This game is greedy, you either need to spend a lot of MONEY or MONTHS OF TIME

Let’s face the elephant in the small room…

This game takes what it can from us! If you a working man, and have barely any time to play (5hours per week) then you PAY. And it’s NOT CHEAP! Just me who spent ($2000 irl money).

If you are a dependant, who earns nothing unless it’s his birthday. Then you need to spend MONTHS or YEARS grinding…

This game can be less greedy and less money focused, and have much more players who would pay for cosmetics like(skins, stickers, designs) instead! LIKE ALL THE OTHER GAMES OUT THERE!!!

What a shame. Such a low online. What. A. Shame.


I don’t understand why you feel like you need to pay money to get stuff in the game.
Is it because you are playing Clan Wars and feel outclassed by the fused relics?
If you aren’t playing CW, just play the game and enjoy it. You’ll still be able to accumulate new toys quickly enough to keep the game fresh.

I’m not trying to shame you for spending a large amount of money on a free game. I just don’t understand why you thought that was necessary.

Personally, if I got to a point where I felt like I needed relics, I would just put all my energy into CW. I know most top players have gear that is out of reach, but I also know there are CW worthy builds that are easily achievable for free players. So if I cared about these things, I would focus on perfecting one of those budget CW builds, and on improving my skills on those builds. Of course you would also have to try to get into a competitive clan that wins enough to get some uranium.

Nobody needs to get to the end game quickly. I have no problem with the devs profiting from people who want to jump straight into the end game.

Me, I’m happy to keep grinding. Just playing PVP keeps a steady flow of new toys in my storage. I don’t even play the market in any serious way.

How much did you spend on this game? First week I played without money, it was my shitty community college days where I had more time than anyone in the world. And my hands were super itchy to just pay for stuff.

We all can’t be as fortunate as you are, a guy who has a s-load of time. As I said I have 5 hours a week to play this game. I can barely grasps what’s going on in the PvP scene, let alone ask somebody to take me for Uranium filled CW, even tho I got 3 CW builds for sure.

So yes, you’re happy, others aren’t.

Edit: And sometime I take a whole weekend off to play video games, but that won’t get me anywhere in Crossout, because the CW uranium clans want you to be online almost every day.

in 4 years, as a workin man, playing the PC version i’ve spent 240 usd on this game and I’m sittin REAL pretty.

Have never played Clan Wars. Don’t need to.
I would say that, maybe, you haven’t found out how to really play Crossout…I could be totally wrong.


Bet you didn’t miss a single battle pass, this game requires stability to get good for 240 bucks. But I’m the most unstable child out there, I switch games every 1-2 months

But you do realise that 240 is an OUTRAGEOUS amount, even compared to my 2000 which is kinda unhinged lul

I’ve missed 3 BP’s

Oh look another I spend $$$ on a free-to-play game so therefore the devs are greedy :rofl: :crazy_face:

Your problem, no one else’s!

You said it!


So I’m here to talk about GREED. This game convinced you that you SHOULD spend $240. Now isn’t that a greedy game?

Ok how much of your CHEAP TIME did you spend instead??? Mr CRINGE POLICE

no. the game did not convince me to do anything. I convinced myself that it was worth it and, so far, it has been.

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This game is designed to entice you to spend money, if the game wouldn’t use the “pig drain tactics you wouldn’t spend as much. Matter of a fact

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name me one thing in this world that is for sale that is NOT designed to entice you to buy it.

I’m not saying that it shouldn’t entice you, I’m talking about the greed! How greedy it is in enticing you to spend… Does it entice you to spend $5 on average? Or does it entice you to spend $29.99 on average? Just think about it and exit that cope mechanism already. You spent 240 on a single game? THATS WRONG

You mentioned on another post you did that you needed two years rehab cause of this game, I think you came back too early, another 2 years might do you good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:
Especially with your unwarranted negative attitude.
No one forces you to spend time or money on anything so why pretend like someone is?

Every game is designed for you to spend money on, be it free to play or a game you have to outright buy, what’s your point?
Yeah, some people can’t be reasoned with, no more then you can teach a brick to sing

Says the guy who admitted to spending 2000k

One could say the same about Magic: The Gathering

If you’re just playing games and that’s ALL you want to do, then play a game that doesn’t require so much money, like chess or checkers, or solitaire.

Then, we have games that can cross over into being a Hobby, which is what Crossout is. It has access to Hobby building (which takes lots of money). It’s more of the persons fault for not restraining themselves in purchasing things while in the Hobby Store.

So, you’re mad you felt like you NEEDED to spend ALL this money when you did not. That’s not the games fault. You spent it. The game did not come to your house, knock on your door and say, “Give us the money, Lebowski! Or we CUT OFF YOUR JOHNSON!” The game cannot do such things. It is you who overspent because you didn’t know what you were buying. End of story.

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here’s what I’ve done with my 240 bucks so far :slight_smile:

Part 1 and 2
Part 3

I didn’t insult it, just pointed out that you may need more time away from this game, clearly can’t be so bad if you made multiple forum accounts :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:
I’ve been on this game and its forum for years and only ever have one account on Crossout so …

I don’t need rehab, I have self control and not prone to impulses thank you very much :slight_smile:

I apologize should anything I say was insulting. I been in rehab for other stuff, so I get what you’re saying. If this game is a trigger for you, then time away is the best thing. When you’re ready to come back, if ever, your account will be ready and waiting.

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Simple message: these Russian-Hungarian developers are greedy as hell, no need to give them a single cent.

There was 0 need to comment on my rehab, on how I might be wrong… Because what I said is a truth for MANY PEOPLE. So I definitely shouldn’t shut up… and please stop cutting my text into small pieces, almost out of context…