They butchered Varuns, again

You’re the one who’s salty lmao. Clearly you have nothing to back up your claim that you’re a living machine god. And clearly nobody was macroing with Helios, that’s why Targem specified they were nuking the macro aspect out of the design a couple years ago.

I find it hilarious that you project your own problems so hard onto others OwO

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It is called rhythm, it is what all musicians use. Ever play guitar hero and think those players hitting the buttons spot on are cheating as well. They might be or they might not but at least give them the benefit of a doubt because accusing players of using macros is going to be a very tough one to prove.

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Besides, it’s not like you have to be accurate to a fraction of a second: there’s actually a pretty long window to keep the perk active. And musicians have to be able to keep their timing steady within small fractions of a second anyway: any drummer that can’t do that will get kicked out of most bands pretty quick.
Getting the timing right on Varuns is much easier than playing in a band.

its the console aim assist debate or the thread about +5k new steam accounts within 7 days all over again.

people want to believe certain things and are willing to argue about them endlessly with at times ridiculous arguments.

both of you argued the console aimassist was barely noticeable when it in fact turned your aim 360°. tenshin thinks he could feel the ps4 player numbers steadily rising because steam on pc gained 5000 avg players in a week. does it make any sense? who cares?! nobler was fighting a hopeless fight in that one. but hes right, it doesnt check out and no, marketing doesnt lead to a 100% persistent spike in avg players within the span of a week.

same here. musicians blabla, every loser plays guitar, i do too. know enough about your music to realise what a “computer drum” is and why it sounds like that? because its 100% accurate and youre not. in music you dont want to sound like a computer.

and no tenshin, your timing isnt 100% either, nonetheless youre a highly skilled and decorated warrior on the crossout battlefields, everybody knows it.

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It turned out to be the chinese after getting migrated to steam, here is link to the thread


You sound like you have a god complex, for a simple mortal who isn’t even computer-accurate.

In order to verify perfect timing than you need perfect eyes and ears. If you think someone is using a macro record your session, get some computer software to verify it if it is even out there.

I never argued that the old aim assist wasn’t noticeable. I said that I didn’t enjoy using it, because with most weapons I use, it screwed me up more than helped.
Maybe you’re confused, because I also said that the only way I didn’t hate having assist on was when you turned the settings down enough that it wasn’t very noticeable.
(The original assist was a whole different story, but that was years ago now).

Anyway, who cares, as the current aim assist doesn’t seem to do a whole lot, and the game still feels better to me with it turned off.

Also, your comment about drum machines is dumb. Almost all recording in the last few decades is done to a click track, so drummers are definitely expected to have consistent timing. Humans can do a more natural swing, but that’s not the same as sloppy timing. If anything, adding swing or shuffle to a rhythm requires even more precise timing.
At 120 BPM, sixteenth notes are 1/8 of a second apart. The window for keeping the Varun perk active is way bigger than that.

I know you’re just trolling, but I also know you can do better. You’ve actually made me laugh more than a few times on here, despite your cookie cutter edgelord internet persona. Either be funny, or be useful.

Sharing for no apparent reason… if you click on someone’s profile, this appears in the top right corner of the page.


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i dont know, could be, but im sceptical. 5000 chinese players get shafted hard by their own crossout and then go out en masse to make steam accounts and grind the game from the start again on servers across the globe with horrible ping. somehow doesnt seem that likely to me.

one possible reason that would make sense to me is gajin added the standalone version player numbers to the steam count. if thats even something they can do.

ah common, no god complex here, im just like the rest of you, except a little bit cuter.

i remember it differently, but youre right, the old aa is quite a while back. similar kinds of arguments here imo though. “it doesnt really help” / “i can aim just like the aa” / “its barely noticeable”

ah so close yet so far. yes every recording drummer plays more or less imperfectly to a perfect clicktrack. i actually dont know this, but im positive that everybody after the drummer records on the drum track but without the click track! and thats because the drummer isnt perfect unlike the click track. almost all of his hits are off by some ms. a good musician can probably stay within a narrow window of 5, 10, 20 ms i would guess, but you cant be 100% accurate.

gaming mice have a 1000mhz polling rate, which means they can send a command every single millisecond. no musician can be accurate to the ms. dont know it for a fact but still think its true.

always grateful for someone who can appreciate my art, thanks friend!

ive recently been told i was a useless schmock so now im at least trying to be helpful.

i had a macro for assemblers when they were op. it was with the old scope (neutrino) mechanics. all it did was make it so you can hold rmb to 1) use scope 2) zoom in and on release of the right mouse button it would deactivate the scope.

normally you would have to click rmb, then scroll mousewheel up to zoom in to the second zoom stage and then click rmb again to leave the scope. i just had to hold rmb and the macro did the clicking.

really makes it easier to quickly tag someone, sounds like a minor help but it was quite noticeable to me.

when we played cw other clan members would watch some games over discord here and there. and people noticed how fast im zooming in and out, they didnt get it was a macro but they noticed my fast scope in/out. because its noticeable. because the delays for the clicks i put in the macro are like 10ms. its fast as fuck. the scope used to make a clicking sound too, that was fast too.

so in short, you can macro and “cheat” in brawls in crossout because they dont really enforce their rules very much, or at least inconsistently. i never had any issues because of the macro i used. and i doubt the other mg macroers are having issues when theyre using them now.

the people you report probably wont face any consequences.

what are you a snowflake? are you trying to censor me? are you impeding on my right to free speech?

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I’m more like a pigeon turd that lands on your tongue when you try to catch a snowflake there. :joy::snowflake:

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That’s the first time I see a forumer call himself a pigeon turd while trying to annoy another forumer >.>

The conclusion to draw from this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, yet I feel it’s sadly going to be: No, you’re not as accurate as computers without even trying, tenshi and poony. I know, I know, high hopes and expectations, black holes and revelations. And really guys, hearing you argue the opposite was like listening to flat earthers. It made no sense and was a real strain on me lol.

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I think you can possibly be right, I have noticed you can finally launch the game thru steam without the gaijin launcher.

Some of the keys to happiness… never take yourself too seriously. Now that I think about it, don’t take games or online forums too seriously, either. LOL

I don’t understand why you keep hammering on about humans not being able to keep steady time.
People keep bringing up the limitations of reaction time, but Varuns don’t require anything close to computer precision. The window to take your shot is long, not a couple milliseconds. So a Varun player doesn’t need even basic musician timing to keep the perk going.
I’m sure people are using macros with it, because it would make it easier on the hands and require less effort to play. But that doesn’t mean those players will do better than someone who isn’t using macros, assuming the player who isn’t using macros can clap in time with a beat.

I’ll simply again: Varuns don’t require millisecond precision, they just require the same amount of coordination that anyone uses when dancing to a beat. Macros do not make a weapon like that OP.

Regarding the drum machines vs. real drummers…

Music apps now allow you to add “imperfections” to rhythm, notes etc to make what you compose sound more “human.”

I’m not going to delve into the whole debate, I just thought I’d toss a little kerosene y’all’s way. :wink: :clown_face: :grinning:

Maybe you never mastered the art of playing with emmiters, dunno.
I played them alot before they gave them the teletubbie treatment. And yes I tried to macro them, without macro and some practice was more effective.

…Nobody ever talked about keeping the perk alive. Is that what you were talking about all this time ^_-? The problem is macros firing the ms the weapon reloads, leading to insane DPS no human could reasonnably reach for extended periods of time while fighting.

Like… that’s the point of a macro. Perfect tap-firing Punisher, perfect timing Varuns or Helioses back then, etc.

I’m honestly puzzled at the fact you assume anyone would lack the basic coordination to keep the perk alive to begin with >.> Like did you really assume I was pissed at those damn macro users who are able to keep the perk alive while I’d fail to hit a 3 seconds window? U_U

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They still fire too slow to make that a big advantage. And have you timed what the fastest tempo is? It’s definitely not in the kind of millisecond range you’re talking about.

Imagine the devs came up with a reload module that would automatically fire reload weapons at their fastest tempo if you held it down, but would also generate a pause between pulling the trigger and the first shot going off. No one would use it, because losing control of when you take a shot would cancel out any advantage of a higher rate of fire.

That’s essentially what you are describing as unfair, and I just don’t see it.

As far as musicians and drum machines, there’s a lot of nonsense being said in this thread. The difference between a good drummer and a drum machine isn’t that the drum machine can keep a steady tempo, and the “feel” that real drummers give a beat isn’t to do with them being sloppy.
What real drummers do better than machines is shift some beats forwards or backwards against the main tempo, which creates swing, shuffle, and a groove that machines have difficulty emulating. Keep in mind that these shifts need to be consistent for it to work, and we’re talking about very tiny shifts. Drum machines can fake it a bit by delaying every other sixteenth note by a small degree, but real drummers tend to do something much more complex, while still hitting the beat on the quarter notes.
When producers want to give a drum machine a more human groove, they sometimes use templates lifted from real drummers to create a new grid.

As a crossbow main, guess I’ll place my views here:

The title is correct in that the weapons were butchered. They no longer even have reasonable dps, are still annoying to use and the durability nerf killed any brawling potential they had.

Timing of the weapons is not the issue, that comes down to muscle memory (as long as ping is relatively consistent). The issue is that they are literally unhealthy to use and are now unsatisfying to use. They have neither dps or burst damage and someone would legitimately be better off just tap firing Arguments.

Here’s some numbers:

• 2 Unfused Varuns (14e): 2080-2360 damage on dps meter. 2360 would require perfect timing. This is also with the perk already maxed.
• 3 Unfused Arguments w/ flywheel (13e) : 2166 on dps meter. This is just with tapfiring, charged shots do more and one can drop the flywheel if they’re going to be using charged shots.

I’ve always wanted a Polybolos in this game (repeating ballista), but this is perhaps the worst way they could’ve added one. Its perk should be reworked and they should be changed into standard reloading weapons (with a swift reload) To insure this wouldn’t make them too easy to use (as they’d no longer require hand/wrist damaging charge mechanics) the new perk would require successful hits (resetting upon a miss) and velocity would be slightly reduced or damage dropoff would be added.