These wreckages are annoying

So, you would agree that the carcasses should take ram damage from passive melee and bumpers? So, players without guns can damage the carcasses. That would be realistic right?
If I rammed a shot up car with my Gessan and Spike Bumpers then the wreckage should take damage like an enemy vehicle would, right?
Or because the wreckages are dead, they are no longer enemy, so just like allies they take no ram damage, like I cannot ram damage an ally.
The patch notes said the wreckages would be weaker or less durable now, so ram damage should work better not worse than ramming an enemy.

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I wouldn’t mind being able to inflict damage to the carcasses as a wrecked car doesn’t stop taking damage cause it’s a wreck, but even as it is now I don’t see the carcasses being an issue let alone a big one
I know you were trying to be argumentative but I agree on carcasses taken on damage so yeah! :rofl:


I am sorry if my words came across as argumentative, that was not my intent. Just to clarify your thoughts about realism and ram damage. Your point about realism was right on point, so I was curious about your thoughts on ram damage being realistic. Thank you for your reply.

Now, just get AI weapons to shoot through the carcasses and remove the power drain from wedging an enemy carcass and make carcasses take crushing damage and all will be well.

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I have not tested this, but I would agree that bumpers should do damage to them if they don’t.

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I don’t agree with this part.

If the AI’s line of sight is blocked by a carcass then it should not be able to fire at the enemy.

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I cannot really disagree with you but I want it anyway.


I get you man. I know you main AI weapons so they have to piss you off.

But I just don’t think they should be able to fire through them.

And even worse I don’t want AI to target them, it already get me pissed when my AI is worried about fighting an other AI thing instead of targeting an enemy. But that is a topic for another thread.


Well, I meant they fire at the enemy they are locked on but they have to chew through any carcass in the way but the lock is not broken. My Turrets have damaged the carcasses before they quit firing from having the lock broken, so they do damage them if they hit them. But I ram carcasses all the time away from my turrets to clear the field per se. Be so nice if parts flew off when I ram them well.

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ok, got a good screenshot, I think. The enemy blew up and the carcass lands on top of me and even though I have 3 Turrets deployed which gives 3 stacked bonuses to power, I could only go 23 KPH. Luckily an enemy cannon guy blew the corpse off me.

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Oh, you like pooping lil’babies out too huh,
I don’t think a carcass should slow down someone as much as an active vehicle, to me that’s kinda janky but this is the first time seeing one on top of a build, and seen people get on top of carcasses :rofl:

this is kind of my point. im not referring to pvp i am referring to raids. i find them to be more of a hinderance in raids. (sorry if i didnt specify that)

calm down donkey king :rofl:

i believe i was referring to raids on the corpses of enemies and the dronepocalypse. sorry that i didnt make that clear. i dont play clan wars so i dont know how bad it is there.

i wasnt even talking about clan wars so i have no idea how it came to that. i was referring to raids and the dronepocalypse. i didnt make that to clear so sorry for the confusion.

the thing is if i ram a corpse itll sometimes get wedged under my vehicle making me unable to move or drive. at that point i need to wait for it to vanish which takes… idk what is it 15 - 20 seconds?? but the entire match not being able to do anything? uhh are you a bot pretending to be able to drive through a solid wall? :rofl:

i use wheels mainly and sometimes the build can be stripped but still act as if it weighs 20 tons.

this is something i wanted to bring up to. it sometimes obscures your view in raids as well and i find this a bit unfair as bots have perfect accuracy and you dont meaning if its obscuring your view your just firing blindly while bots get cheap 100% accurate shots all the time on you.

wait are you serious about that? i was wondering why my bigfoot steering wheels couldnt grip for crap! when i used them id slip and slide everywhere like it was crossout on ice!

i cant lmfao :rofl:

in raids if you shoot an explosive left over on the enemy it goes boom and deals a HUGE chunk of damage to you. i took 700 damage from one before. or do you mean in pvp?

i think a cool feature would be allowing spiders / legs to walk over corpses.

If you use heavy builds, 20 tons heavy builds, the wreckages are like as they aren’t even there.
But you need to be 20 tons at least.
I have a heavy build that has beneath 18 tons and yes, it drops a little if i have another build on top of me.

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