilarious? Local reaction to criticism of the game?


I expect my car to “go go gadget suspension extension” and inspector gadget right over the wreckage. I mean after all, I apparently know how to make hovers and energy weapons from trash plastic, scrap and copper wires right?

I’ll assume your joking.


I didn’t like the wreckages at first. But once I realized the enemy just killed became brand new cover… I changed my mind. They are great.

Might be a cool new movement part concept though.


This is why I asked if u played cw, before other dude went on his tantrum about flexin(which it was not) just to then acually start flexin himself :clown_face:

The wider, bigger and more catchers a corpse have the more likely gettin stuck. (cw ps lvl)
Might be less common at lower ps.

Add alot more focus fire = entire match.

Dw theres a reason why its the same 8 people on this forum, its like gooin to some local football teams fanclub tellin them it sucks jaja, might aswell stay outta there.

Nope, if I wanted to flex I would do something like this.

That last ones my favorite.

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Askin some1 if they play cw is flexin to you

But this you say is not

Ow waw some people like wrecks some people dont, sick flex man :joy:
Now enjoy this ignore, cba been tagged in yo clown show :clown_face:

I like the player carcasses and the chance to use them for cover especially for my drive around drone play.

It adds another factor in vehicle power construction and how your vehicle reacts when pushing these wrecks. Some people load up so much weight/armor that there power left is crap where as me im actively ramming wrecks for fun and pushing them into enemies!

Ever use a wreck as a moving shield?

I think wrecks add more varied gameplay which helps in keeping things a little less of the same same.

Its also cool to see where the bodies of players are left in the field…well for me at least…

Sure u can get stuck but sometimes that just comes down to lady luck.


Ok, I will try to be rational. This only applies to PVP and not PVE where they eventually disappear anyway.
The patch notes said the new wreckages would be more destructible and no more explosions from left over explosive items. I ram them now and still they take no ram damage. So, problem not solved.

  1. The wreckages should take ram damage!
  2. The wreckage should take crushing damage if you are stuck on top of them until they disappear and release you or until you free yourself.
  3. Turrets or any AI weapon should try to fire through wreckages until they either blast a hole to shoot the enemy through or the wreckage totally disappears. Wreckages should not block line of sight for AI weapons, just block the fire but not break or hinder the target lock.
  4. Enemy wreckages should not apply the “Wedge Effect Power Drain” when on top of your vehicle. They are destroyed wreckages and have lost much mass and should not bother your vehicle. Ally vehicles do not apply the power drain.
    Fix these four things during the next Update!

I’m a big fan of the moving shield move.
And yes, if you don’t build all the way up to your mass limit and it’s a lot easier to push wrecks.

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I don’t see what’s the big deal about a little realism in a factional game world like having wreck vehicles after a player/bot is destroyed, 99.9% of the time you can easily push them out of the way, if you end up stuck on them you can 99% of the time get unstuck, if you actually try to get unstuck and not just go well, I’m stuck can’t do anything!
You can even shoot the carcasses.
I don’t get why the letter profile people make the biggest stink about stuff including people not agreeing with them when they can’t even be bothered to fill out their profiles completely :rofl: :clown_face: :wolf: :eyes:


treat them like the obstacles they are , avoid or use for cover