They butchered Varuns, again

thats interesting. do you know by how much a pro varies? or if you told one to play as straight as possible, how far off would their most off beat be? 5ms? more or less?

and then, by how much is an average gamer off? thats what its about with macroing in general.

when i set up my little audio interface i could change the audio delay for the sound to go in and through the daw and back out again. at around 5ms-10ms delay i started hearing a little “phasing”, or just a weird attack when playing the guitar, not really a delay yet. but below that it felt natural to play to me, i didnt notice the delay at all. so i wonder how much more accurate a pro can play.

Bringing it back to the game for a minute: let’s say a macro lets you shoot a few milliseconds faster, is that really going to raise your DPS very much? And if you end up missing more shots because you can’t control when you release your shots, does that cancel out the meagre increase you might be able to achieve with a macro?
People are talking about a few damage points as if it’s something that breaks the game. Do the math and I think you’ll see it’s not worth thinking about, much less posting a thread raging about it.

Getting back to drums:
Delays are easier to hear on drums than guitar, which is why we used to use rimshots to adjust the delay compensation on computers to get monitoring perfectly in line. Sustained notes end up sounding like phase cancellation.
If a sixteenth note at 120 BPM is 1/8 of a second, pushing the alternate sixteenths forward by even a quarter of that would be very noticeable, which would be 1/32 of a second (if my math hasn’t failed me). Usually swing settings are shorter than that, unless you’re really going for a galloping feel.

Has anyone timed what the shortest possible charge of a Varun is? Now I’m curious what the BPM is, if we think of a single shot as a quarter note.

Edit: another way of looking at this debate is DJing and beatmatching. If your two records are slightly out of sync, the beats will slowly spread apart. At first it will sound like phase shifting, then it will start sounding like a ‘flam’, or a very short double hit. Eventually it will sound like shoes in a dryer, but even when it gets to that point, it will still be quite a while before the two records are out of sync enough that the first beat ends up where the second should be. In the Varun comparison, it’s not until that point that you’ve actually lost a single shot compared to the perfect macro version, and by that point you or your enemy is dead anyway.
Yes, milliseconds pile up over time, but it’s takes a while for it to pile up to something significant.

Ok, lets do it real simple because it’s getting old.

-The closer you get to perfect timing manually, the closer you get to accidentally trying to shoot too early and losing a shot, perks, and all your DPS. Nobody aims for 100% DPS manually because the risks are too high
-If you’re going for max DPS you’re not aiming until you release the trigger. A macro’s for hip-firing, your argument that it doesn’t help with accurate shots just does not make much sense
-If you’re macroing you have nothing else to do than aiming so that’s two more reasons why the aiming argument is invalid. More brain power available, less tension in the arm to aim the mouse.

(And no it’s not similar to 6.6s reload Mammoths firing in full auto, please)

You’re talking about autoaims and macros as if they were not something that broke games. There’s a good reason why they’re banned on pretty much every game under the sun on PC. Targem nuking a macro design out of the game before releasing a new one would be mind-boggling if it was any other dev. It’s Targem tho, we all know they work on this game 15 days/year and can barely remember what they put in the latest update on stream.

I don’t miss Varuns, because I don’t miss every Varun user but me going KA-CHUNK KA-CHUNK KA-CHUNK-KA-CHUNK KA-CHUNK the whole game at a robot’s pace. I’m sure the problem is different on consoles tho. The strain of the firing mechanism is lesser, and pc cheating is easier and more widespread in general.

I tried these after a long while and even the fused versions just feel lacking in every front. Especially for guns that cost 7 energy and any realistic build outside simple car with Varuns slapped on top goes into the 10000 ps and beyond. In their current state they are not 7 energy weapons.

And don’t get me started on the disability to deal with any kind of up and down movement of the build, where the aim of the guns bounces around rather than being where you are pointing and focuses back to where you are aiming with a lag. And the aiming going all over the place activates whenever your build feels any kind of collision or runs into any kind of a bump on the terrain.

They need a damage buff, they are already a super slow pace firing weapon after all these changes, or to be reduced in energy by 1 point, even if it’s at the cost of overall hp.

Or then completely change the weapons once again, but in their current state they are just bad.

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My PC account is a stand alone account. I only have 3Dmark suite, Elden Ring and Cyber Punk on steam. (wife bought me CP, never played it). Anyway, would steam change something so that they can see it installed?

Also, trigger locks. Pro and non official paddles have them. You can set the break point on them, the travel, the sensitivity etc. Not really considered macro use or cheating, but like all FPS, a hardware advantage. Just saying this is also a possibility with “timing” weapons. (I think there is also a trend toward “slide” or “bump” boards also) This doesn’t really cover PC though.

The same thing happened to Kaiju, before she even faced the scorpions.

today, due to the nerf she received due to the community’s cry, she is a dump.

i have no idea, its just an eventuality i find more credible than 6000 chinese players suddenly starting over on us/eu servers after having their old accounts wiped or marketing leading to an additional 5000+ average players.

could be a dev can ask steam to add up the numbers for marketing purposes for example. or maybe that isnt something steam ever does.

yes, theres all kinds of stuff. some people use trackball mice, or a free spinning mousewheel for “rapid fire” and just straight up macros and scripts, even on console with adapters like cronusmax. more and less useful stuff, but its definitely real and some things are just impossible to do “by hand”.

dont buy into the op bp weapon scam. the kaiju was set up to be nerfed from before it was released.

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Hardware advantages and data speeds advantages are probably a bigger Factor in your success in a game than anyone realizes.

I feel this on a regular basis. I play on two machines with two different networks. One is a gig plus speed semi gaming system and the other is a laptop over a hotspot. The differences in how well I can play are dramatic.

And there are simple things you can do… like dropping the overall graphics settings so you have a higher FPS but leaving the draw distance maxed out can give you a huge advantage in most games.

Even just changing the scroll speed settings on your mouse can change you from a sluggish player to one with much better reflexes. Well, that’s how it works out in practice.