They butchered Varuns, again

I liked Varuns the way they were when they first came out. Enough so that I fused a pair of them for myself. They worked fine as long as the servers worked fine, so very rarely, but other than that they had no problems outside their annoying habit of bopping up and down along the build and only afterwards realigning themselves to where you ar aiming, instead of keeping the aim where you’re aiming when you go over obstacles like guns normally.

Then they did the first change, I did not like it at all, but I could deal with it. But now they changed them again, making them even furher worse to use and play with than before, 2 bad changes in a row and now they suck to the point that I do not see myself ever using them in the current state they are in, just like Vulture at launch and Nests currently and am stuck wishing they do something with them once again.

They haven’t changed their main function that much, but the way it feels to use the just plain feels way way worse than they did before, once again. The tempo of firing is once again changed up, for the worse, and the effectiveness of the weapon. worse than before.

Now it feels like you do even less damage than before, once again, but at a slower pace.

Move on?
Perhaps the SG i spent the most amount of time tweaking was Spitfires due to several reasons, i fused my modules, i did a lot of things, and despite the pos nerfed Fav cab i got , i manage to keep my Spitfires shooting until the next week.
Then the nerfs came, 4 of them, it was simply too much, so i was forced to move on.
To this day, i say without shame, Spitfires were the SG hardest to give up.
sledgehammers, maces, leechs, thunderbolts, all came and went.
Spitfires, Ruptures, Gremlins and Gobblins stuck with me.
they are my primary choices
I’m still hoping for a legendary Spitfire

Because banning macro players is too hard for Targem… Or maybe their stats show that macroers are fat whales who are 5 thousand dollars deep in the game on average? Regardless, Varun has been balanced around cheating. Nothing to do about it except wait for Targem to have a moment of lucidity in 3 years lol.

You bought Varuns, fine
You fused Varuns, great
You did exactly what the devs wanted you to do, use the meta until it’s trashed so you lose as much market (and real) money as possible.
for sake of clarity i will take rough estimates : fusing 2 varuns cost you around 100 bucks of real money , well you might have taken a banknote and burnt it , result would have been exactly the same.
Rinse and repeat for all next buy-only market items to come.
Welcome to Crossout ,
Have a nice day.


good i highly enjoy the new Varuns afther the update.

Can acctuly reasonbaly fight them now instead of being spiked to death with a serten DPS i cant overcome or ignore or with a serten piercing true armour i cant compeet with.

Ather marco key weapon that got introduced abused to mental insanity and now is reduced to crap.

I hope it goes the same way as the assembler and becomes trash value.

But yes they have done this thing with many weapons.

Annilathors 3 nerfs = and prenounced death / need ignore spark perk to be usefull
Also when they just came out these weapons auto lock would keep gowing during cloak so you couldnt hide at all.

when these things where so broken we played 4 people cw with them before the update and it was total madness just lock on and spark em death

Parsers 3 nerfs = and prenounced pretty useless unles serten config of build BP.

Destructor had few updates = stil reasonbale dmg output for degunning if used with a photon cabine.

Nest epic weapon was broken when launched (would penetrate or blow up a build into the frame dowing more dmg then it should

Vultures urgh dont know but they can stil be annoying.

And Now they did something about Varuns again 3 updates / fixes later.

CW was full of crossout player with macro key (highly enjoyebale) to play against being…

But yeah game is always pretty balanced. surely things are getting tested but properly tested… nope.

I stil wonder why they made agesis bubble from 1000 dura to 600 because it doesnt tank the same anymore + omamori is stil better alternative here… scratches brain

I wouldnt mind if these guys would invite me to hungary as a proper tester …
10.500 hours into this XO and the only thing that keeps me happy is having fun.

But the harsh reality is its realy hard to have fun in XO afther supercharger update 2.0
a lot has changed for good or bad…

Either your math sucks or you are doing something very wrong if that is how much you spend in fusing 2 epics

during fusion event : 1 varun = 2 k ,
4 veruns 8 k plus some ressources , ok 9k

The moment I saw varuns in the fusion list, and macro n00bs started popping up left and right, I knew it was tie to sell mine.

NEVER fuse the op crap of the moment.

HUH?? um. I will leave it at that.

So far the prices of Varuns have plummeted (350 on PC) and you don’t really see these guns around at all, I think that speaks by itself for how bad they made these guns with their constant changes

I hope they’ll try again at some point instead of giving up like on so many weapons, especially when they ruined them repeatedly while trying to make them more popular, doing the exact opposite to them.

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It’s almost as if the only thing that made them OP was the illegal macroing that was so prevalent with those, despite what naysaayers kept claiming here. Now that they’re balanced for macro users they suck balls.

+1 to Targem for releasing a macro weapon a year after tweaking plasma emitters because they were macro heaven lmao.

Macros schmacros. People said the same crap about helios. But i was getting perfect timing manually. Calling a good varun player a macro user is just a copout accusation.

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They were always cheap on PS4. Didn’t notice any significant price change after the nerf.

What’s more likely:

1- You’re so much better than everybody else at everything and decided not to use your superpowers to win lots of money in SF or Smash Bros tourneys, instead humbly using it in XO (while telling everybody that you’re so good you could totally do it)
2- You actually can’t hit frame-perfect inputs 100% of the time in stressful situations like 99.99% human beings and are just bullshiting us and/or being arrogant and deceiving yourself

Pick your answer. But remember, this game’s server speed is at 30 or 60 fps. You’re claiming to be perfectly and reliably precise in a 1/30th of a second range minimum. Entertain us.

Some people are just better at timeing then others. If you think theres no one in the community that can have almost perfect timeing then your delusional. Like… just because you cant do it doesnt mean others cant either. Get over yourself dude.

You’re reliably nailing intervals of 3 100th of a second under any kind of circumstances, got ya champ. Must be incredible to be you. May I suggest more profitable ways to use your “timeing” superpowers?

Never played varun. But i did play helios a lot. And i remember lots of players spewing the same nonsense about helios that your spewing about varuns. People said no way i have such good helios timeing without a macro. Well…those people were idiots. I dont think just because i cant do something no one else can. You didnt need superpowers. It wasnt even that hard. Just a bunch of people with god complexes mad someone can do something they cant.


I got called a cheater for nailing people with Kaiju, doesn’t mean my aim is 100% perfect. What makes you think that being good with helios = being frame-perfect? Damn I think I’ve been called an aimbotter after nailing someone with Yongwang or some other weap that gets no benefit whatsoever from being auto-aimed.

Honestly mate the claim that you hit it frame-perfect like a macro all the time is just complete non-sense. tell me you were good with em and never macro’ed, I’ll be okay with this. The claim that you’re casually nailing Helios’ firing pattern harder than any SF champ will ever nail a match tho, it’s not doing any good to your claims.

And if you’re not frame-perfect 100% of the time, you get less DPS than a macro user.

Look I was good with Varuns too. You can smell a macro user from miles away. Everybody I met that was playing Vajun was frame-perfect firing 100% of the match. This is humanly impossible, and pointless from a gaming perspective too. The spawn point’s walls are innocent in this affair, so are the clouds.

Your just way too salty bro. Your god complex is showing.